Spring 2002

Monday, 5-6-02 at 10:00

I had my signals final the other day. I am not sure how I did, it will be close… I already signed up to take it next semester, but my grade was higher than I thought going into the final, so I have no idea…

I am working on the New River Wireless Association page as study breaks. The site will be at http://www.qsl.net/k4nrw. It will have a similar layout to this page, as you can imagine.

Hopefully, I’ll get to do some more heavy updating once I’m done with my other two exams today. I am hoping to add some electronics stuff, some materials stuff, some game stuff and some more car pics, but we’ll see how much time I actually have.

Friday, 5-3-02 at 14:34

I absolutely can’t stand it when a guy calls a girl fat. It’s so rude, and should not be tolerated in our society. Like if you are mad at your g/f and you call her a fat hog or something, and God struck you down with lightning, I would hope your own mother would urinate on your grave.

A certain individual blocked me today. Fine, I don’t want to talk to you either.

From Suzi’s profile:

Top 5 things to do at VT in the rain!!
– attempt to move heavy metal lofts!!
– predict how soon the tornados will come!!! with beth and seth tellin’ you you are dumb! hehe.
-jump in puddles and pretend its a river!!
-try to soak beth and seth without getting soaked in the process!!

This proves several things: First and foremost, Suzi can’t count šŸ™‚ Second, yeah, rain is cool. Yeah, I’m done.

Wednesday night, Gillian, James, Kent and I went down to Houston Street, where the whole apartment complex was having a party. It was great. It was storming, and every time there would be lightning, 400 drunks would start cheering and throwing stuff. I met a few cool people: Buffy, James, Jan, and Berkeley in particular. Fun times, fun times!

This is so dumb: Let’s sue!. I’m sorry, but it’s not Sony’s fault. How dare them make an addictive video game, I mean, wow, people might want to play for hours at a time!!! Heaven forbid they make something successful. If your son was old enough to go to college, then he was old enough to make his own decisions. Don’t act like Everquest is heroin that hooked your poor little kid into it. It’s sad that he died, but not their problem.

Skywarn was activated at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. The radar images will be up soon. There were tornadoes all over the state, and we had a severe thunderstorm warning, a flash flood warning and maybe others that I didn’t hear about.

I spent about four or five hours trying to get a project turned in yesterday outside of Thweatt’s office. He gets mad credit for being able to remain calm and deal with everyone well, since some of the people were downright rude about how long they had to wait. The way I see it is it was the last day to turn in our projects, and if you needed massive amounts of help, you shoulda started earlier, so don’t take it out on him.

Wednesday, 5-1-02 at 10:51

I’m so done with this year. I’m ready for classes to end, I’m ready to get as far away from certain people as possible, and I’m ready to go back to working at Horne’s and however many other jobs i work. I’m ready to get the Buick running, to operate ham radio a bunch, and to forget this year ever took place.

I’m learning now what being in a relationship is about. It’s really about a mere biological attraction aimed only at reproduction. Then you throw marriage in the mix just as a primitive religious measure. I mean, love I’m sure doesn’t really exist. “Love” is where you only have this attraction to one person, which is apparently impossible. “Love” doesn’t go “oh (giggle) cute boy, time to go make out with him!” And then claim that you are owed that opportunity. Whatever. That is why it cannot really exist. I’m sick of the whole dating scene, the whole college scene, and the whole “life” scene. Time to move on, but to where, I don’t know.

In response to Robyn’s post: Tornadoes in LaPlata. Also, did you guys hear about the explosion in Colonial Beach?

Monday, 4-29-02 at 05:09

I have changed all my old WAJ pictures and beach pictures to remove all offending parties. Take a look see!

I got four classes tomorrow, but I went for a drive instead, and just got back now. Ask me if I care….. nope.

Friday, 4-26-02 at 14:17

Today makes the longest I have been totally single in five years. Oh well, who cares, I don’t.

Today’s (or rather yesterday’s attempt) at picking up chicks: I got out of Project Success early, and as I was walking down the hall, I saw a girl sitting by the door with pretty hair. I made a sign up that said “you have pretty hair.” She read it, and rolled her eyes. I made another sign that said, “Just smile and pretend it was funny,” once again, she rolled her eyes. I can’t get nowhere with these broads.

I’m going home today with the fishes. They need to go home rather than try to deal with all that the week I move out. I took down all the posters too. Just one less thing to do when I move out.

Topics for the message board: 1) What did everyone think of this school year? and 2) What are some of the better memories of this school year? My answers: This school year sucked, and I wish it had never really happened. We had a sweet room, and Eric is a good roommate, but other than that, I have no real reason to like this school year whatsoever. Nothing will beat Freshman year, but it’s only degraded since then. Quite honestly, this has been the worst year of my life; ok, maybe not quite. The lows for this year were the lowest than any other year, but the average day wasn’t quite as bad as being in Colonial Beach. Question 2: The best memories of this year: Driving to visit Kaysie, Kiera’s 21st birthday party, 311/Hoobastank concert (mostly), Mitch Hedburg, apartment hunting, Mountain Dew Contest, Driving to JMU and singing War, where Eric Mercado would yell “Good God, y’all”, and a few other assorted times. Other than those times, this year can burn in hell and never resurface again, for all I care.

Tuesday, 4-23-02 at 12:36

Look at me be horrible about posting regularly! Go me! What can I say though, I’ve been busy this weekend.

