Southwestern Colorado: 6/5/14

On our return trip from several National Parks in western Colorado and Eastern Utah, we decided to take the scenic route through southwestern Colorado.

Our first stop was near Sunshine Peak and Wilson Peak. On all sides were green pasture lands covered with dandelions.

We continued along finding several more pullouts for taking photos.

On this particular mountain, you can tell the primary wind direction by looking at the snow drift. Also, this would be a dangerous place to be in the winter when there was more snow due to the avalanche threat of such a scenario.

Later, we continued along the Dolores River. I was not able to take any photos of this (I was driving), but it was a beautiful river.

We passed through Rico, CO, which had been an important mining town a the turn of the century and into World War II. I posted about this in my Ghost Towns blog.

I hope you enjoyed this page!


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