5/8/19: Daily Post

I am really behind on my posts here.

I had a good storm chase with the Magdalena kids.  I returned and found I had quite a bit of work to do with one of my Upwork contracts.  In the meantime, I signed another Upwork contract (short term, five days),  so I need to finish that one out as well.  My grades got erased, and I had to regrade a bunch of stuff, I had meetings for summer school in Magdalena, the dynamo project is behind schedule, and I need to do a final lab cleaning for the semester.

I thought I’d have next week to do it, but I ended up selling a High Plains Tour to an NMT student, and so we’ll be gone May 12-17 chasing again!

It’s been incredibly busy and stressful, and I just need to keep going.  I think I’ve had about six hours of sleep in the past three days, and only about two of those were voluntary.

Thank you for reading my post.


3/18/19: Daily Post

Yesterday was the beginning of spring break at NMT.  I spent most of the day at Magdalena, tutoring my normal Monday load, plus a few additional afternoon classes.

In the afternoon, I did some work for the dynamo project and had a Varsity Tutors session with a new student.  I also finished setting up my travel to Golden, CO, next month for the AIChE Conference.

Speaking of travel, it looks like I’ll go to Anaheim, CA, in July.

I also will lead the math class of summer school this year at Magdalena for the month of June.

Thank you for reading my post.

3/6/19: Daily Post

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday!

In the morning, I tutored at Magdalena for my normal Wednesday lineup of classes.

In the afternoon, I taught the first LabVIEW lecture for instrumentation lab.  I think it went alright, though the computers were dirt slow.  Either way, I think the students had fun working in LabVIEW.

In the evening, I did a Varsity Tutors session for an hour.

At home, I rediscovered Minecraft, and played it for a bit while I updated my amateur radio logbooks.

Something was strange last night, and I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up ten minutes after going to bed.  I watched an episode of Firefly, then fell asleep.  I woke up early, thought I was late, and almost drove to the train about an hour early.  It’s all crazy today.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/27/19: Daily Post

Yesterday was a bit of a blur.  I am fighting off a cold, and so everything is a little miserable.  Even though it is beautiful weather outside.

I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena schools doing my normal Wednesday lineup of classes.

In the afternoon, I taught a section of instrumentation lab.  This week’s topic was software documentation and styles of programming.  Next week, we will being LabVIEW programming, but this week we are finishing up programming the Stamp II.

I met up with the dynamo group briefly, then had a Varsity Tutors session in the evening.

When I arrived home, JoAnna and I played with the kitten and watched the South Park movie.  That movie would never fly today.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/31/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day back to normal life. I started out by commuting to Socorro, working on my Upwork contract along the way. Once I reached Socorro, I fired up the pickup and drove to Magdalena for several hours of tutoring there.

After tutoring, I returned to NMT to help with Unit Ops lab. This week was the first week on a new experiment for the students, so I went over safety and operations with them.

In the evening, I finished up the Upwork contract and did some grocery shopping. I am changing up a few things in my diet, so it was good to get the groceries and be excited about some foods.

I am generally excited about November, and I’m not sure why.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/4/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was busy, just like every day is becoming these days.

I started out the day by commuting to Socorro.  Along the way, I worked on my Upwork contract.

In the morning, I did not go to Magdalena.  Instead, they came to NMT for a college fair.  I helped a few of them fill out college applications and wandered around, talking to some of the recruiters myself, just to see how things were at their universities.

I then booked flights for my conference travel to Pittsburgh.  That’s almost all worked out at this point, and I am excited about going.

In the afternoon, I did my standard route of driving to Belen to tutor robotics at St. Mary’s, and then to the Boys and Girls Ranches.

In the evening, I tutored on Varsity Tutors, then spent several hours working on my Upwork contract.  I developed a new schedule to get things done on that contract, and I’m only slightly behind on it.  Hopefully, I’ll catch up tomorrow, Sunday or Monday.  Monday is a holiday for me, so I won’t commute to Socorro.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/28/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy and hectic day, and it is only indicative of what is still to come.

I commuted to NMT, then to Magdalena.  At Magdalena, I tutored four classes and attended a staff meeting about tutoring.  We will have more similar staff meetings the rest of this week, and it likely means more hours for me.

I went back to NMT and assisted with the Freshman Design lab.  After that, I taught my first section of instrumentation lab.  In that lab, I taught the students to solder.  I had trouble getting connected to the internet, which was infuriating.

After that, I had a session of Varsity Tutors.  While I was working with that student, I received  notice that I have another student.  I will meet him for the first time on Friday.

In the evening, I went to my brother’s house and dis a bunch of work towards my Upwork contract.  I also received word that I have ANOTHER Upwork contract that will start soon.

I fell asleep on the couch sometime in the early morning hours.

Thank you for reading my post.