Summer 2006

Saturday, 8-13-06 at 14:22 MDT

I’ll spend the rest of the day working on the house, laundry and DOE, but I got my Blacksburg logs all updated.
Last night we had Johnny Carino’s to celebrate Joey’s last weekend school-free for quite some time. MMM Carino’s is the best chain Italian place ever.

Friday, 8-11-06 at 21:55 MDT

Yeah, I lied about the updates over the next few days. Hopefully over the NEXT few days, we’ll have some updates.
Today was spent running errands. Hooray for payday! Afterwards, I went to San Lorenzo canyon with Nathan, Zack and Nathan’s sister Amy. After that, I went to Megan’s birthday party for a few minutes. Other than that, it’s been a pretty uneventful day.
I am almost done with the DOE stuff I needed to do. That will be one monkey off my back. I also have been getting a lot of reading done. Every night, I write around a page in a journal, read a chapter in the Bible, a chapter in a plasma physics book, and several chapters of a random book. Right now, I’m reading Endurance about Shackleton’s excursion to Antarctica in 1915. My dad got that book for me a while ago, and I just now got to reading it. When I’m done with a book I’ve got here (which I haven’t started yet) I’ll send it to him to read, as I expect he will like it.
Late happy birthday to Sarah, who turned into an employed person this week. NO more lazy for you, young lady!

Thursday, 8-3-06 at 0:20 MDT

It’s late, and I’ve been busy. I just got B class certified on our SEM at work tonight. I also spent some time getting through DOE, and working on rearranging our spray lab. It’s looking better than ever, and I have a plan for the next few days to get some stuff fixed/cleaned up/done.
Tomorrow, I will take a course on rail car emergencies offered from both the fire department and BNSF. Hopefully, I’ll get some good photos, assuming they let me.
Look for more updates over the next few days.

Monday, 7-31-06 at 0:55 MDT

It’s late. I can’t sleep for some reason tonight, so I’m up being productive.
Train page added, Industrial archeology page fixed, and now separate from photography. I also added some photos from Friday’s rain.

Friday, 7-28-06 at 22:52 MDT

It’s been a long time since an update. I have set up a new computer, so I am using Homesite 4.0 Evaluation Version, since I can’t find where I put Homesite 5.5. I gave up the search temporarily, and I have 30 days to find my licensed version haha.
I updated the Radar 2006 images with the amazing amount of rain we had today. I might post photos later of the Taurus submerged half way up the hubcaps from all the water running down the road. It’s been a really humid summer here.
Time for the end of month update:
Miles Biked: 0, though I’ll repair my bike this week
Farthest Distance Traveled: Trinidad, CO
Books Read: Topics in Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy (R. Burkin), The Big Bang: A History of Explosives (G.I. Brown), The Gospel As Told by Tony Soprano (Chirs Seay), and They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They (Patrick McManus).
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting an abstract accepted at the 10th Annual High Plains Conference in Dodge City, KS (meteorology)
Songs that stuck in my head: Cake – Frank Sinatra

Monday, 7-17-06 at 22:03 MDT

Today was relatively productive. I got a bit of DOE finished, found on my 10m hamstick doesn’t work and a few other things. Hope the next few days are equally as productive.
I changed my title bar on this website, and I like this one better. Radar 2006 is up too.

Sunday, 7-16-06 at 12:57 MDT

Just barely made another post in under a week. I’m really sloppy about posting these days.
I updated a few more storm chase photos as well as linking a few more photos to the Happy Weather Fun Box.
Spent the night up at Magdalena Ridge. It’s always a nice place to hang out, 11,000 ft above sea level, only a few miles out of town.
Right now, I’m getting more DOE done, and I might update Radar Images 2006 at some point too.

Sunday, 7-9-06 at 13:36 MDT

We took a trip to Santa Fe yesterday to visit with my girlfriend’s parents, and had a pretty good time.
I updated my shooting scores. Back to statistics and designed experiments for this guy.

Saturday, 7-8-06 at 11:18 MDT

Radar 2006 and the photography page have been updated.
Probably taking a drive to Santa Fe today for fun.
More updates to come when I get around to it.

Thursday, 7-6-06 at 22:03 MDT

Almost two weeks since my last post. It’s been quite busy. I’m all settled in at the new place, and am getting stuff set up the way I want to.
Last week, Amanda came to visit from VA. She’s an old storm chase buddy, so we had some catching up to do. Thanks for visiting!!
I shot in competition last weekend. It was a .22 rifle match, all prone, 50 yards, 100 yards, and 50 meter reduced. I scored a 1516/1600, which was good for 42nd of 42 place. However, my competitors were mostly US Olympians, former US Olympians, US Olympian trainers, and so on. I don’t feel too bad for losing!
I spent this fourth of July working on the Malibu. I had planned to grill out, but an afternoon thunderstorm cancelled that plan. I grilled out on the 5th instead. The Malibu needed an oil change, air filter, and new front brake pads. The next things I’ll do to that car will be to change the fuel filter, rotate the tires, and change the spark plugs, but the spark plugs on one side of the engine are a real pain to get to, so that will wait until I have the patience to do so. The Taurus needs brakes too, so I’ll get to that one of these days as well.
A few updates on the web: I have fixed the 5/16/2006 Storm chase photos, as well as added a few more photos to the super happy weather fun box. I will hope to update my photography page, radar 2006, post some photos of my house, shooting scores, and maybe even a few more storm chase photos.

Friday, 6-23-06 at 19:29 MDT

I am getting settled in at the new place. It turns out my roof is steel, so I am magmounting antennas up in hopes they will work for me. I can get 20 and 40 to tune with a tuner so far, though 40 is very touchy.
I have added my Storm Chase 2006 stuff. The biggest problems were that I took almost no observations this year along the way, less photos and almost no video. I did make some HF contacts in the down days, which I will add to this section. The radio box needs work, so I’ll create a new one by next chase.
Hopefully, there will be more updates in the next week or so. I have been pretty busy this week, but have made a lot of progress, so that is happy.

Wednesday, 6-14-06 at 12:35 MDT

The vacation in April photos are posted. Storm chase and house photos will be up soon.
May 2006 is over. June 2006 is half over. Time for a monthly summary:

Miles Biked: 0
Farthest Distance Traveled: Baltimore, MD
Books Read: I don’t remember the last time I updated. There was a book on optical microscopy, another on wood science, three statistics books, and a book on the CSX railroad.
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting an article published in QST
Songs that stuck in my head: none really