Fall 2007

Thursday, 12-20-07 at 15:49 MST

Hopefully ready to go soon…
WX report: 52.9°F, 40% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 12-19-07 at 7:58 MST

We aren’t even remotely ready to go yet….
WX report: 28.9°F, 39% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 12-18-07 at 7:54 MST

We watched Christmas Vacation last night. It is such a brilliant movie!
WX report: 28.2°F, 40% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 12-17-07 at 8:31 MST

We had a pretty good trip to Santa Fe this past weekend. Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas…
WX report: 30.0°F, 38% humidity, overcast.

Friday, 12-14-07 at 8:10 MST

WX report: 32.5°F, 53% humidity, sunny with flurries?!

Friday, 12-14-07 at 6:40 MST

Woohoo! I can get back into my website and upload all of my new pages!
WX report: 31.3°F, 58% humidity, partly still frickin’ dark.

Thursday, 12-13-07 at 7:46 MST

Not sure when this will get uploaded, as Gate won’t let me upload right now.
WX report: 30.7°F, 53% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 12-12-07 at 8:43 MST

Finally, the SIA Fall Tour 2007 Page is up!!!
WX report: 36.5°F, 53% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 12-11-07 at 10:35 MST

Looks like we are going to have to weatherproof our Christmas light connections, as it poured all day yesterday and tripped the GFIC.
WX report: 41.5°F, 56% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 12-10-07 at 8:16 MST

Raking leaves yesterday, I found my keys!!!! We raked leaves and hung Christmas lights. We are about half done, I’ll take some photos when we finish.
I finally have all the SIA photos sized and ready to put online. Now to complete the webpage…
Last night, we went with Vince and Bobbie Jo to their church Christmas party. It was a lot of fun!
WX report: 37.6°F, 60% humidity, raining… which leads me to believe my humidity gauge is incorrect.

Sunday, 12-9-07 at 13:45 MST

I can’t seem to find the keys to my lab…
We will start putting up our Christmas lights today!!! When we are finished, I will take some photos and post up here.
WX report: 48.9°F, 43% humidity, sporadic drizzle.

Friday, 12-7-07 at 8:01 MST

Pearl Harbor Day! I watched a special on Pearl Harbor the other night on the National Geographic Channel, and it was pretty good, lots of actual footage from captured Japanese planes.
Tonight is the beginning of the ARRL 10M contest. I’ll also finish my explosives test, another draft of my proposal and hang Christmas lights this weekend. It looks to be exceptionally busy!
WX report: 49.8°F, 53% humidity, sunny.

Thursday, 12-6-07 at 7:54 MST

I would like to take this time to say that the Lee HandPrime tool is wonderful. Last night, I sat in front of the TV, watching a show about mummies while I primed a whole bunch of 9mm brass. How cool is that?
The SIA page will be finished soon, hopefully. I know it has been almost three months.
WX report: 42.6°F, 50% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 12-5-07 at 9:12 MST

I am working on repairing the computer that got gutted over the weekend. Apparently, there were other things ruined by these people, including a $160,000 FTIR.
WX report: 45.7°F, 36% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 12-4-07 at 7:56 MST

Sometime over the weekend, my lab computer got jacked. They stole the hard drive, memory and processor, believe it or not. Not sure if I can graduate now as it had some expensive licensed software on it that I cannot reacquire.
WX report: 38.8°F, 42% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 12-3-07 at 7:32 MST

Time for a monthly update. This month worked out a little better, did 75.5% of the things on my list.

Books read: 1, Gangland by Howard Blum
Books of the Bible Read: 7, Judges, Ruth, Samuel I, Samuel II, Kings I, Kings II, Chronicles I
Periodicals Read: 5
HF Contacts made: 159
Clean Sweep Days: 1
Best Jog Time: not timing, jogging up stairs
Best Morse Code Score: 91.6% at 19WPM x3 spacing, 26 word streak
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Santa Fe, NM
Biggest Accomplishment: Figuring a few things out…
WX report: 42.1°F, 46% humidity, sunny.

