Fall 2002

Monday, 12-16-02 at 17:03

One final down, two to go!

Updates: updated MotorCity Online Page and added a beginning to an electronics packaging page under Electronics. I hopefully have fixed the problems viewing my Buick as well!! I also fixed some of the older pictures in about me: WAJ1-WAJ4


I got two new bettas, and will have pictures soon!

Thursday, 12-12-02 at 19:04

Done with class! woohoo! I even got an A in Manufacturing Processes! (That’s the only grade I know right now).
Does anyone still play CounterStrike? I can’t seem to get it to run… I can’t get HalfLife to run either, now that I’ve installed Counter Strike. It says ‘cannot load client.dll’ and kicks back to my desktop.

I have done nothing productive for 24 consecutive hours and nothing has ever felt better. I watched some of the clips I have on my computer, played Civilization III, and slept. I hung out with Suzi for most of last night, and that was fun too. Carly came by too, but I only remember her coming in when I was almost asleep. Good times!

Tuesday, 12-10-02 at 16:15

One more day of classes!!!!!!!!!

Saturday night was the night of battle! Nine people wanted to see who could eat a box of swiss cake rolls the fastest. The ‘winner’ was Brad Klaus with an untouchable time of 2 minutes at 15 seconds. I have some stolen pictures under New Times #2.

Thanks to David from the message board for the corrections. They have been updated on my Intro to Computer Engineering page. It’s nice to know someone actually goes to some of those pages..

Last night was the Blacksburg Christmas Parade. VTARA went out and helped line up the floats. It was pretty cool… then we decided we’d drive Morgan’s 80’s ex-police car in the parade covered with antennas. Nobody knew what to think. Especially when we rolled down the windows and blasted The Who.

I’d like to take this time to say how awesome The Who is. Thank you.

Saturday, 12-7-02 at 12:32

Sorry for the delay in posting, too much work to do! I had an electronics project due yesterday that has been taking most of my time.

Minor updates: Due to overwhelming demand, the weather pictures have been moved to a different server and have been sorted. Also, note that in the snow pictures, there are two pictures of the last snow storm.

Speaking of snow, we got 8″ of snow Wednesday night and Thursday morning. It was crazy! The best part is, the jetstream hasn’t changed since then. I have been predicting snow for next Monday, though now I’m seeing that the weathermen all predict snow for next Tuesday and Wednesday; They are probably right, but hey, I was close!

Tuesday, 12-3-02 at 00:58

New stuff!! I got my schedule for next semester: I’ll be taking Polymer Engineering, Physical Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy Lab, New Testament, Electronics II Lab, Kinetic Processes, and Fundamentals of Materials Science. 16 credits in all.

Here’s a good picture for you: happy.

Now that I am a Materials Science Engineer, I decided it is time to start using what I have learned. I noticed my Hokie Passport was beginning to crack. Now, nobody likes a cracked passport. To prevent it from further cracking, I turn to the Griffith Theory of Brittle Fracture, which shows that the stress required to allow the crack to propagate is inversely proportional to the radius of curvature of the crack. The logical solution: drill holes at the end of the cracks to increase the apparent radius of curvature. No sooner had I drilled the holes when I notice that little line “Do NOT punch holes in this card.” I’m a bad boy I tell ya. Actually, all of this was in lieu of doing real schoolwork.

Sunday, 12-1-02 at 10:14

I was home for Thanksgiving, so there was quite a delay in posting!

I worked every day except for Thanksgiving day, and Thanksgiving I went over to both sets of grandparents for a good meal and for just a general good time.

Today, I got suckered into going shopping with Suzi, Joanna, and Alicia. We went to Roanoke and ran into John Williams. John and I wanted to buy the 50’s Chevy truck in one store… but alas it wasn’t meant to be. We went to Olive Garden afterwards, where Suzi flew food at me, and I think Alicia spit on Suzi. Good times!

A link about my summer: ARRL Contest Soapbox. I’m the one with the sideburns hahaha

Thursday, 11-21-02 at 10:11

Ugh drama, drama, drama. I friggin hate it.

