Detroit, 2007

I presented on some of my thesis work at MS&T this year, which was held at the COBO center in Detroit. Matt, Mike, Ian, Nick, Will, Dr. Bond and I flew out on Saturday. My presentation was Monday and Nick’s was Wednesday. Here are a few photos from our hotel, the Renaissance Center.

It was still dark, even at 7am. Here are a few shots in the early light around town.

On Thursday, I rented a Ford Focus and drove across into Canada, as I had never been there before. I made a radio contact and then crossed back to the United States. Here are a few shots from Windsor.

After Canada, I drove down to Cleveland to meet the family. We spent the night in Chardon, and then toured around Friday. The first stop was an old railroad bridge.

After the bridge, we drove over to the Garfield Memorial. This is the only presidential memorial funded totally from donations. There is also a photo of our rental car here.

After the Garfield Memorial, we visited with Jane and then off to Jacobs Field to watch the Indians play against the A’s!

Cleveland won and there were fireworks after the game!

The next few days consisted of visiting my girlfriend’s family and a quick stop at the ASM International Headquarters in Materials Park, OH.

I hope you enjoyed this page!


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