Friday night, I met with the SDA Friends group. Saturday morning I went to church. Saturday night, I went to Coffee House, performed by the Wesley Foundation. Then I went to a Mixed Emotions party with Gillian and Cullen. Upon further evaluation, I think Cullen is cool. We are going to bring back the 50’s. I stayed at the party til like four or so, then came back and went to bed. Sunday, I went and saw the Wesley Singers at Blacksburg United Methodist. After that, I went to Stacey’s concert at 3. When it was over, a hauled butt over to the NWRA meeting in Christiansburg. I have been appointed web designer for that group, so this should be interesting. Monday, I had my Manufacturing Processes Lab Final, and then went to dinner with my old Project Success group. And somewhere in the course of this weekend, my aquarium filter burned up, and had to be replaced, Stacey broke up with her b/f, so I hung out with her a bunch, and did laundry. Oh and my computer kept crashing. Busy, busy weekend.

I have to design a multi-stage amplifier for my Electronics class. This will be fun, since, once I design it, I will probably actually build it. I hope I get a chance to do that, but if I don’t, I probably will do it this summer.

Today’s car of the day is the ’51 Lincoln Custom Cruiser. Found this one on eBay, I believe. HOPEFULLY, over the next few days, I’ll get a chance to add some more car pictures since most of the ones I have up have already been used for the car of the day.

Saturday, 4-20-02 at 17:26

Yep. Yesterday was cool. Storms. In fact, Montgomery County received a severe thunderstorm warning at 1:17 PM. I did not personally observe any real effects for it to be a severe thunderstorm, but that is what the warning issued. Technically, the cell spotted on Doppler as being severe was a few miles west of Blacksburg, so that must be it, all we got was rain.

Speaking of rain, I go outside after the storm to find half of Slusher tower sliding in the mud. I joined them, and it was great! Here is a picture of those participating. I also have a short video clip. Yeah, and you thought it was rain!

Friday, 4-19-02 at 00:59

I got done my assembly project in almost no time at all! Nothin to it! Except writing that stupid report and having the Trace function screw up in MicroChip… accidentally included an infinite loop in the trace…

Quote by Jason Thweatt: “That’s like bowling for embarrassment!”

I added quite a few weather pictures. So go to my weather page immediately. In particular this one, this one and this one are my favorites.

Today’s car of the day is the ’62 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon. This is the best station wagon ever.

Tuesday, 4-16-02 at 23:09

As of Sunday, the New River Wireless Association (NWRA) has been officially created! We will vote on officers next week, but I was nominated for President. I don’t know if I am ready for that or not, so I will announce my concerns at the next meeting. Mike Knight (KC4Q) was the brains behind forming the group, which spawned from a Morse code class. We will SO be participating in field day!

Ugh. Does anyone know anything about Fourier Series? Cause I sure don’t.

I saw the play Radon tonight for my fine arts class. It’s about this wife/mother who was on anti-depressants and then decides to come off of them on her own. It’s basically a messed up story, and I think the message was supposed to be there is more to life than raising a family (i.e. the woman ‘owed it to herself’ to come off medication to be the paranoid wreck she became in the play). I don’t think there is. Sorry. That’s just me. I know I should probably desire to become rich, famous, see the world, or whatever. I don’t. Job, house, marriage, kids, school picnics, retirement, hobbies, death. That’s it. I guess I’m just a misguided, uncultured, “traditional” person.

Today’s car of the day is the ’79 Lincoln Mark V. This one is complete with gold plated rims and hydraulics. The full Colonial Beach ‘sport’ package.

Sunday, 4-14-02 at 11:29

Happy 21st for Brad Klaus! THIS guy turned 21!
I have so much to do today; let’s see how much I actually get done!
Today’s car of the day is the ’86 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Mob Tip #6: Respect your elders!

Friday, 4-12-02 at 15:17

Today’s attempt to pick up chicks: Pets. So like every guy that has kittens or a puppy is surrounded by girls. So I like go up to this girl and tell her I have pet guppies. She walked away. Quickly, might I add. The results were noted, and adjustments made for tomorrow’s attempt!

I bought a new toy on Wednesday and just now put pictures up: knife in sheath and unsheathed. It is a Buck Diamond Back; it has a 3 1/4″ fixed blade and, at Walmart, it was only $17.61 with tax. Not bad! Visit http://www.buckknives.com for more information on this knife and others.

I hope to have a map of our trip to TN up soon. And some more fish pictures. And some other things. It all depends on how much spare time I get this weekend. It’s going to be busy: I’m going to a church group thingy tonight (wow, there ARE other SDA’s in the world), am helping out at a bike race with the ham radio club (we are going to tell who is where via the radio), and then we will celebrate the rest of Canada day, also known as Brad’s birthday. Plus, I am working on two major projects.

Today’s car of the day is the ’52 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan. I don’t know much about any car from the 50’s, but it does look pretty sweet. I think I found this one on Cars Online.

Link time: Diary of an AOL User and Covering all your time travel needs… eBay!.

Thursday, 4-11-02 at 23:01

Yeah, nothing productive today. I slept all day. I went to class, fell asleep and came back and slept more. And I went to bed at a decent hour even. I don’t understand, but oh well. I woke up and finished my stupid Engineering Economy homework cause I needed to. I didn’t understand how to do part of one of the problems, so I’ll ask tomorrow in recitation.