I went to the game last night (thanks, Kim, for the ticket!) and watched it with Peggy and Fariba. I can’t believe we lost. It was pretty intense though, so it was at least a decent game. After that we went to Sharkey’s for a bit. Good times, I tell ya!

I’m officially an MSE now, and it will show up on Hokie SPA soon. The MSE department even gave me a keychain…. bottleopener. I wonder if this means I’ll have a little more free time…

I have a few updates in the making, but it might be a few days. I’m redoing the logging system for my ham radio contacts, restructuring the weather pictures, etc.

Saturday, 11-16-02 at 12:49

This weekend is rocking hard core. My brother is down for a few days! We hung out with Suzi some last night, and played a dumb game proving guys ARE smarter than girls (heheh), we watched a few files on my computer, and just sat around and caught up. Good times!

Today is the single-sideband sweepstakes contest in amateur radio. It starts at 4 and I can’t wait! I gotta beat dad’s 190 contacts on CW.

Check out the ‘New Times’ pictures for some new photos.

Busy day, so I must run for now.

Thursday, 11-14-02 at 0:01

All nighter last night! I’ve had two fifteen minute naps in around 38 hours. I fell asleep in the hall in Durham and was mistaken for a homeless man. I suppose that’s what I get for wearing torn jeans and a flannel shirt.

I was good and productive on my all nighter. I worked on the statics computer problems, some signals and systems, quite a bit of manufacturing processes, etc. I got some webpage stuff done and even played some Motor City Online.

Dad put up a dual bander 2M and 440Mhz and I have some pictures here and here.

To get an idea of how bad the storms were that rolled through this past Sunday, here was my warning bar (located on the counter/menu frame of my page) at one point that night.

Wednesday, 11-13-02 at 3:43

Busy night! Been doing a lot of work for my Manufacturing Processes class. I’ve got a few problems ready to be checked off and a few more that I need a hint or so from the professor and they will be ready too.
I put in a few job applications and I have an interview Friday as a rush clerk for Volume 2. I hope I get it… wish me luck!

I went to the Circle K formal with Julia and had a pretty swell time! Thanks Julia!! Unfortunately the pictures I took turned out horrible! They were incredibly blurry, so if you read this Julia, could I get a copy of one of the pictures from another camera?

Tim was down for the weekend and we had a pretty good time. We mostly played foosball and watched TV, but that’s about the same as back home!

Speaking of TV, let me tell ya how great it was Monday night. First off, we have an HOUR LONG “World’s Scariest Police Video.” Folks, this is good stuff. Then, and I still can’t get over the shock of this actually existing, “The Wrecking Ball” on the History Channel. It was all about demolitions and breaking things, hosted by none other than Alice Cooper!!

I’ve been messing around with changing servers. Apparently, I exceed 12 mb an hour and that shuts down like half my page on TopCities. I’m not sure, maybe they are lying, because I REALLY don’t think I’m exceeding my 12mb an hour, or 600mb a day bandwidth at like 2 in the morning. I’m trying a few other places.

Look for updates on some of my games pages and maybe even some new pictures from the apartment. I am working on a Motor City Online Page.

Saturday, 11-9-02 at 14:46

Fun times! For once I feel I’m doing ok in school! I’m almost definitely not making it through signals and Systems, but it’s not going to be required for MSE anyway, so I’m not too concerned. I mean, I’m still trying.. but I refuse to let it interfere with other classes.

I need a job. I’m single. Other than that, life is great. And even those things have their advantages. I mean, I have an apartment, a new major, and a new plan. It’s like a whole new start.

Yesterday, I filled out the RSVP for Kelly’s wedding. When did we get so old? I mean, wasn’t it yesterday, last week, a year ago or maybe a bit more, Kelly was this shy kid in my Spanish class that I would flirt with? Now she’s getting married. I’m getting too old! Congratulations to the soon to be marrieds 🙂

Wednesday, 11-6-02 at 07:21

I turned in the paperwork yesterday to switch majors to Materials Science Engineering. I feel like I’ve given up, like I wasn’t smart enough for it, and that will haunt me until I get a degree in Electrical Engineering. For now though, I am going to enjoy the fact that I am in a much smaller department (8-10 students per graduating class), and even if I’m the worst, 10 of 10 sounds better than 90 of 99. Also, the classes sound fun: I have no class on Friday next semester, am guaranteed to get into every class I need, and I have several labs.