Sunday, 12-2-07 at 23:40 MST

We just returned from a weekend in Santa Fe. I won’t post much tonight. Monthly summary tomorrow.
WX report: 46.6°F, 42% humidity, clear.

Friday, 11-30-07 at 8:45 MST

Glorious payday! We are going up to Santa Fe to tour Shidoni Foundry, and artist’s brass foundy, and a glass shop as well.
The bands have been dead the last few days, almost no activity at all. It has been horrendous!
WX report: 42.4°F, 45% humidity, overcast/drizzle.

Thursday, 11-29-07 at 8:56 MST

Today guarantees to be quite busy. I am calling together a meeting to work on the department stuff, and figure out who is responsible for what when Eric leaves.
WX report: 38.5°F, 30% humidity, overcast.

Wednesday, 11-28-07 at 8:55 MST

I have made a huge dent in the SIA Fall Tour Page, but it is not ready to upload. We took a lot of good photos on that trip.
Yesterday, I met with a few people- it looks like next semester, I will begin working on my teaching certificate as well as working on a masters degree! I also might be chairperson for the student conference here on campus. I also went to see the electrical engineering students present on our thickness sensor.
WX report: 43.3°F, 51% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 11-27-07 at 8:54 MST

Shooting scores updated!
I am still working on the SIA Fall Tour page. It will be up this week, hopefully.
WX report: 33.6°F, 44% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 11-26-07 at 10:18 MST

Thanksgiving was great! We went up to Santa Fe and ate dinner there. However, Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, I was with ARES working a wildfire in Mountainair. It was the first wildfire I had ever seen.
I managed to get some Christmas shopping done, planned my trip to VA/MD/OH. I still have so much to do before we leave.
WX report: 37.9°F, 40% humidity, overcast.

Wednesday, 11-21-07 at 8:01 MST

My car broke 100,000 miles yesterday! My girlfriend came and picked me up when it was at like 99994, and we drove around for a few to break 100,000!
I updated my shooting scores. I have also sized all the photos from the SIA Fall Tour, and will hopefully have a page up for that by the beginning of next week.
WX report: 44.6°F, 31% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 11-20-07 at 8:21 MST

I am still updating my logs for the contest this past weekend. I’ve made almost 800 QSOs so far in 2007 (2006 and 2007 were in the 500s).
Today’s to do list includes spraying this afternoon, finishing my logbook this morning, running another sample in the dilatometer, and Tuesday night KFC run!
WX report: 42.6°F, 36% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 11-19-07 at 7:43 MST

I have a ton of work to do today, even though the water will be cut off to the building. Dilatometry, repairing a powder hopper and maybe some XRD.
I finished the contest with 148 QSOs in 52 sections. An easy participation pin! I also talked to Ben, back at the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association, and they scored a clean sweep!
WX report: 41.0°F, 35% humidity, sunny.

Sunday, 11-18-07 at 11:11 MST

I’m up to 98 QSOs in 36 sections… a few more for a participation pin…
WX report: 57.4°F, 36% humidity, sunny.

Sabbath, 11-17-07 at 16:35 MST

SSB Sweepstakes is this weekend. Right now, I’m up to 45 QSOs and 22 sections. I have a long ways to go still.
WX report: ?°F, 31% humidity, sunny.

Friday, 11-16-07 at 8:03 MST

A certain little boy had a birthday, and we all had a good time. We had dinner with his grandparents in Albuquerque! He got some toy cars and some Legos! It must be nice to be 7!
WX report: 42.1°F, 33% humidity, partly cloudy to the east.