Today’s attempt to pick up chicks: Sleeping. No girls stumbled into my room and said, aww how cute, he’s sleeping. The results have been noted and I will adjust as necessary for tomorrow.

Today’s car of the day is the ’56 Ford Thunderbird. I’m not typically a fan of Ford, but the Thunderbird is just sweet.

Wednesday, 4-10-02 at 12:29

The good and the bad; I got a 45% on my signals test. Boo that! I lost an easy 8 points for being stupid. The average was only a 63, but still, that’s better than what I got. The good news is that the Intro to CpE project I was sure I bombed and was counting on a 20% or so, I really got a 72%. Not spectacular, but when I already wrote it off as so low, it made my day a little better.

I am working on my Electronics final project. I have to design a multi-stage amplifier. I think when I’m done designing, writing, and simulating, I’m going to actually build it out of discrete components, just for the fun of it. I like building stuff and testing my theory…

Today’s car of the day is the ’68 Chevrolet El Camino. Note that this is a year with the Chevelle front end, as defined by the trim that goes from the center of the headlight towards the center of the front wheel.

Monday, 4-8-02 at 15:47

Mob Tip #5: Do not ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ if you want the questions answered. See illustration.

This weekend was awesome! Brad quit at Kroger, so we drove to Nashville to visit Kaysie. I had never been to Tennessee, so it was pretty cool. Kaysie, Brad, a few of Kaysie’s friends and I hung out the whole weekend. At one point, we went to the park with Kaysie’s dog. It was a little dog, yet it kept trying to start a fight with this horse of a dog. I will have pictures up soon. We also saw the Tennessee Predators play the Calgary Flames. Hockey is cool, cause it’s like a sport where fighting is encouraged! It was a blast! Kaysie, Gray and I sat up til 5 (I think, the time was all screwed up: different time zone AND day lights savings time…) just talking about random stuff. This could have been one of the best weekends of my life!

My weight is down to 201.5. Sweet. I could lift a little more today too.

The car of the day is the ’61 Chevrolet Impala. I think this is one of the better body styles, yet, if I’m not mistaken, it only happened in ’61.

Single life pretty much sucks, but oh well. I feel relieved that I am out of a dead-end relationship, because “half” a relationship is worse than no relationship at all. The paranoia, the jealousy, it’s all gone, because I have no reason to care about it anymore. I mean, sure it hurts, but I’ll find someone else, and a certain individual will realize what she lost. I wasn’t the best boyfriend, but I tried. It wasn’t enough, so time to move on. I got goals, I got a life, and I’ll get past it. I will probably work at Kings Dominion this summer, and there is always girls there. I haven’t been single for more than three weeks in well over five years. I mean, if I am single for a bit, it’s ok. If not, that’s good too. All I want out of life is 2.3 kids, a nice job, a nice house, to retire, and die. That’s it, a nice boring, normal life. If I never see the world, I could care less. If there is plenty I don’t try, that’s fine too. If those aren’t high enough goals for you, if that isn’t exciting enough for you, then forget it. I am feeling pretty damn good today having my weight go down, and there has to be girls that don’t care about superficial stuff anyway. And I’ll find her.

Friday, 4-5-02 at 12:35

Dude, I’m single. Cause in the end, I’m not Chris. and I’m not new. Whatever. Going to Tennessee for the fun of it. If I’m not back by Monday, I’m in jail or dead.

Wednesday, 4-3-02 at 15:41

Happy birthday Suzi! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday if you see her tonight.

Mob Tip #4: Eat your spaghetti.

I have an electronics test tonight. I think I am pretty well prepared. I mean, I should be, I’ve already taken the course once… Signals and Systems right now is fairly easy. It’s just filter design, and I seem to be catching on really quickly, which leads me to believe I should take ECE 4004: Active RC Filter design.

Today’s car of the day is the My old nova, may it rest in pieces.

Link time: Minigolf.

Monday, 4-1-02 at 20:44

Brad is really from the United States…. April Fool’s hahahahah

Mob Tip #3: Use a silencer when trying to shoot someone and not attract unnecessary attention. See illustration.

Today’s car of the day is the ’66 Chevrolet Impala Wagon.

Once again, I say that there is no real love in this world. Only who is better and who is not. And I am not, apparently. I gave us everything I had, yet in the end, it isn’t enough. I’m not new, exciting or hot, so why bother in the first place? In the mean time, I will do my own thing, pretend the last few years haven’t existed, and hide all emotion, because I am through with dealing with it. Yeah.

Now that I’m done ranting about that, we signed a lease for Green Street today and put down a deposit. Woohoo!

Saturday, 3-30-02 at 13:55

Mob Tip #2: When dumping a living person off a bridge into water, attach a cinder block or alternate heavy structure to prevent escape. See illustration.

Today’s car of the day is the ’62 Chevrolet Bel Air.

I made a few updates today: I added more cars to all of the pages almost, updated my US contacts page, and will have hopefully put up a new front page picture. I have some pictures of fish that I would like to add, and maybe even add some 10-x numbers to that page.

Friday, 3-29-02 at 00:10

Today I have a mob tip for you.

Mob Tip #1: Park your car in close proximity to the guy you just killed. This prevents lost time and energy spent in dragging the corpse over, which helps you and it means less time for the police to see you. See illustration.