Dad got 190 contacts in the Morse Code section of the Sweepstakes, so the challenge is on! The phone section is the weekend of the 16th, and I’ll be ready…

Next semesters classes will be: Fundamentals of Materials Science, Physical Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy Lab, Electronics Packaging Lab, Kinetic Processes, Polymer Engineering, and Polymer Engineering Lab.

Oh… and for those who aren’t easily frightened… here’s an interesting popup: Elephants!

Sunday, 11-3-02 at 01:41

A few cool links:

New Arkansas Quarter that will never be minted.

A volcano eruption as seen from space.

Another cool shot from space.

Friday, 11-1-02 at 17:35

My Signals and Systems test today sucked almost as much as that annoying Dell kid. I think I’m changing majors…I don’t really want to, and I went through this exact conversation almost to the date this time last year, but guess what? It’s not like things have improved. I mean, I’m in Signals for the second time, and I will need to take it again. I have fields next semester, which is pretty much a two semester course for me too. I’m a failure of an Electrical Engineer. I could graduate in 2005 with a degree in MSE though. And I think I can do that. I might even do well. But that’s a long time in school. And I really don’t feel right about making my parents help me out with school for that much longer. I mean, 6 years for a 4 year degree. In another year, most people would have a doctorate. But those people weren’t me. Anyway. The last year would be pretty easy, probably part time classes, but that’s on account of prerequisites and when courses are offered. I have 61 credits left to go in EE (+/- a few, depending on what can transfer), so you do the math. Most classes are only offered once a year, so I can’t say ‘4 semesters left.’ It’s 5 with MSE. BOO!

Hopefully more updates soon. I have three tests next week to study for as well though, so we’ll see how it goes.

Monday, 10-28-02 at 19:55

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post!!

I’m signed up for classes, or rather ‘requested’ classes. I am signed up for Signals and Systems again (if I pass this semester, I will drop it, but it is now determining when I graduate, so I figure I’d rather be safe than not get into it later and be sorry), Electronics II Lab, Electronics Packaging Lab, Electromagnetic Fields I, Introduction to Power Systems, Kinetic Process, and Deformable Bodies. It’s gonna be rough, but at least I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off… to work.

This weekend was fun; I went to a Maize Maze with Peggy and Audrey. They screamed a bunch, and I laughed like an idiot mostly. Then Peggy and I saw Ghost Ship. It was so-so. Had a few good scenes to jump at, but nothing really ‘scary.’

This weekend was also the CQWW contest. I made 110 contacts, in 40 countries, which gave me around 5600 points. What does 110 contacts look like? Here are before and after pictures of my map on the wall.
Also, some shots of the scene at the apartment on Friday are up under my new times pictures…

Wednesday, 10-23-02 at 19:23

I didn’t think today would be a spectacular day on the radio, but I managed to make six contacts: Slovenia, England, Germany, California, Czech Republic, and France. Not too shabby.

I fixed the mob tip from yesterday.

For your listening pleasure, here are the scanner frequencies of a bunch of cool stuff in the area.

Tuesday, 10-22-02 at 10:20

Happy birthday Mom-Mom! She’s 86 today!

After a long time, here is another mob tip:

Mob Tip #13: REAL mobsters don’t use ConnectMe for internet services.

Yesterday I was trying to make a few far away contacts on my radio when a station came in loud and clear and told me to move up in frequency a bit so we could talk. As it turns out, it was the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association, of which I am a part of. I could have yelled and they would have heard me, yet we talked over the radio haha.

Sunday, 10-20-02 at 20:25

I added a few pictures of ‘our’ cat #1, #2, and #3. He always comes out when I’m working on the radio. I leave the doors open so there is a good breeze, and he climbs in and curls up on a seat every time. This is an amazing link.