Thursday, 11-15-07 at 7:49 MST

Happy Birthday Little One!
WX report: 40.8°F, 30% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 11-14-07 at 8:07 MST

The radio has been dead in the mornings the last few days. No HF activity, not even on 20m. My DX Cluster program (VE7CC) sits there pretty vacant, not reporting many exotic stations.
Today will consist of more dilatometery, more cleaning of 175, and drawing new schematics for the hoppers.
WX report: 46.6°F, 47% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 11-13-07 at 7:43 MST

Today will consist of running a new dilatometer sample, cleaning 175 and drawing the new hopper wiring diagram.
WX report: 28.2°F, 45% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 11-12-07 at 8:05 MST

I had a crazy wierd dream last night. I drempt I was writing control programs for mining equipment and I caused this giant machine to go haywire and swing a chain around like crazy. It made no sense.
Today might be a good day, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve kept busy all morning so far, and got a lot of stuff done.
WX report: ?°F, 41% humidity, sunny.

Sunday, 11-11-07 at 12:43 MST

Recovering from a high fever. I did nothing yesterday but lay in bed. Thankfully, I’m better today!
WX report: 66.4°F, 43% humidity, sunny.

Friday, 11-9-07 at 9:25 MST

SDI made me an offer. I have til November 30 to decide!
WX report: ?°F, 35% humidity, north breeze. The sensor might be bad, as it just reads ‘LO’.

Thursday, 11-8-07 at 8:07 MST

Happy birthday Jimmy! This kid is getting old!
I have been doing a fair amount of reloading recently. The tumbler has ran constantly for the past two weeks, and I have a small coffee tin half-full of used primers, mostly 9mm.
I updated my mobile counties and states photos.
WX report: 44.8°F, 42% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 11-7-07 at 7:52 MST

Life would be great if NMT TCC would get their act together. We had a good materials club meeting yesterday, and that was the highlight of my day.
WX report: 43.0°F, 39% humidity, light cirrus.

Tuesday, 11-6-07 at 7:53 MST

I updated my shooting scores.
WX report: 50.7°F, 40% humidity, light cirrus.

Monday, 11-5-07 at 9:18 MST

How is it daylight savings time and I still sleep in?
WX report: 52.9°F, 31% humidity, sunny.

Sabbath, 11-3-07 at 22:49 MDT

So much stuff to do, and so little time. Tomorrow will be working on the car and the RV.
WX report: 50.7°F, 32% humidity, clear.

Friday, 11-2-07 at 8:18 MDT

The eagle has landed! (It’s payday).
Today will be relatively busy. I have another dilatometer sample to run, samples to spray (maybe?) and a mess to clean up.
WX report: 43.3°F, 47% humidity, sunny.

Thursday, 11-1-07 at 8:27 MDT

Time for a monthly update. I didn’t get as much done thanks to all the travel, again.

Books read: 2, Principles of Physical Metallurgy by Robert Reed-Hill, and the RV Book by Mark Polk.
Books of the Bible Read: 4, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua
Periodicals Read: 6
HF Contacts made: 27
Clean Sweep Days: 0
Best Jog Time: not timing, jogging up stairs
Best Morse Code Score: none
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Fort Wayne, IN
Biggest Accomplishment: Receiving a job offer.
WX report: 44.8°F, 36% humidity, mostly cloudy.

Wednesday, 10-31-07 at 8:29 MDT

Now that I have my reloading press up, I have 9mm brass drying on cookie sheets, 9mm brass in the tumbler, 38 brass decapped, sized and belled, and .357 sig, 38 and .30-30 primed. The sweet sights, sounds and smells of freedom!
Happy Halloween! We’ll take the little one out tonight, probably dressed as a gorilla (see Pink Panther- the real one, not the remake).
WX report: 54.3°F, 33% humidity, partly cloudy.