I took a materials science test today and I think it went well. Only time will tell.

I spent most of today hanging out with Suzi and Katie. We had a good time going to dinner and then coming back at watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost. You can’t beat that. Eric also sent me an entertaining link: Mutton Bone. This doesn’t apply to all West Virginians…. just Paul.

Today’s car of the day is the ’75 Chevrolet Nova. This represents the first year of the last bodystyle of the Nova.

Tuesday, 3-26-02 at 23:27

Wow, today was awesome. Mitch Hedburg rules. We saw him live at Squires. He had a bunch of old lines and a bunch of new ones, and I think he stayed extra long cause he knew we all knew his lines. It was sold out apparently, even though it was free admission.

My Intro to Computer Engineering Project works! Sort of, anyway. Apparently, I picked poor opcodes, since when I implemented them, it did not work, until I found that the offending functions worked under different opcodes. Go figure.

Today’s car of the day is the ’69 Plymouth Satellite. I almost bought a ’70 Satellite (four door). This one is a sport model, which only came in a two door.

Saturday, 3-23-02 at 15:32

Ring Dance is tonight. This could be good or bad. I mean, Kim still likes Chris, and this might be my last chance to win her back. But I doubt anything miraculous will happen. It just bother me that she can have a great time just watching TV with Chris, like we used to, yet, something like the Ring Dance, she might be miserable with me. Oh well, only time will tell. I’m not even sure anyone checks this page anymore.

Today’s car of the day is the ’87 Monte Carlo. Yeah, nice car.

Thursday, 3-21-02 at 19:36

Correction, I meant to say I *wish* Hoobastank had played Earthsick, since it was one of the only songs I knew before the concert. I was on the phone when I posted, so yeah, since they didn’t play it, I can’t say it was one of the best ones there… I was on the phone when I wrote the last post anyway.

Thursday, 3-21-02 at 15:55

I take back my last post.

We saw Hoobastank and 311 last night in Norfolk. All I know is I walked in having quite a few 311 songs and almost no Hoobastank, now I have a ton of songs by both. This show was awesome! Except for the dumb people in the crowd. The best song Hoobastank did was “Crawling In the Dark” or “Earthsick” and 311’s best was probably “T&P Combo” or “Hive.”

We had a blowout coming home. It was fun. No problem to change though. And today, Jen IMs me and asks if I know how to change a tire, so I walked up and changed hers too. Two tires in twelve hours šŸ™‚

Today’s car of the day is the ’72 Oldsmobile 4-4-2.

Monday, 3-18-02 at 14:53

In the end, all that really matters is who your parents are, how hot you are, and how pretty you dress. I used to think there was more to life than that, but nope. Not really. True love doesn’t exist, only chemical reactions between beautiful people. Good jobs don’t exist unless you are beautiful or somebody important’s kid. And the only way around all of this is GPA, which I also don’t have. I think I should go home, buy a trailer and become the kind of person everyone expects me to become.

Also, to everyone that was counting on things to go sour, collect the money for the bets you won, and shut the hell up.

Sunday, 3-17-02 at 13:33

I am not going to say what has happened the last few days. If you know, you know. The good news is it is starting to become resolved, and things are looking up.

I went to JMU for the weekend for Kiera’s 21st birthday. It was quite fun and entertaining. You should have been there!

Today’s car of the day is the ’63 Chevrolet Corvette. I’m not typically a Corvette fan, but only because I can’t stand most people who drive them, it is nothing personal against the car.

Friday, 3-15-02 at 19:51

I am an awful person and do not feel like posting anything worthwhile.

Thursday, 3-14-02 at 8:40

Wow, I posted this exact time on the Friday before break. Numbers are fun!

Today’s car of the day is the 3/14/02 — ’71 El Camino. I have also added a page that spawns from the car page that shows past cars of the day (or rather links to them).

I got quite a bit done for my Materials class yesterday. The homework was on steel processing, and, between naps, I got it done in about an hour, so I read two chapters too.

For those of you who are concerned about Kim’s away message yesterday, it was all Brad’s fault! HE put the message up cause he’s an evil Canadian fiend!

Wednesday, 3-13-02 at 17:38

I updated a few pages of contacts. I went ahead and switched from the pre-tagged plain text to actual tables. I liked just plain text because I could directly copy the info from my logbook in Excel and paste it into the webpage. However, it did not look right on some browsers under some video modes, so I switched to tables, through a long process. It’s not quite done, I still have more to go, but I work on it when I have time.

I got an 18/20 on my first Fine Arts 2004 test, and I’m an uneducated slob.

I wasted a few hours at the career fair. Nobody wants to hire me at all, since I only have a 2.02. In fact, if I got straight A’s from now until I graduate, I STILL would not meet most company’s minimum requirement for GPA. Oh well, there’s always… I’m not sure where. Hopefully, I’ll figure something out.

Today’s car of the day is the ’38 Cadillac.

Monday, 3-11-02 at 20:43

Time for an update! It’s been a while, thanks to spring break. Over break, I worked four days at Horne’s, finished up their webpage (for now), worked on my Buick, and played around on the radio.