Thursday, 10-17-02 at 13:18

I actually feel like I’m catching up on things this week. I understand most of my Electronics Packaging, Signals and Systems and Statics. We were just assigned a final project for Electronics II, and I’ll hopefully start working on it this weekend.

Tuesday, 10-15-02 at 10:40

It’s been a while since I last posted. The latest news: 50% on my statics test, failed my extra class amateur radio test, forgot my VE packet so I couldn’t help with the lower class amateur radio tests, a 6/30 on my signals HW, so yeah, nothin’ but failure this week.

I would like to take this time to have a moment of silence for Shirley Smith, my coworker and friend at Horne’s. She passed away last Thursday at the age of 57. Thanks, Shirley, for all the fun times we had down at Horne’s, it won’t be the same with out you.

Anyway, I should be getting ready for class right now, but I really don’t feel like going today. I’ve been good so far about going to my classes, but this has been a bad week and I just.. yeah. I’m skipping.

Sunday, 10-6-02 at 18:50

An update from earlier: We have the net now, amazingly. Let’s see if it lasts.

I decided to make a few contacts from my car today in the California QSO party. I made 28 CA contacts and one Puerto Rico contact in about three hours. Not too shabby for one mode one band.

Sunday, 10-6-02 at 14:55


Yesterday was pretty cool. I got a lot of work done, and then went out with Eric, Krystle and Eric’s parents for dinner at HomePlace. There is no better food, ever.

I decided to go for a walk last night. I walked up Houston Street and saw two guys chase down some hot girl with a bucket of water and completely drench her. Not sure what for, but it was funny to watch. Then, this guy is like, have you seen a Husky? I was like yeah. So we went looking for his dog. After like half an hour we found her. They were having a small party and invited me to join them, so I was like ok, cool. That’s the end of my story.
Wednesday, 10-2-02 at 16:57

Today, I count SEVEN cops on the drill field looking for J-walkers. That is insulting. In a nation where planes fly into important buildings, kids are being abducted and murdered, etc, etc, it’s nice to know the world is safe from J-walkers. What happened to REAL police work?

I added a few new photos to the ‘New Times’ section of my about me page. Mostly stuff from Suzi’s camera from my birthday and Busch Gardens. Some pictures were not shown on this site.

I updated my mobile contacts page with a few new ones! It’s been dead for a few days, but I’ve been more than delinquent about posting every time.

Monday, 9-30-02 at 23:21

No work for me today since everyone was up giving a presentation…. I hope it went well..

Sunday, 9-29-02 at 11:33

This weekend has been fun. I hung out with Courtney, Matt, Ryan, and a few others Friday night, and Saturday. Saturday night, we watched the ultimate chick flick movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” Matt printed out the test and we took count. We had to add a few categories: shooting anvils out of a cannon +5, kisses getting interrupted by lightning +10, both parties surviving the lightning -10, Reese Witherspoon -8, weddings -100, and a few others.

I met Courtney’s friend, Julia on Saturday and had a lot of fun hanging out with her; we had a “double date” so to speak with Courtney and Matt… more on this as it develops.

This is crazy: 9th largest structure in the world collapses!

Wednesday, 9-25-02 at 21:51

I have done it! I have developed the ultimate scale for determining the “chick flick factor” of any movie: The Price Scale of Movies! Add up the total number of points to compare it to other movies! Men, don’t get suckered into seeing a crappy movie!

Part A: Cast

Gary Busey? +10

Mr. T? +8

Joe Pesci? +7

Robert DeNiro? +7

Clint Eastwood in it? +6

Heath Ledger? -8

Leonardo DiCaprio? -8

Part B: Storyline

PORN? +50

Was it on Lifetime? -50 (why bother taking this?)

