8/14/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day back to Magdalena Schools.  I was able to get a few questions answered, and started out my week.  It looks like I will be able to work 15 hours a week, and will cover an AVID class or two (depending on the day), the Math Analysis class, an Algebra II class (on certain days), and the Chemistry class.

Yesterday was also the first day of my new transit schedule.  I returned to NMT, updated my calendar, and got on the bus.  We arrived in time to catch the 5:51 pm train in Belen, instead of the 7:01 pm train, so I arrived in Albuquerque earlier (and farther north!)  I made it home by 7:45 pm, and it was still light outside.  I actually beat JoAnna and Joey home!

I checked into an amateur radio net on my way home.

In the evening, JoAnna and I talked and watched the sunset by the small thunderstorm that had formed near my house.

I don’t remember laying down, but I did, because I woke up when my alarm sounded this morning.

Overall, it was a good day.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/8/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day moving equipment in Socorro.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I am almost finished.  Perhaps I will be able to move onto other projects after I finish with this nonsense.

I commuted to Socorro with the Malibu.  It will live down there during the semester, available for my commutes to Magdalena.  It took a minute or two to get started, but then it ran the whole way without any hiccups.

In the evening, I commuted home via train and bus.  JoAnna picked me up at the bus station, and we spent the rest of the night chatting and having a good time.  We sat outside in the pleasant evening.  Joey came out and showed us photos from the Joan Jett and Boston concert he had attended a few weeks ago.

Thank you for reading my post.



7/31/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day back in Socorro after my trip to Illinois.  I started out the day by meeting with my department head to see what had been screwed up since I last set foot on campus.  As it turns out, we have like two weeks to move our pilot scale plant equipment out of the storage space we were given last summer, after they forced us out of another space.  Naturally, there is no funding, no help, and no new storage space to do all of this.

Anyway, after stewing about it for a bit, I realized that some of the administration is mentally handicapped, and it is not fair to belittle them.  Me, being an engineer, I will figure out what to do.  I started moving things around and sorting through our stuff.  Even so, I started applying for other jobs.  Not saying I will leave, but this moving every five minutes is starting to piss me off.  If I move without additional pay, there will be no incentive for them to ever pay me extra again.  If I don’t move, they’ll make it an issue at a more inconvenient time.  Either way, with other offers, I will be free to tell them where to stick their job at any moment.

In the evening, I commuted home.  I did find out that the bus schedule is going to change, and that, if I stay at NMT and Magdalena, my commute will be nearly an hour and a half shorter!

I did a little grocery shopping and headed home.  I was able to jumpstart the Malibu, and it seems to be running just fine.   I will probably take it for a spin in a few days, just to keep it running.

Thank you for reading my post.

7/13/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I made the journey down to Socorro to do some work for both the Chemical Engineering department, as well as meet with several other groups.  I met with my ultrasound group and my dynamo group and got a few things done.

I am still struggling to get our hydrophone ultrasound system up and running.  I will dedicate a day to working on it exclusively next week and see what I can figure out.  I think I am satisfied with most of the oscilloscope settings at this point, but we are not hearing the wave with the hydrophone.

I commuted home in the evening and did a little reading.  I read several papers by Stirling Colgate about tornadoes, as well as a few more chapters in an Ellen G. White book.

Thank you for reading my post.

7/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to Socorro and took care of a few things there.  Mostly, I spent my time updating the computers and cleaning up the computers in MSEC 259.  I updated Windows 7, ran a virus checker, defragged the disk, removed last semester’s classwork and so on from all of the machines.  I did not meet with all of the people whom I needed to meet, but that’s okay.  Pretty soon, I’ll be back down there full time and can catch up on that.

In the evening, I “armchair” chased the storms in Virginia, checking the RADAR frequently and getting updates from my friends and family over Facebook, Twitter and text.

Overall, it was an uneventful, yet productive day.

Thank you for reading my post.  Hopefully, I’ll post some running stuff and perhaps a monthly activity summary in the next day or so.

6/27/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to Socorro to take care of a few things on campus.  First, I started out by doing some work and some research on the sodium dynamo project.  I started compiling a document of all of the information and documentation I have on the system.

After that, I did some work on the ultrasound system, and met with the graduate student who was working on that project.  We solved one problem, but have another one as well.  We found out that the oscilloscope we were using has too much crosstalk between channels, and were having issues triggering at the wrong time.  Actually, what was happening is that I had one channel that was measuring what was coming from the amplifier, and one channel that was measuring our actual signal as captured by a hydrophone.  The hydrophone signal is the one we really care about, and the amplifier signal is just nice to know.  Instead, the channel with the amplifier signal was interfering so badly that we could trigger the hydrophone channel whether or not the hydrophone was in the water.  We disconnected the channel with the amplifier signal, and things work a little more smoothly.  Our new problem is that we seem to be generating a signal at 10x the frequency we intended, 22.5 MHz instead of 2.25 MHz.

In the evening, I commuted home, with no special incident.  It was an uneventful evening, just singing along to Garth Brooks on my way home from the bus station in my truck.

Thank you for reading my post.

6/1/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to NMT to get a few things done on campus.  I didn’t have a tremendously productive day, but I was able to borrow a radio from the Tech Amateur Radio Association, meet with my sodium dynamo group and my ultrasound group.  I also did some reading in two different books along my commute.

I did see that the NMT Community College calendar is featuring me for the month of June.  I went into Auxiliary Services to have my ID re-keyed for summer semester and saw the calendar on the wall.  Apparently, I am Mr. June.

I have not been eating much lately, and have not been hungry, which has been a good thing.  Still fighting depression, but losing a few pounds this week has been nice.

Thank you for reading my post.