The radio was awesome. There was a DX (foreign stations) contest the weekend I went back. I made 142 contacts during the contest, some of which were new countries to me. I worked Japan, Indonesia, French Guiana, and the Faeroe Islands, which were all semi-rare and new to me. Then AFTER the contest, (later in the week), I worked a station in St. Maartin. This was cool, cause he was mobile. This is way better than a cell phone folks, I talked to a guy in his car on a very small island in the Caribbean! Then on 20 meters, I worked a REALLY rare station: JY5HX. The country of Jordan. This is rare because only royalty is allowed to have licenses in some of the Arab nations. I will be looking forward to counting that one in my DXCC count!

Today’s car of the day is the ’64 Lincoln Continental with more pictures here and here. Furthermore, this isn’t just ANY Lincoln Continental. This gem I found on ebay- it’s Lyndon B. Johnson’s Lincoln. If you had won the auction, you would have also received a certificate of authenticity, proving that it was really the same car. Is it really? You’d have to check the VIN, but that’s so easy to do that I can’t imagine they could get away with lying about it.

Friday, 3-1-02 at 8:40

I finally updated again. Too much to do before spring break to update really regularly. Hopefully, I’ll have more time over spring break to update. I am going home and hopefully working at Horne’s over break.

I added a page to the MSE page: a fractured piece of a steel plate. Not real interesting unless you like that sort of thing.

Today’s car of the day is the ’65 Pontiac Bonneville. Not really a muscle car, but look how wide that thing is!

Tuesday, 2-26-02 at 14:25

As promised, here is the new breakdown of bands: I was a Tech Plus and now I’m a General. Notice all the new bands I get (indicated by the red). The red bars on the tech plus picture on the left hand column are all CW (Morse code). Now I have voice privileges on those bands. Furthermore, the completely filled bands on the right side of the tech plus are really only good for short range communication. What does all this mean? I now have even more options to talk around the world!!!

I got a few tests back: My corrected Materials Science test became an 84% B+. woohoo on that! And, the real amazing thing: Intro to CpE: 98%. I tied one other person of 50 for the high grade of the class. I think I’ve got this whole college thing figured out.

Today’s car of the day is the ’32 Cadillac. Don’t know much about it, but saw it on E-bay not too long ago.

Monday, 2-25-02 at 7:20

I am a General Class operator now!!!! I passed my test at a hamfest in Elkin, NC, and actually made contacts to Alabama, North Carolina, New York and Massachusetts on the way home! When I get a chance, I’ll show you just what being a General class means.

I have way too much work to do over the next three days, so don’t be surprised if my responses are a bit short. I will keep updating when I can, and my week gets easier after Wednesday, so expect some heavy updates then.

Today’s car of the day is the ’70 Dodge Challenger. Anybody who is creative, wants to help some kid, and hates old cars please enter this contest. If you win, I’ll take that “old clunker” off your hands, no problem.

Friday, 2-22-02 at 6:58

I hate engineering economy. I get the test back today to see how well (or not) I did.

I take an Intro to Computer Engineering Test today. Woohoo. I am SO ready for it, bring it on!

Last night, I watched some little oriental kid suck down 31 hot dogs and buns followed by 53 cow brains, on TV! WOW! The Glutton Bowl could be the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.

Today’s car of the day is the ’58 Mercedes Benz 300D. Look now kids, cause it’s pretty rare that I’ll feature a Mercedes.

Wednesday, 2-20-02 at 19:25

I got some good news today: I got my Electronics test back and I had a 92%!!! I think I got a 29% on last years, so I did a complete reversal!

Two minor updates: I scanned my 10-x Certificate and my FISTS Certificate and they are up on my ham page. 10-x is a club that collects numbers from other members on the ten meter band (which is where I mostly operate). FISTS is a Morse code club aimed at preserving Morse code. As I learn more in my class, I will become more active in this.

Because of the fact that I actually scanned stuff, this means I had to reboot. Actually, Brad just threatened to reset it the first time I got up. Here is the amount of time this system had been running for.

Today’s car of the day is the ’74 Ford LTD Brougham. Not a particularly beautiful car or color, but I kinda like it. I especially like this one with the spare tire mounted on the trunk.

Well, guess what time it is kiddies? It’s time for me to rant a little. I’m sick of everyone waiting around for Kim and I to break up. I know we are 20 years old, and that I am not the most attractive guy on earth, but I’m sick of hearing about it. I guess maybe I’m completely wrong when I date people seriously. How dare me not just want to hook up with as many girls as I can in college, after all isn’t that like the point? I sick of everyone trying to find the “hottest” person they can. I’m sick of how everyone thinks it is so weird to have dated for so long. Pardon me for thinking that breaking up “to see other people” and maybe get back together some day is really retarded. I’m sick of everyone thinking that the possibility of Kim and I getting married some day is so far fetched. And this is of our friends, of all people. Anyway, ending rant.

Tuesday, 2-19-02 at 22:03

Nothin’ but good news today. I got my Materials Science Engineering test back and I got a 72 (which is a B for this class). The average was a 60, AND we have til Thursday to make corrections for half credit!

I rented my tux today with Eric Mercado. I got a tux with tails and he got just a regular one with white and black shoes that are cool. I also bought a new ink cartridge to replace my dead one.

I went to the art gallery that we had to for my fine arts class. I guess I’m too dumb for modern art, but I didn’t really see the significance of splattering paint randomly on a piece of canvas and selling it for a pretty good amount. Sorry, I just don’t understand. Pretty landscapes like that Afro guy does on TV is one thing, cause they are of something that requires skill. Not to completely down whoever did these paintings, I guess I just don’t get it.

