4/2/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was busy, but the rest of this week will be even busier.

I started out the day almost getting into a fight on the Socorro shuttle.  The bus was full and some older man got on the bus.  Several people offered him a seat, but he turned them down.   He sat in the back of the bus instead.  When we arrived in Socorro, he stood up and started yelling at everyone.  He said he was a veteran and was being treated like garbage, sitting in the back.  One of the students that rode said, “I offered you a seat” and the man started yelling “you should have insisted.  I would have insisted when I was your age.”  Then, he starts yelling at me (on a bus of about 15) about how I didn’t offer him a seat.  I said that I heard several offer him a seat.  He started yelling in my face about how I disrespected veterans and my country.  That almost pushed me over the edge.  Then he yelled at the bus driver a bunch.

We got off the bus, and I drove over to the bus depot.  I gave the supervisor my contact info, just in case the guy showed up and complained.

Then, I started my normal day.  I moved the spin coater into the Unit Ops lab.  I also helped out with Junior Design.

In the evening, I had a Varsity Tutoring session with a new Materials Engineering student.

I walked over to my brother’s house, had dinner, and logged a little time on a new Upwork contract.

Currently, I have:
NMT – 40 hrs a week
Magdalena – 15 hrs a week
APS – 4 hrs a week
Physics Dept – 1 hr a week
Dynamo Project – 5 hrs a week
St. Mary’s Robotics – 1 hrs a week
Varsity Tutors – 6-7.5 hrs a week
Upwork Contract #1 – 10-15 hrs a week
Upwork Contract #2 – 5-10 hrs a week
Boys and Girls Ranches – 1.5 hrs a week
SSP – 1 hr a week

I need to get crackin’ on a few of these projects.

Thank you for reading my post.


3/13/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the entire day tutoring at Magdalena.  I started the morning by driving up with one of the teachers whose truck was in the shop.  She treated me to a Sofia’s burrito.

After that, I spent the day tutoring classes all day.  I attended a lunchtime meeting as well.

In the evening, I drove a different teacher to Socorro, and then rode the bus and train with him, as he went to pick up his car from Albuquerque.  It was a social commute, both ways.

Once I arrived in Albuquerque, I met with JoAnna at HR Block to fix my taxes.  We filed them early, and now mortgage insurance is deductible again.  We updated it, and I have a small refund coming.

Thank you for reading my post.

3/12/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day poorly.  I walked from my house to Unser and Southern to board the bus.  It left five minutes early (I watched it pull out of the parking lot before I arrived).  I ended up calling JoAnna to get a ride to the Sandia Pueblo train station.

Once I finished my commute to Socorro, I went to Magdalena, and tutored for most of the day.

After tutoring, I returned to NMT and did some work around the chemical engineering labs.

In the evening, I tutored for Varsity Tutors.  Unfortunately, their system does not understand daylight saving time, and so it got really confused when I tried to meet up with a student from Arizona.  Anyway, we made contact and had the lesson, eventually.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/16/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning at Albuquerque High. I wasn’t sure I would make it in, though, as my train was almost an hour late. I emailed the teacher and said I would be late, if I made it at all. Instead, the train booked it, with short station stops and made up some of the lost time. I was only about two minutes late.

In the afternoon, I did some car maintenance. I checked tires and oil, and attempted to jumpstart two cars that are sitting in my yard. No dice on them, but I’ll try again perhaps on Monday.

In the evening, I attempted to watch the 1956 copy of Moby Dick, but I proved to be too tired, and ended up falling asleep.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/7/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was spent working on several different projects at NMT. I went to a department meeting, a software meeting, and then a separate hardware meeting for the dynamo. I also taught the third lesson of my instrumentation lab.

In the evening, I wrote an article about Groundhog day. I submitted to my contact at Upwork, though I doubt he’ll bite on it. If he doesn’t, then I have another article for the school newspaper.

The night before last, I was commuting home on the train and I saw a pair of well-behaved kids (9ish year old boy, 5ish year old girl). The ticket lady asked the girl if she wanted to sit up front and sound the horn. She just stared. The brother flailed his arms, I assumed to get her attention. Then she flailed back. Then it all made sense. The girl was deaf and they were signing back and forth. She wouldn’t be able to hear the train horn 😦

However, the ticket lady began to sign back, much more slowly. The little girl smiled.

It’s easy to forget how fortunate we are when we are healthy. It’s also easy to forget how much a seemingly simple gesture can be. The ticket lady probably doesn’t make much, and she works crazy hours, and yet she knew enough sign language to make this little girl smile.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored at Magdalena in the morning. I knew I was not going to be working at Magdalena on Thursday, so I tried to divide up those hours between Tuesday and yesterday, and was only a few hours short.

In the afternoon, I went to our department meeting, then to help with Unit Operations Lab.  Once I saw Unit Operations Lab was running smoothly, I went to a meeting with the Dynamo group for an hour.

In the evening, I had my regular Varsity Tutoring session cancelled, but was able to pick up an hour and a half “instant” lesson.  I really struggled with the lesson myself, but hopefully, it was some help.

Then, I drove the truck home.  Correction, I drove the truck to Bernardo, and realized that I had left my medicine in my office, so I drove back to my office, picked up the medicine, then drove home and went straight to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/9/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove to NMT and worked there for the day.  It was Columbus Day, so there were no shuttles (hence driving to NMT), and no classes at Magdalena.

First, I worked on the Cavendish experiment in the physics department.  I am having trouble getting LabVIEW to see the Omega DAQ device.  So far, I’ve tried installing the drivers and NI VISA, but no dice yet.

In the afternoon, I helped with the Unit Operations lab, and then started grading.  I had quite a bit of work to do, catching up on the grading, but that is almost complete.  I will have to post midterm grades soon.

In the evening, I shot one round of targets at air rifle practice, and then drove over to Sourdough Mine (a new restaurant in Socorro).  My shooting was not spectacular, but I logged it anyhow.

Sourdough Mine was alright.  I got the roast beef po’ boy, onion rings, and chips and salsa.  It was nothing special, but it was good.

At some point, I was too tired to work and fell asleep in my office.

Thank you for reading my post.