Tuesday, 10-30-07 at 8:15 MDT

Yesterday was super productive. I fixed the dilatometer and the powder hopper controller, built a mount for my reloading press, ordered spotting scope stands and sent in my latest proposal.
I added a page for my trip to Detroit/Windsor/Cleveland back in September.
I updated my shooting scores.
WX report this morning: 53.4°F, 31% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 10-29-07 at 8:45 MDT

Indiana looked like a cool place to work. We’ll see how everything goes.
This weekend was the girlfriend’s birthday, so we ventured out to see her parents in Santa Fe. We toured the Egyptian exhibit at one of the museums, especially because it was only in Santa Fe for a limited time.
WX report this morning: 51.1°F, 43% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 10-23-07 at 8:11 MDT

I leave for Indiana today, as I have an interview at Steel Dynamics tomorrow.
WX report this morning: 45.3°F, 23% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 10-22-07 at 13:02 MDT

Once again, the Indians lost. We need new management and almost all new pitchers. Boo Red Sox.
WX report this afternoon: 59.2°F, 30% humidity, sunny.

Sunday, 10-21-07 at 12:12 MDT

Once again, the Indians lost. We are now forced to go to Game 7, tonight. Hopefully the Indians will hire some pitchers in the mean time.
I shot like garbage at the CMP, only getting a 261/500, when last time I got a 397/500. The last time I shot this poorly was September 2005.
WX report this afternoon: 57.7°F, 29% humidity, windy.

Friday, 10-19-07 at 8:13 MDT

Congratulations to Boston. You have the cockiest team ever. You know what’s awesome about that? Martinez could have had a double if he’d stopped watching his own hit and celebrating a home run that didn’t happen. Also, Coco Crisp is all cocky with his amazing .150 batting average. GOOD JOB. No congratulations to Sabathia, as, once again, his fastball over the plate repeatedly did not help Cleveland at all.
Today will consist of furnace repair, controller repair, dilatometer repair, a trip to the library, and quite a few emails. Maybe some reloading.
WX report this morning: 54.5°F, 24% humidity, sunny.

Thursday, 10-18-07 at 8:13 MDT

This weekend is 49ers, so NMT will be crazy. I’ll be here, avoiding the craziness as best I can.
WX report this morning: 62.8°F, 33% humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 10-17-07 at 8:17 MDT

Happy Birthday Liz!!!!
Once again, the Indians rule. A seven run 5th inning!
WX report this morning: 57.0°F, 32% humidity, sunny.

Tuesday, 10-16-07 at 8:20 MDT

Last night, the Indians took the lead in the playoffs! It was a pretty good game, and I can’t stand the Red Sox.
I updated shooting scores.
WX report this morning: 46.6°F, 38% humidity, sunny.

Monday, 10-15-07 at 8:18 MDT

The bands are in bad shape, it’s hard to squeeze a contact out these days.
This week will be really busy. I will fix the controller for the hopper, fix the dilatometer, run a demo for the EE kids, get a haircut, pick up a purchase in ABQ, pick up my dry cleaning, track down two missing checks, and turn in my proposal. Ugh.
WX Report this morning: 47.5°F, 41% humidity, sunny.

Friday, 10-12-07 at 8:14 MDT

I am about 95% done with the next version of my proposal. I will probably get that turned in by the end of this weekend.
WX Report this morning: 53.4°F, 50% humidity, sunny.

Thursday, 10-11-07 at 8:26 MDT

So much to do, so little time.
WX Report this morning: 55.6°F, 60% Humidity, sunny.

Wednesday, 10-10-07 at 7:50 MDT

My parents made it back to VA safe and sound. I’m pretty sure they had fun while they were here.
I present tonight at the SARA meeting. Let’s see how it goes!

Tuesday, 10-9-07 at 8:19 MDT

I can’t believe it’s already time for my parents to go back to VA. They sounded like they had a good time out here, we had some real adventures.
Shooting scores have been updated.

Monday, 10-8-07 at 8:04 MDT

Yesterday, we all went to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. We got to see the balloon glow and fireworks and had dinner with my girlfriend’s parents. I think everyone had a good time.

Sunday, 10-7-07 at 10:16 MDT

Dad has several broken ribs… and he’s still having a blast in New Mexico!!

