Spring 2006

Friday, 6-9-06 at 10:58 MDT

It’s been a month once again. I’ll update fully at some point. So far, since my last post, I have started renting a house, gone storm chasing through some unusual places, had my car broken into, and had to argue with VT, my health insurance company, the gas company, and a few other assorted people. I’ll update with storm chase photos, four corners/monument valley photos and a few other things once I am settled in the new house.

Tuesday, 5-2-06 at 12:04 MDT

It’s been almost a month since my last post. It’s been really busy, but hopefully things will wind down soon.
Since the last update, I have traveled to the four corners, Monument Valley, Shiprock, Natural Bridges Monument, the Goosenecks, shot in a match down at Capitan, found a place to move to, and prepared for chasing!
I got to see Suzi Dove on Friday! She was out in Albuquerque on business, so she hung out with us Friday night. It was good to catch up!
April 2006 is over. Time for a monthly summary:

Miles Biked: 0, I’ve had a flat tire and haven’t had time to replace it!
Farthest Distance Traveled: Natural Bridges Monument, UT
Books Read: none completely, but I’m in the middle of like five text books on statistics
Biggest Accomplishment: I added UT and AZ to the states I have traveled to
Songs that stuck in my head: The Rolling Stones – ‘Gimme Shelter’
HF Radio Contacts: 0
Tornadoes in the US, fatalities, injuries: 314, 18, 105
States affected by tornadoes: OH, IN, KS, IA, AR, MO, IL, TN, KY, ID, OK, NE, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, WI, CA, NC, FL, TX

Thursday, 4-6-06 at 1:15 MDT

Stuff getting resolved.
March 2006 is over. Time for a monthly summary:

Miles Biked: 0, I’ve had a flat tire and haven’t had time to replace it!
Farthest Distance Traveled: Birmingham, AL
Books Read: ‘Steel Wire Designer’s Handbook’ by the AISI and ‘Mob Over Miami’ by Michele McPhee
Biggest Accomplishment: I gave a lecture at MSU on Skywarn and Amateur Radio
Songs that stuck in my head: The Offspring – ‘Can’t Repeat’, CKY – ‘Close Yet Far’
HF Radio Contacts: 0
Tornadoes in the US, fatalities, injuries: 211, 9, 102
States affected by tornadoes: MI, MO, IA, KS, IL, CA, NE, FL, GA, OK, MS, AL, AR, AZ, IN

Wednesday, 3-29-06 at 8:22 MST

Lots of stuff going on. All I can really say is that if I had known a certain someone actually cared, things would be different. I can say that and that I am truly sorry that I hurt you.
I updated my shooting scores. I might have a few more updates later on this week.

Friday, 3-17-06 at 0:26 MST

It’s the end of my spring break, and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing, yet I stayed in town and worked the whole time.
It’s going to be a busy weekend and next week. Tomorrow, I will hopefully have the hopper issues figured out and be able to deposit a coating. I’m supposed to look over the DTA tomorrow too. Saturday, I will pick up the girlfriend at the airport. Sunday, I will shoot at Zia, a high power rifle match, early in the morning. I also hope to finish pinning the tornadoes on the map in my living room, finish up my radio box for chasing, finish my contact HW, and a few things for Design of Experiments. I’m starting to feel the crunch.
I keep buying books. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are bad for my budget. I am almost done with a book about the C & O railroad, and will proceed to a book on John Gotti, Doc Holliday, or maybe my gold prospecting book. I just bought another bookshelf to hold all the books I keep getting. I suppose there is worse habits.
This week, I reloaded my first cartridge. Well, I reloaded a bunch of them, and for the record, .357 Sig is the worst caliber in the world to reload.

Monday, 3-13-06 at 23:50 MST

Another long delay between updates. Now it’s my spring break, so I’ll have a TINY bit more free time to post, or so I hope.
I picked up a few things over the last few days, cause I felt like it. I picked up a book on ‘Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun and Profit’ by Gail Butler, a bag for camera equipment, a set of dumbbells, since I only had one 15lb dumbbell, and a swinging metallic target for handguns. Yay for spending.
In less than two months, I’ll be back east, getting ready to chase. I am getting a radio box ready to chase with me this year.
Rough 24 hours in the midwest. Missouri got hit pretty bad: Storm Reports 3/12/06.