I finished the preliminary design to Intro to Computer Engineering Project 1. I have to design it now for chip implementation, implement it, validate it at the CEL, then write a report on it, but I have until the 27th, and this was the hard part, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

I spent some quality time at Kim’s today just relaxing, so that was good too.

Today’s car of the day is the ’59 Ford Thunderbird. Most people prefer the ’57, which is nice as well, and will probably make car of the day another day, but this one I actually like better.

Monday, 2-18-02 at 6:52

What is it with Sundays. There never seems to be anything open. BOOOOO. I need to rent a tux, yet every shop is closed in both Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

I did some minor updating yesterday. I added weather photos and a few various car photos. The weather photos were some clouds that we had during the warm streak the first week of February.

Today’s car of the day is the ’71 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Saturday, 2-16-02 at 21:49

Today consisted of recovering my poor Everquest character who kept getting beat down in East Karana, where he shouldn’t have been anyway. I got killed by a guy I mistook for a merchant and then died four times running corpse recoveries. Finally, now, I am camped in the guard tower in North Karana.

After the awful beating in Everquest, I decided to work on my webpage. I added a few more pages to the materials science engineering page. Nothing too cool, no graphics or anything, just poorly paraphrased notes from yours truly.

Today’s car of the day is the ’69 Dodge Dart. Pretty nice, and if you look around on the Dart page, there are a few more pictures of this car. Another note: If you want to send me anything related to my page, such as a picture of your car, a city from Simcity 2000, a link, etc, please do so.

Friday, 2-15-02 at 0:34

Valentine’s Day was fun. Kim and I went to Vincent’s in Blacksburg for some good Italian food and then came back here and read a few stories together. She got me this cool picture frame with a great love quote in it, and she made me a really cute card šŸ™‚

I also did some shopping today. I needed a few things (sort of). I got some new fishies: 2 clown loaches, 2 plecostimuses, and 2 red honey gouramis. They are happily exploring their new home, much to the shark’s disapproval.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was nominated for two club offices for VTARA: Vice President and Treasurer. I lost them both, but that is ok. I was not ready to take an office, I just felt good about being nominated for only having been in the club since the first week of December.

I got a parking ticket today even though I had called and requested a green-log status. Nobody was there when I called, so I left a message. I’ll argue it to the bitter end; if their office is closed, then their bands of roving thugs should go home too. If not, I’ll find $30 in change and pay them that way, and I would encourage all of you to do the same for future tickets.

Today’s car of the day is the ’66 Buick Skylark. This is similar to the ’67 Skylark that I have, except the rear end is different, the hood has a different cowl pattern, and there is a different decorative chrome vent on the front fenders. I think it was available as a 300 V8 or a 340 V8, and ’67 was the last year they offered either engine.

Yesterday, I added a Morse code page and created a ham radio background, since I was sick of the plain silver scheme. If you can’t figure out what the symbol is in the background, it’s a Morse code key (I think only other hams will understand..)

Wednesday, 2-13-02 at 14:13

For those who know about my Morse code class, here are some pictures from the class. And just because I know you are probably wondering, the guy who is smoking up is a driver’s ed teacher!! Ok, he’s not really smoking up, he actually plays bagpipes and he was just about to show us and that thing that looks like a joint is really the reed.

I was up til 3 am this morning working on engineering economy. I hate that class.

Today’s car of the day is the ’64 Chevrolet II, better known as the Nova! This has got to be one of the greatest cars of all time!

Tuesday, 2-12-02 at 9:29

I kept dreaming that I was sleeping through my Materials Science Test today, so I couldn’t sleep, and I got up at like 5:30 this morning and have been semi-productive all morning.

One thing I created to help me study for my test was a Materials Science Page, which should be working right now. It will continue to grow as I add new stuff, but that is all I have right now.

Today’s car of the day is: ’67 Chevrolet Impala SS 427, which is a slight upgrade from the red one seen on the drill field, I do believe.

Monday, 2-11-02 at 20:48

Long time, no post. I’m at a serious moral dilemma. My computer has been running for 24 days and 22 hours. I installed a scanner tonight, and so far, the scanner does not work. However, it said to reboot and I did not. Now the question is to reboot or not. I mean, it’s only going to get more difficult for me to reboot as time progresses. But 24 days? I mean, that’s a record or something. I guess it’s how soon do I want to be able to scan stuff… but then, suppose the scanner really doesn’t work for Windows 2000? I won’t know until I need it to work.

Today’s car of the day is ’63 Cadillac. Say what you want about boxy Cadillacs, but there will be no finer luxury car.

I got interviewed at Target today, and I think it went well. Target wouldn’t be a bad place to work at all. We get a 10% discount on stuff in the store, plus it’s money, which I need, and they are pretty flexible with schedules. Also, if I do get in, and you are looking for a job, let me know. There’s something about a $500 referral bonus….

Where have I been? I was home for the weekend. Went to Frost Fest too. Too much ham gear, too little money, to say the very least. They had a pretty cool Icom 706 that covers every band I would ever use…. but it was considerably more than I can afford.

Other ham news: I am an official member of FISTS and 10-X international. This makes me very happy, and I will scan my certificates…. sometime.

