10/22/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a depressing, frustrating day.  I started out a little later than intended, so I did not go for a run, like I should have.  I haven’t been running in a month, and it’s starting to show.

I then went grocery shopping and to pick up the Crown Vic.  $1300, I had my car back.  Then, I drove less than 10 miles away, and it started doing the same thing that I put it in the shop for.  I took it back to the Firestone and they said they would look at it “this week.”  No.  I needed it by Thursday.  I took it to a different Firestone who says they will look at it today.  I am beyond frustrated.  I put that $1300 on a 22.8% interest credit card (the only money I had), and it didn’t fix the problem.  They are fraud.  I may call and do a stop payment on that card.  Let ’em take me to court.  I did see where they replaced my intake manifold, oil and serpentine belt, so they did what they said they would do- it just didn’t actually fix the problem.  They also didn’t reimburse me for the antenna they broke.  They suck.   Firestone at San Mateo is a fraud and they suck.

After that, we went to dinner at Tucano’s to celebrate JoAnna’s birthday, as we will be out of town (in different directions) for her birthday.  That was a good time.  We spent some time chatting and also some time writing, as we are all involved in different writing projects.

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9/24/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by going for a six mile run.  It felt good to get back out there and run again, as it had been almost two weeks.  I might have been able to run little farther, but six miles seemed like a good place to stop.

After my run, I worked in my garden for about two hours.  I weeded the sweet potatoes, harvested tomatoes, beans, okra, squash and peppers, and also cut some high weeds (with pruning shears) that were growing in the row.

In the afternoon, JoAnna and I chatted a bunch, then went to the junkyard.  At the junkyard, we picked up another gas cap for the Crown Vic.  I bought a cheap-o one from Walmart, and it didn’t seal properly, so hopefully, this one will do better.

In the evening, we had dinner at Annapurna and then finished up our grocery shopping for the week.  When we returned home, I did a bunch of cooking and then called it a night.

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9/22/17: Daily Post

*I am posting a bit late, deal with it.

Yesterday, I commuted up to Albuquerque and worked at Albuquerque High in the morning.  It was a lot of fun, as they hosted an AVID mixer event with some games and such.

In the afternoon, I took the Crown Vic to the shop to see if they could figure out why I was running so lean.  They did, and it turns out I need $958 worth of work to the car.  It needs a new intake manifold and gaskets.  In the mean time, it will run okay, and isn’t doing any damage, other than perhaps running a little warmer and wearing out my probably-already-worn-out catalytic converter.  I will also have a loss of power and will burn a little coolant.

While the car was in the shop, they also managed to break my 20 meter Hamstick antenna, which is quite annoying.  They have offered to replace it, and I will definitely take them up on that.

I also started editing my NaNoWriMo project from 2015.  I only made it a few pages in so far, but will continue to edit it over the next few weeks.

In the evening I attempted to watch The Wall with JoAnna and Joey, but ended up falling asleep part of the way through.

Thank you for reading my post.


9/17/17: Daily Post

We spent this weekend in Magdalena/Kelly, NM, visiting a friend and camping in Water Canyon.

We spent Saturday afternoon visiting Dean and Connie, and enjoying the nice weather.  We talked about rocks and weather and school and gardens, an so on.  Dean was a friend of mine from the Magdalena school, and he recently retired, so it was good to catch up with him.

Then, we drove over to Water Canyon and slept in the bed of the truck.  It was a cool, but pleasant night.

In the morning, we drove over to the Waldo Mine.  We met the caretaker there and talked to him about the history there.  As it turns out, he is a ham radio operator as well, so we ended up talking radio as well.  After we chatted, it was time for him to close the gate, so we left and went over to the Kelly Mine, which was not very far away.

Unlike the Waldo, the Kelly is on National Forest land, so we were able to go over and see it without a caretaker.  We walked around the structures, taking photos and GPS measurements.  It was only a half a mile hike or so.  I will post photos from the Waldo and the Kelly on my Industrial Archeology page later this week.

We left there and drove up Hop Canyon and then Patterson Canyon, though we did not explore very much, as these both end on private land.  Then, we drove back to Dean’s to pick up something we left at his house, before returning to Rio Rancho.

On our departure from Socorro (we switched vehicles in Socorro), I noticed the engine light had popped on in the Crown Vic.  Soon after, the gas cap light illuminated.  The gas cap was tightened properly, so we stopped at AutoZone to get the engine code read.  As it turns out, both banks of cylinders are running lean.  I’ll deal with that sometime later this week.

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9/12/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had a busy, exhausting and sad day.  The Malibu will not run again in a useable fashion.  I spent part of the day totally decommissioning it- removing antennas, radios, cleaning stuff from the glove box, trunk, and under the seats.  It took several hours, as I removed some of the cabling as well.

In the morning, I worked on the car until it was time to tutor at Magdalena.  I tutored, half-heartedly for several hours.

After that, I went back to NMT and taught two sections of instrumentation lab, plus a makeup session, back-to-back-to-back.  It was six hours of solid teaching.  I also did some work on the Physics Cavendish experiment, starting out the user interface and laying the groundwork for the file-writing capabilities.

After I finished that, I worked on the car some more, and also organized my truck, as I had piled much of the Malibu’s content haphazardly in the truck.

I walked to my brother’s house, but he had gone to bed by the time I got there.

I fasted the entire day, and today is a lot better, even with the slight headache.

Thank you for reading my post.

9/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day with bad news.  I went and worked on the Malibu for a bit, adding coolant and running it.  It was incredibly hard to start, even jumping the battery from the truck.  I also noticed that there is coolant leaking from the head gasket, though it could be leaking from the valve covers down to the head gasket area, but I can’t get in to see.  Either way, things don’t look good for my car.  And I like that car more than I like most people.

After that, I did some work around the chemical engineering department.  I graded some assignments and worked on a few things for this week’s lecture and lab.

For lunch, I met with the dynamo group and caught up on the last month’s worth of work.  I picked up the latest software backup and schematics.

In the afternoon, I tried to track down some paperwork, and kept tabs on the Unit Operations lab while I wandered around campus.  I also tried to track down some packages I ordered several weeks ago that have never arrived.

In the evening, I ran back-to-back Varsity Tutors sessions, both of which were successful.  That platform is working out beautifully.

I then went for a walk, and then to my brother’s house for the evening.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/30/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with a few teachers to Magdalena, worked for several hours, and then rode back to Socorro with my brother.  We had some Arby’s lunch and then I went to Unit Operations Lab.

Unit Operations Lab went well, and there are only a few things that need to be addressed by next week.  That lab is starting to stabilize, where a little work makes big improvements, though I have plenty I want to work on still.

In the late afternoon, I added some more coolant to the Malibu, and I didn’t see where it was overheating any more.  Even so, I took the bus and train home (and brought my truck down to NMT today).

JoAnna and I sat outside in the nice weather and chatted until bedtime.  Overall, it was a good day.

Thank you for reading my post.