Things keep improving. A review of history, on approximately this date:
2005: I received an offer from New Mexico Tech for graduate school. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I’ll be working with ceramics, teaching, plasma sprays, and functionally gradient materials. 2006 update: And here I am!
2004: Two months from tomorrow is the tentative leave date for our chase trip. This year, I’d like to get a laptop and a Yaesu FT-857D for the trip. These things are in the works. At the very least, if I can’t afford the Yaesu, I will get a dual-bander. 2006 Update: I will chase with a Yaesu dual bander, Yaesu FT-857D, and a laptop this year.
2003: Training at Kroger begins at 8am. WOOOOHOO! Work! Looks like I’ll pull around 32 hours a week working there. 2006 Update: haha, Kroger.
2002: I wasted a few hours at the career fair. Nobody wants to hire me at all, since I only have a 2.02. In fact, if I got straight A’s from now until I graduate, I STILL would not meet most company’s minimum requirement for GPA. Oh well, there’s always… I’m not sure where. Hopefully, I’ll figure something out. 2006 Update: Haha, I’m a grad student with much better grades, six publications, and a nice life in the west.

Tuesday, 3-7-06 at 7:25 MST

Happy Birthday Mom! It was yesterday, but I was all over the country yesterday.
I’ve never been to Chicago, but my luggage has.
I think the presentation went well. In attendance were most of the meteorologists from the NWS, TV and radio from the southeast, as well as most of the Broadcast and Operational Meteorology Departments at Mississippi State University. I talked a little fast, but other than that, I think it went well.
So much to do this week. I need to finish my contact HW and take a DOE test.

Wednesday, 3-1-06 at 12:33 MST

I updated my ham contacts page.
February 2006 is over. Time for a monthly summary:

Miles Biked: 6.351, these night classes are keeping my total down!
Farthest Distance Traveled: Albuquerque, NM
Books Read: ‘How to be a Good Foreman’ by ?? (1938!), ‘Krakatoa’ by Simon Winchester, ‘Never Sniff A Gift Fish’ by Patrick McManus
Biggest Accomplishment: I’m narcolepsy free! and I made the USA Today
Songs that stuck in my head: The Rolling Stones – ‘Monkey Man’, The Offspring – ‘Me and My Old Lady’
HF Radio Contacts: 28
Tornadoes in the US, fatalities, injuries: 14, 0, 2, plus one injured by large hail!
States affected by tornadoes: LA, SC, VA, TX, MO, IL

Tuesday, 2-28-06 at 7:05 MST

Hard to believe it’s the end of February. It sure has disappeared quickly!
Our mug drop team was featured in USA Today, and you’ll see me making some dumb quote or something like that. haha, USA TODAY! The mega-nerds on slash dot have been tearing us apart, but that’s because it’s not so much ‘news for nerds’ as it is ‘news for people who think they are smarter than everyone because they use Linux.’
I have updated the geology page, radar 2006 page, sunrise/sunsets page and scores.

Wednesday, 2-22-06 at 10:31 MST

This has been a busy week, hence the lack of posts. I have updated scores now, even though they took a dive this week.
Trying to settle the fiasco of my tax return and my health insurance has been a nightmare, but hopefully they will both be settled by this time next week.
The Materials Society website is up: http://infohost.nmt.edu/~asm-tms/ You might recognize the layout, it’s similar to this site.
It’s almost March.

Wednesday, 2-15-06 at 13:21 MST

I have updated scores.
Thanks to the folks at Brady Campaign.org I have learned to be gun free, just like Clarence!

I’m serious, that’s the picture you get when you navigate ‘Clarence’ through the game without touching a gun or hanging out with anyone who has a gun. Wow, with role models as cool as him, I don’t know what I was doing by shooting nasty guns. Not to mention Clarence says ‘Hey, girlfriend!’ to some random girl, and even has an African American friend! Speaking of African American, the racial stereotypes in this game are incredible, especially from a liberal group: the Mexican is the best soccer player and the black guy sits around and watches rap videos. Wow, these guys are so cool. Congratulations Sarah Brady and company, way to create a totally rad kid from the streets, someone I can look up to for a role model.
If you didn’t realize I was being sarcastic with my congratulations to Sarah Brady, don’t talk to me, leave this page now.

Monday, 2-13-06 at 7:58 MST

Narcolepsy free! But the thyroid isn’t working right.
I lied, the Materials Club webpage is not up and running yet. It’s in the list of things to do, but I have some homework and a materials open house to worry about between now and then. There’s also a seminar for teachers coming up that I must be ready for as well.
I hiked out at San Lorenzo Canyon (or rather one of the sister canyons), and I will upload some photos, along with updating scores and a few other things tonight hopefully.

Wednesday, 2-8-06 at 13:35 MST

Updates: scores, sunrise/sunset, and fair weather clouds (billow altocumulus).
Tomorrow is my narcolepsy sleep test, so I slept in this morning. Probably the worst thing that could happen is for me to stay awake for this test, but the odds are extremely slim that I will stay awake.
I will hopefully have the Materials Club page up by the end of this week.