Aliens? +2

Robots? +4

Gun fights? +5

Car chase? +3

Belching out loud? +3

Babies? -5

Nudity and/or sex? +3

Did someone in the movie cry? -5

Did someone you were with while watching the movie cry? -5

Did a big boat sink and a loser die of hypothermia? -10

Pirates? +10

Ninjas? +10

Spies? +6

Gambling? +3

Mob? +8

Football? +5

Was a large pile of steak consumed? +5

Part C: Soundtrack

Pantera, Metallica, Rancid, Korn, Megadeth, Ozzy? +3

Boy band? -3

Celine Dion? -10

Part D: Ending

Everyone dies? +10

Some live after a long battle? +8

Is there a long kiss that is not followed immediately by nudity? -5


The audience cries or goes “aww” -10

Here are sample scores:

Titanic: A:-8 B:-17 C:-10 D:-5

3000 Miles to Graceland: A:0 B:14 C:0 D:0

Casino: A:14 B:17 C:0 D:8

Tuesday, 9-24-02 at 17:29

I put in an hour today at work. I missed Electronics Packaging because Kinko’s sucks. It took 40 minutes to send a fax, apparently. So, by then I was so late, I just decided I would go home and work on homework, since I can download the video of the lecture anyway.

I made a few more contacts and have updated my mobile log. I talked to England today on my way home, for one. Sweet, considering I only have 25 Watts output.

Saturday, 9-21-02 at 18:21

Ok. Long week. Those who know the major things know the major things.

Fun stuff; my motherboard is fried on my 1GHz machine, so I’m on my 450. This irritates me because a) I need a new motherboard and it will be several weeks and b) Now I have to install office, psp, pspice, homesite, etc on this machine even though i was trying to avoid doing that. Oh well I guess; I’m glad I had the machine right here.

I got the job at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. So far so good, I’m mostly cutting wire and soldering. It’s open hours (and I’ll be doing around 20 a week) and so I can’t complain at all; if I have to do some HW or study for a test, I just send an email. You can’t beat that!

Since I now have 10 meter coverage in the car, I added a Mobile QSOs page. You can see where I was when I talked to various other operators.

Friday, 9-13-02 at 16:25

I’m goin home for the weekend! woohoo!

I got my ten meter rig today. I just listened around and I heard a CW station… SM5 something, so not too bad!

And, the part you’ve all been waiting for… a new mob tip.

Mob Tip #12: Secret codes are good, however, make sure everyone involved knows the code.

Wednesday, 9-11-02 at 18:16

Today, is of course, a year later. I refuse to give some speech about how it happened, why it happened, what to do about it, etc. We can watch the video footage over and over again, and it will never heal us. God and time are the only methods of healing, and I’m actually getting sick of seeing the footage over and over again. It’s been a year, there will be more years too. It’s important to remember; let us never forget. But lets not forget our way of life; Thousands die every day, all over the world; we cannot mourn all of them all the time. I would rather us move on, remember the Day America Changed, and live our lives. I’m sick of the fanfare, the countdowns, the commercialism, etc associated with this tragedy. It happened, we must learn to live with it. Firefighters and police officers (well most of them) were just as much heroes that day as they have been every other day; they risk their lives every day, not just September 11, 2001.

I think the saddest thing for this is how such things are abused for sheer monetary value. Ever notice how every commercial offers you “freedom”, “independence”, “the right to” etc? The things our society is based on have become buzz words for the ad wizards of mediocre corporate America. You have the “freedom” to buy a new couch from this place. Do the American thing and by a Japanese automobile. Look at our new line of clothing, wow, there is firefighters in the background. What is this, besides a few people making money off of tragedy? Sure, it’s their right… it’s just kinda sickening all at the same time. I mean there are probably kids out there that are going to think the National Anthem is really the Toyota commercial theme song. (no, I don’t think Toyota is running an ad like this, I just said it for an example) Anyway, I’ve said my piece.

On a completely non-serious note: Bitter Films you MUST look at these comics.

Monday, 9-9-02 at 16:48

Classes are fun… been keeping pretty busy this past week. I’m getting ready to go to a Fields help session…. though the homework hasn’t been so bad yet.

I have an interview soon for Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. I’m not 100% sure what I would be doing, the position was calling for EE or CpE’s. They do research on roads, vehicles, human factors, etc, so it could be a neat job.

Thursday, 9-5-02 at 23:29

New updates! New weather pictures (imagine that) and a new picture of Apollo Creed (the box turtle) and a small video clip of him eating cantelope out of my hand!

Met a few new people today and that was cool.