Sabbath, 10-6-07 at 10:01 MDT

My parents rental car got TWO flat tires. BOOOOOO!
I updated my Mobile QSOs page.

Thursday, 10-4-07 at 23:43 MDT

Fixed some photos and links.

Wednesday, 10-3-07 at 9:03 MDT

My parents get into town today!!!!
We are getting a new area code, NM now has 505 AND 575!
I updated some of my QSO pages. More updates to come.

Tuesday, 10-2-07 at 7:24 MDT

Ely, NV was awesome. I hope to post photos on here this week.
I updated my shooting scores. I shot terribly last night, but we got back into town at 8:15 yesterday morning, so that might explain it.
Time for a monthly update. I didn’t get as much done thanks to all the travel.

Books read: 0, but I’m most of the way through my 900pg metallurgy book.
Books of the Bible Read: 1, Exodus
Periodicals Read: 5
HF Contacts made: 5
Clean Sweep Days: 0
Best Jog Time: 18:02
Best Morse Code Score: none
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Windsor, ON
Biggest Accomplishment: Surviving all the travel.

Wednesday, 9-26-07 at 7:39 MDT

Today is going to be even busier than yesterday, and yesterday was exceptionally busy. We did still manage to squeeze in the TARA net and the traditional KFC run for chicken fried steak Tuesdays.
I updated my shooting scores, finally. This includes the proceeds match up at Raton.

Tuesday, 9-25-07 at 7:57 MDT

I am waiting for a phone interview from Steel Dynamics Inc., today or tomorrow. I also have an informal offer from ASU for my PhD. Decisions, decisions!!! (none will be made today)
We saw the string quartet last night. NMT has a program to put on shows for free for Tech students/families, and it is awesome. This one viola player always brings three other people with him (they are always different), and play for like two hours. This one was my least favorite that I’ve heard, but it was still enjoyable.

Monday, 9-24-07 at 7:11 MDT

This past week has been hectic, but fun. I went to Detroit for MS&T, presented, worked a bunch of sessions, and then drove across to Ontario (never been to Brad’s homeland before), then down to Ohio to meet the rest of my girlfriend’s family. Her and her son had flown out to Cleveland and was already down there for a few days when I arrived. I’ll put photos up when I get around to it.

Thursday, 9-13-07 at 7:53 MDT

Hard to believe that I’ll be leaving for Detroit in a few days. It looks like I’ll be making a trip to Ohio and Ontario during this time. We are trying to decide if it would be fun to circle across Ontario, through New York and down to Cleveland that way.
We saw the NM Symphony Orchestra for free last night.

Wednesday, 9-12-07 at 9:11 MDT

Off to a late start today, but I was in work til midnight.
NOW the shooting scores have been updated, I forgot to upload them yesterday.

Tuesday, 9-11-07 at 7:28 MDT

I have updated my shooting scores, reluctantly. I shot like poo last night, but we had 17 shooters. I think our record was 25.
Yesterday, I got my proposal and MS&T presentation back from my advisor. I also shipped a busted controller back to the factory, helped build a better mold for the mug drop contest and turned in all of our club stuff.
I am completely sick of banks adding ‘extra security.’ My debit card doesn’t work now, and I can’t get into one bank account, as it is asking me questions it has never asked (and thus I never answered) before.

Monday, 9-10-07 at 7:34 MDT

I spent this weekend with the family and Nick at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. There was a fund smallbore rifle match, and I think I got 28something points out of 3200, good for second to last place haha.
Today is going to be incredibly busy, I can already feel it. A week from today, I’ll be in Detroit, presenting I think.

Thursday, 9-6-07 at 7:29 MDT

Today will be even busier than yesterday. I have to finish my GSR paper, turn in the shooting sports club paperwork, get the TARA paperwork signed, mount my reloading press on a metal plate, pack for Raton, and work on the malfunctioning powder hopper. Plus, I have class til 8:30 tonight.