Sunday, 2-5-06 at 19:40 MST

Things are really starting to get busy around here!
Updates: current fish, QSOs, scores, and maybe a few more later on.
Stuff I did this weekend: Drove up a mine dump pile with my car, built a fire with flint and a knife, talked to Liz, and ate at El Camino’s a few times. That’s about it, and it was all I dreamed it could be.

Thursday, 2-2-06 at 21:50 MST

January 2006 is over. Time for a monthly summary:

Miles Biked: 0
Farthest Distance Traveled: Cocoa Beach, FL
Books Read: ‘Big Weather’ by Mark Svenvold, ‘Lost Wax Bronze Casting’ by ??, ‘Aluminum Casting’ by Reynolds Aluminum and ‘A Fine and Pleasant Misery’ by Patrick McManus.
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting a paper accepted at the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium in March
Songs that stuck in my head: ‘Thoughtless’ by Korn, performed by Evanescence and ‘Baker Street’ by the Foo Fighters.
Tornadoes in the US, fatalities, injuries: 44, 1, 25.
States affected by tornadoes: VA, NC, SC, KY, TN, MO, MS, GA, AL, FL, LA, KS, and CA.

Tuesday, 1-31-06 at 6:51 MST

Hard to believe January 2006 is almost over. Sometimes, things just don’t slow down long enough for you to realize how much time has passed.
A few scholarship applications have been sent off, and I’m still waiting for NMT to send me my W-2 so I can finish my taxes. I also started working on the materials society webpage, though I’ll stop working on that long enough to get some more homework done.
Today will be equally as busy as yesterday. Both days, I’ve been up at 5am and been working since the second I got out of the shower. It’s another long day.

Sunday, 1-29-06 at 20:01 MST

I have updated my ham pages to add a few contacts and a bunch of QSL cards. I have also updated 10-10 numbers and Shooting Scores.
A sad day in history: Winchester CT Plant Closes. The Winchester lever actions are as much of an American icon as the the flag itself.
Recently, I was appointed webmaster of the Materials club webpage. This has a tendency to happen sometimes. I’ll put a link to it on this site as soon as I get the page up and running.

Thursday, 1-26-06 at 8:15 MST

I have attended and returned from the conference in Cocoa Beach, FL. It was my third year down there, and I brought some NMT people this time, plus got to see some VT and UF people as well. Out of the 15 other than myself, I’ve taught 11 of them at some point or another, and that’s pretty cool. Now comes the hard part, I’m making up on all the work I missed. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks. Then, in March, I’ll miss a few days to go to Mississippi. Busy busy!
My presentation for the conference in March is complete, I read one of the two design of experiments chapters, read the aluminum casting book, I have a start to my CollegeBound manuscript, a few scholarship submissions turned in, and will fill out my travel paperwork today. I’m making progress towards this long to do list on my wall. I hope to order some more equipment today, as well as get the contact, adhesion and fracture notes from Tuesday. Right now, I’m printing the notes for Design of Experiments.
Well, I should get ready for classes. It’s go time.

Tuesday, 1-17-06 at 7:34 MST

School time again. A new semester has begun.
Because I did one of these last year, I’ll do one this year, just because I can:

1. What did you do in 2005 that you’d never done before? Flew on an airplane.

2. Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don’t remember. I don’t fool with those too much.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Deleted.

4. Did anyone close to you die? no, thankfully

5. What countries did you visit? USA

6. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005? A billion dollars?

7. What date from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? June 17, 2005 was my last day in VA.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Getting accepted at NMT

9. What was your biggest failure? I don’t think I really had one.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Food poisoning over Thanksgiving. Stupid Blake’s Lottaburger

11. What was the best thing you bought? Not sure.

12. Whose behaviour merited celebration? Martha, Mercado, and Liz for always hanging out before I left.

13. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed? hahah, I could respond, but I won’t.

14. Where did most of your money go? Rent, utilities, credit cards.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? Chasing, Moving

16. What song will always remind you of 2005? That Gorillaz song, for no apparent reason.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? about the same.
ii. thinner or fatter? thinner, I think.
iii. richer or poorer? richer, bling bling.

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? Reading

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? Sleeping

20. How will you be spending Christmas? I went home

22. Did you fall in love in 2005? haha, I guess I remained in love.

23. How many one-night stands? zero, there’s this whole loyalty thing.

24. What was your favorite TV program? Boston Legal

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? Um, I don’t hate anyone, but a few more hate me, but whatever.