Thursday, 2-7-02 at 21:33

I just realized how much I hate TV. I mean, shows like Temptation Island and Real World. On one hand, we’ve got Temptation Island that basically shows that no matter how great of a person you are, it really is what’s on the outside that matters. If you aren’t hot, you’re girlfriend is gonna screw whoever else she happens to meet, or vice versa. And Real World. How “real world” is that? I mean, let’s pick a few people from stereotypical backgrounds (i.e. the gay one, the guy who hates gays, etc) and give them a huge apartment and a b.s. job and call it “the real world.” It’s like, wow how extreme, living with people you don’t know. Isn’t that called like dorm life or something?

Thursday, 2-7-02 at 10:20

Big snowball fight this morning (and last night from like 22:00-2:00). It was oh so much fun. I took quite a few hits, as did anyone within 50 yards of the drill field. I just have one comment to make: wow, we have some real men, here at Virginia Tech, cause that’s what it takes to throw snowballs at girls’ heads. Yeah right. Near the end of the fight it dwindled down to maybe 100-200 guys and about 10 girls, and everyone felt the need to pound the hell out of the girls, so a few other guys and I sided with the girls and fought back. The battle was lost, but, eh, can’t win them all. Then we found a “Caution- Wet Floor” sign and stuck it in the middle of the road and watched cars plow into it hahahahaha..

Today’s car of the day is the: ’67 Plymouth Satellite. I considered buying a four door 1970 Satellite (Joan’s old car), but bought the Skylark instead. Someday, I’ll come back and get the Satellite….

Wednesday, 2-6-02 at 22:00

Update time! I have started building a SimCity 2000 page. Go through games and then to SimCity 2000. My big project here is to create the SimCity 2000 Encyclopedia: A tutorial on everything there ever was to know about SimCity 2000. I am building it a page or two at a time. Feel free to make submissions to it, the tips, or email me cities, since I only have the one, and that’s pretty sad.

Wednesday, 2-6-02 at 19:27

I got a 72% on my signals and systems test!!! The average was a 57% and he curves to the average!!! Furthermore, my Intro To Computer Engineering professor moved the test from Valentine’s Day to the following week! This IS a good day!!!

I set up my rig to transmit on the proper frequency if I hear the space station (since the space station is transmitting on one frequency and listening on another). All ready to go! Speaking of which, I get the question “What kind of delay is there in the radio signal?” This question is very common, and yes, there is a delay. This delay is found by radio waves travelling at the speed of light, mainly 3x108m/s2. I checked Where is the Space Station? to find an altitude of 389km, on average. Therefore

t = d / v
t = 389×103 / 3×108
t = 1.3 milliseconds

So yeah, moral of the story, the delay is so low that nobody I know would notice it anyway. Now for land based stuff, the delay varies with respect to how many times the signal bounces. When the signal leaves the antenna, it is reflected off the ionosphere back to some place on land. If that wasn’t where the other station is, it is reflected from the ground back to the ionosphere, back to land again. To make matters worse, the ionosphere’s height, thickness, etc depends on the season, solar conditions, time of day, and geographic location. You very rarely get more than two complete hops in voice transmissions.

On a different subject, today’s car of the day is ’52 Chevrolet Bel Air. I don’t know how many people actually check the car of the day, but I have fun picking out which one I want to put up, so if you don’t like it, tough.

Tuesday, 2-5-02 at 18:15

A little fun from HitBox. Some of the top search phrases used on search engines to find my page:

Rank Phrase
1. pics of car wrecks
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18. collegehumor.com fight 3
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28. link to collegehumor.com
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31. nova cars
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33. pics of car wrecks.
34. pics of king george
35. pics+1988+nova
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37. pictures of 200lb women
38. prom pics of 1999
39. red finned sharks
40. skylark car shows
41. sorority girl” contest pictures -naked -xxx
42. synetics microcontroller
43. tropical fish and clown loaches

Hopefully, I’ll do some updating this week. I have some pages created that need a little adjusting and then will be added to my ever expanding webpage.

Tuesday, 2-5-02 at 0:33

Today’s car of the day: ’68 Plymouth GTX. What a sweet car. I think I saw this car listed on eBay for $32,000, which is more than I can get for my kidney, so I can’t get this car.

Today was spent mostly in class. I had class from 8-3 like I do every Monday. In the Manufacturing Processes Lab, we inspected our pulleys today, only to find that in the real world, all of our pulleys would have been rejected, since they were no where near tolerance.

I was quite dismayed at the fact that after I made dinner reservations for Valentine’s day, a professor randomly scheduled a test the same time as my reservations. I guess I just have issues with “out of class” tests, and the fact that Kim and I met on Valentine’s Day freshman year, and last year I had a temperature of 104 on Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to do something special, but now, thanks to my department, that won’t be very possible. I just hate looking like this; I mean, Kim is very understanding about it, but it just irritates me; I’m not exactly smart, good looking, or rich, and now I can’t even seem to take her out for Valentine’s Day.

Sunday, 2-3-02 at 1:11

This weekend we (Brad, Martha, Eric M, Kim and I) went to JMU to visit Robyn. We had fun, except for that fight. Stupid high schoolers. But all is well.

The car of the day is: A combination!.

Next year is gonna be awesome. The trip back from JMU was a lot of fun, and out of the five people in the car, one was me and two will be roommates next year. This is gonna be so much fun… once we figure out where we are living….