Wednesday, 9-5-07 at 8:01 MDT

Somewhere, I have an envelope that contains a letter for Amy. It needs a stamp. I have stamps, but can’t find the letter.
I’ll submit the 2nd draft of my proposal today.

Tuesday, 9-4-07 at 6:46 MDT

We took the weekend to do some industrial archeology stuff. We went to Silver City for the rock and mineral show, Hatch for the Chile Festival, and Hillsboro for the last Apple Festival. We took the RV and had all sorts of fun, I’ll try to post photos this week.
I did around 74% of what I intended to do this month. Here is a monthly summary.

Books read: 2, Elements of Ion Exchange by Kunin and Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam Jr.
Books of the Bible Read: 14, Timothy I, Timothy II, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, James, Peter I, Peter II, John I, John II, John III, Revelation, Genesis
Periodicals Read: 3
HF Contacts made: 67
Clean Sweep Days: 1
Best Jog Time: 15:34
Best Morse Code Score: 89.6% at 19wpm 3x spacing
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Albuquerque, NM
Biggest Accomplishment: How easily I am plowing through this metallurgy book.

Thursday, 8-30-07 at 7:43 MDT

I have NWA – Express Yourself stuck in my head, and I only know like 1/10th of the words.
The club fair went well yesterday, we got quite a few signatures for the various clubs.

Wednesday, 8-29-07 at 7:21 MDT

Yesterday’s lab went pretty well. I have a few more things to clean up, but otherwise it all went smoothly.
The Orioles have now lost 7 in a row. And I hear they once lost 30 to 3.
Today is the club fair. I’ll be at the shooting sports and amateur radio club booths. My girlfriend will run the industrial archeology booth, and Nick the materials club booth. I need to get ready for that, and print out all the appropriate forms.

Tuesday, 8-28-07 at 7:04 MDT

Last night, I had this crazy dream that I was on this obstacle course that was several miles long. It started in the woods by Cunningham Falls, and then went into an appliance warehouse. I remember going up a ladder and down a latter, and across a bunch of sink and counter top displays. There was some girl from Youngstown, OH and some dude from Santa Monica, CA. The best part of the dream: Ozzy’s Sweet Leaf was playing THE ENTIRE TIME.

Monday, 8-27-07 at 22:01 MDT

I was at work from 8:00 til 22:00 today, but I did get a bunch of stuff done, and I did take a break for lunch and the Materials Society BBQ, which was quite tasty.
Still can’t believe the Orioles lost 30 to 3. BOOO!

Sunday, 8-26-07 at 11:23 MDT

I can’t believe the Orioles lost a game 30-3. I think I’ll quit grad school and go play for Baltimore because apparently you don’t need any talent. 30-3. BOOOOO!
I updated my US QSO page, complete with a breakdown of what states I’ve worked on which bands.

Friday, 8-24-07 at 10:10 MDT

Lab went well yesterday. I haven’t been feeling well this morning, so I haven’t been into work yet.

Thursday, 8-23-07 at 7:49 MDT

Still trying to work out schedule issues. Lab and Site Safety isn’t a real class, so I have to replace it with something else.
I teach again today. Tuesday went well though, and turned out to be fun, so I can’t complain.

Wednesday, 8-22-07 at 7:43 MDT

Yesterday was a good day. I had a good day teaching the processing lab, everything amazingly went smoothly. We made mullite with sol-gel, combustion synthesis and solid state reaction, all of which worked for all groups! I couldn’t believe it.
Today, I might sit in a lightning class, but probably not. I really don’t have time these days. The advisor says she’d like me to propose before we go to MS&T, so I’d better get crackin’.

Tuesday, 8-21-07 at 18:47 MDT

Summer 2007 was archived.
A new semester has begun. I will be taking Explosives Surety and Explosives Test Range Safety, as well as partially teaching the Materials Processing lab. It will be incredibly busy this semester, I hope I get to post on here in spite of my schedule.