26. What was the best book you read? Kon-Tiki

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? I don’t think there was one. Maybe rediscovering The Offspring.

28. What did you want and get? Your mom.

30. What was your favorite film of this year? I don’t think I saw a movie the entire year of 2005.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I was driving through TN, AR and OK, and I turned 24.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? What?

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005? Haha, ask Liz.

34. What kept you sane? This year was pretty stress-free, even moving and all.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? None.

36. What political issue stirred you the most? I stopped listening.

37. Who did you miss? Liz, Martha, Mercado, Courtney, well… everyone back east.

38. Who were the best new people you met? A bunch.

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005: You never know where you’ll be in a year.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year: I could quote the deep lyrics of U2: ‘Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah’. Man I hate that song.

Wednesday, 1-11-06 at 16:10 MST

I received a notice yesterday that I will be presenting at the 5th Annual Southeast Severe Storms Symposium. I’ll be presenting a paper on APRS and amateur radio. It’s in March, but wish me luck! Now I have to write that paper…
I think I have actually updated all that stuff I claimed to have updated last time. I forgot to upload quite a few files, but I have done so now.
So much to do in the next 24 hours. If you saw how much I have to do, your head might explode. So much for it being ‘break’.

Monday, 1-9-06 at 23:31 MST

Updates: Sunsets, Malibu QSOs, and NM contacts by country. I get so many QSL cards, I’m just updating the cards once a week from now on.
New page: Rosedale, an abandon gold mine. Sorry, I didn’t find any gold, but plenty of old mine building foundations. It looks like they burned everything down when they were done, all that is left is metal, stone and concrete.
Florida is a done deal. It’s going to be awesome, I’ll be sure to take some photos and put up here.

Monday, 1-9-06 at 6:57 MST

I will have some updates this week. I have a ton of QSL cards to add to my pages, and a few more ham contacts. I even talked to a guy on a sailboat in the Pacific a few days ago.
Looks like I’ll be going to Florida for the ACerS conference and the ITAR Conference. I didn’t think I was going to attend the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium in March, but I’m not sure yet.
It’s going to be a long, busy day.

Thursday, 1-5-06 at 7:51 MST

Work is coming along. I think we have a hopper wired up and ready. We’ll copy its wiring for the second hopper. Nathan has figured out the flow rates. I am making some progress on my writing. It’s still slow.
Crystal got back from Idaho, so we took a mandatory trip to El Camino. I go there too often.
Went golfing for a bit with Nathan yesterday, and got a 69, which sure beat the 89 I got last time. I’m improving by not doing anything.

Monday, 1-2-06 at 8:23 MST

A new year has begun. The only person in town was the neighbor, so we watched the NY Ball drop (which was recorded, cause it dropped at 10pm here). We watched some South Park, and then the wind picked up and we lost power. We went for a ride to find where it went out, called it in, and then went to El Camino.
I checked on my building and there was no water anywhere, so we dodged the bullet this time. I’m going to go in today and work on that whole thesis thing.
Yesterday, The neighbor and a friend and I went out to an abandon goldmine, I think it was called Rosedale. We were talking about old equipment, and I’d mentioned the Society of Industrial Archeologists, which only has two chapters west of the Mississippi (Montana and California), so we decided to start a school club, then get affiliated. They have a refereed journal, conferences, and NM has been untouched by their research! Since we wander around these places anyway, we might as well try to get published for it. I will have photos of the Rosewood site up soon. I also fixed the industrial archeology links page.

Thursday, 12-29-05 at 21:42 MST

I updated my logbook to reflect QSL cards I have received in the last month. That was pretty time consuming. I have also archived my news posts and added a new section to photography called Industrial Archeology. So far, the only thing there is some links and some photos of an older steel bridge we found south of Bernardo.
As far as goodies go, I got some neat stuff. My brother got me Jackass season 1 and Secret Window, which I haven’t seen yet. My parents got me some cool stuff, but it’s being shipped out here. Liz got me a coat, a scarf, a sweater (which I’m currently wearing cause it’s so warm) and two games for the Playstation, both of which rock hardcore. Thank you everyone!!!
Today I have a sore throat, so I’ve been down for the count. It’s about the worst sore throat I’ve had since I had mono back in 2000. I am so tired, yet can’t sleep. I made myself some Spaghetti-o’s, as they are easy to fix and marginally less nutritious than Ramen. Ugh.
My car insurance is finally going down. Hooray for me being accident and ticket free for three years. It will really drop in June, hopefully.

Tuesday, 12-27-05 at 14:14 MST