Thursday, 9-5-02 at 09:55

The last few days have been uneventful. I saw Kim at karaoke night at Top of the Stairs, and it went ok. I found the title for the Nova, cleaned my room and played with the turtles! Apollo Creed will consistently eat out of my hand!

I won an auction on ebay! Here it is. Sure a lot of hams say bad things about this rig because it doesn’t have CW. I say, I’m an unemployed college student and an $85 rig is an $85 rig. Right now I don’t have ANY capability and with this rig I’ll at least have SSB… well, once I get an antenna…

Peggy from upstairs invited us to dinner at her place Friday night at 7. It is gonna be fun!

Tuesday, 9-3-02 at 10:05

It’s been a while since my last post… been a busy few days.

I went to Robyn’s and had a pretty good time this weekend. More than I can say for Tremper; after being kicked in the crotch and doused with water on two occasions (while sleeping), I wonder if he’s recovered yet…

So Kim and I are on decent terms and could become friends again. We kinda have to go slow, but I have no ill feelings towards her anymore; I just woke up one morning and was ok with it all.

I went to my first HEVT meeting this year. Looks like they have plenty of work to do on the controls team. I’m being active this year: both ham radio clubs, HEVT, Project Success, and I’m thinking of joining the Red Cross Club. We’ll see how it goes…

Friday, 8-30-02 at 18:53

Good times. I snapped the lug stud off on one of my wheels. That was good for a loss of about $40. The end of the axle had to be put on a press to put a new bolt back in, obviously something I couldn’t do…. but it’s fixed now..

Friday, 8-30-02 at 14:52

Oh yeah! We have the net! Time for some major updates… as soon as I finish working on my brakes.

Monday, 8-26-02 at 18:32

First day of classes! I had Statics, Signals and Systems and Electromagnetic Fields I. We’ll see how it goes, but so far it isn’t too bad (haha). Fields is halfway interesting, thus far. Tomorrow, I have Power, Manufacturing Processes, and Electronic Packaging.

I have a whole slew of weather pictures to add! We love weather pictures!

Ethernet is still not up. ConnectMe gets two thumbs down.

Saturday, 8-24-02 at 13:36

We have ethernet… though it is raining and suddenly we don’t have it again. How worthless is that?

I think I’ve decided to let things go, so to speak. What’s done is done and it’s time to move on.

Thursday, 8-22-02 at 10:15

Still no ethernet. I woke up this morning and there was a ladder outside my window and there were ConnectMe guys on the roof, and they said it will hopefully be connected sometime today. We’ll see…

Oh so many updates to come once we have the ethernet… I am updating a few pages at a time, but it’s a real pain to have to carry stuff over to Torgeson Bridge on 3.5″ floppies to do it.

My schedule is finalized; Signals and Systems, Statics, Electromagnetic Fields I, Power, Manufacturing Processes, and Electronic Packaging I. A full load, so to speak.

I have had two interviews over the past week; one at Radio Shack and one at the Texaco station on South Main. More on that as it develops.

Thursday, 8-15-02 at 16:44

Last night, Brad and I went dumpster diving! We got a couch, a chair, another entertainment center, a matress for Mercado, some paint buckets and I’m sure some other stuff, but I can’t remember it all. GOOD TIMES! We took both cars, since Brad knew where the dumpsters were, and I could fit just about anything in the Nova. I’ll have pictures up of home soon.

Tuesday, 8-13-02 at 14:57

I’ve officially moved into my apartment, so it is time to start a new news page. Summer 2002 can be found archived below.

Right now, I’m not 100% sure when anyone will see this, seeing as we don’t have ethernet yet. When we do, I will have quite a few updates ready: I added a resume page, fixed a few scattered problems with my page, updated my current fish page, and probably more.

My apartment is pretty sweet, I like it better than my room at home. There’s so much room in here. I have two computers running and a 29 gallon fish tank, plus my turtles, bed, dresser, bookshelves and still have room to spare! Booya! So far, things are good with the roommates. Once I have phone (Thursday), I will start looking for a job. No sense looking until they have a way to contact me. I will fix my brakes when I have ether