I took a Signals and Systems test on Friday, and I think I might have done ok. Only time will tell, but we’ll see. I think the key to this whole college thing is to relax a little. When I’m not as stressed, I actually get more work done. It’s amazing.

Krystle got a tattoo of some foreign writing. Boo that (no offense Krystle!). I thought about getting a tattoo for a while. If I got one I’d get like chain, bobwar (barbed wire…nevermind) or a vine on my left arm about bicep level. If I got the barbed wire or chain, I’d probably put July 5, 1998 somewhere on it (the day I flipped my car). But that’s if I ever got a tattoo, which I probably wouldn’t do.

Thursday, 1-31-02 at 23:03

The car of the day is: ’84 Chevrolet Caprice. Not exactly a fast car, or a cool car, I just kinda like it.

I built a blinky LED kit and part of a warble alarm today. Both of these were Ramsey kits that I assembled here in the dorm. I’m running the blinky light on a 9V battery, let’s see how long that lasts.

Wednesday, 1-30-02 at 19:40


Wednesday, 1-30-02 at 16:22

Today’s car of the day: Rhudy William’s Rabbit as per Martha’s request. They did all the body and paintwork, and I think it’s quite a nice car.

Today we threw the Frisbee around a bunch on the drill field. It was pretty windy, which made it twice as difficult and three times as entertaining.

Page updates: I hope to put up some more stuff under Electronics, Network Analysis, and maybe create a Materials Science page. We’ll see how much time I have, and not that anyone would check it, but hey, why not?

Ugh, I should probably do work. I have a Signals and Systems test on Friday, so I need to study. I also have engineering economy homework due Friday.

Tuesday, 1-29-02 at 9:07

I think my biggest thing in college is most people don’t realize you CAN feel alone in a crowd. That’s so confusing to some people that it doesn’t make everyone happy to just go out with a big group of people. I mean, I like doing it most of the time. But every once in a while, I feel lonely, even in a group. Lots of people do this. I don’t know what is so hard to understand; I guess I don’t want to be the center of attention as much as those people.

Very soon I am moving a few of the larger guppies to the larger tank. I think they might have hit a peak size in the smaller tank anyway, since none of them seem to grow much bigger.

Today’s car of the day: ’55 Packard Clipper. I completely forgot Packard was ever in existence, and what a shame. I need to get more Packards on my misc car page, as you can see this car is every bit as beautiful as the Bel Air.


Monday, 1-28-02 at 20:09

Today’s car of the day: ’70 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Today I machined the pulley I cast last week. This took about four hours, but now I can use a lathe! It’s not perfect, but it looks better than it did. Hopefully, we will get to keep them. If we do, I will take a picture and put it on my page somewhere.

Instead of lifting weights today, we threw a Frisbee, since it was 70 degrees today. It was Dan, Eric and I. I didn’t do too bad for having only thrown a Frisbee once in the past ten years. They taught me their sidearm technique, which I hope to get better at.

This is Robyn’s new niece, Isabel Rose Giorgis, who was born at 11:30 Thursday! Congratulations!

Sunday, 1-27-02 at 0:34

Today was fun. I did almost nothing productive today. Instead, Tim and I hung out with Suzi for a few hours at her place. Then, we went to Macado’s for dinner and watched Road Trip. Road Trip is such a good movie, I’ll just have you know.

Today’s car of the day (I skipped yesterday!) is the ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner.

Friday, 1-25-02 at 15:54

Tim Ackley is comin’ down today. Awesome. I got some homework to do, but it will be fun.

I got a few grades back: 9/10 first Materials Science homework, 7/10 first econ homework and I took a quiz today in intro to cpe that I got 100% on. The econ homework sucks, cause everything was done correctly, I just didn’t follow proper format.

I hung out with Suzi and Katie last night. That was cool. Except that they are weird šŸ™‚

I am listed under ON6AA’s log book for having made a contact with him when he was using the call sign OQ6AA to honor the newborn princess in Belgium. His online log book is pretty cool, and if you search for N3MRA, there I am!

Car of the day today: ’69 El Camino.

Something has been bothering me the last couple days and I’m not sure what. Oh well, I’m bound to find out sometime soon. I think I just worry too much. When I don’t have anything to worry about, I find something to worry about. It’s like school is going pretty well, I’m in a steady relationship, why am I worrying? Well, housing and job issues aside, cause while I am worrying about those, that’s not all there is. I don’t know what my deal is; if there is something at all to worry about, I will. Most of the time, it has no reason either; nothing has led me to believe there was anything wrong, I just still worry. I guess it can be useful for some things, but mostly, it’s an annoyance.

Thursday, 1-24-02 at 0:06

The car of the day for today is the ’69 Dodge Charger.

I read a guestbook on a ham radio page today that made me quite angry. There must have been 100 posts saying things like “ham radio is dead”, “Morse code sucks, digital is the wave of the future” and “join the 21st century.” Some even resorted to just calling ham radio operators various profane names, once again proving that the net is dominated by 12 year old kids that think they are “cool.” My response to those who believe this is:

1) Ham Radio is NOT dead, it is very much alive and well. In some cases, it’s more alive than the internet or cell phones. The space station has a website with approximate, up to the minute tracking data. We have communications satellites throughout space that cell phones can use. At the end of the day, how do the astronauts talk to their family members? Email? Chat? Cell phones? No. Ham radio. Ham radio has no monthly fee, no spam (in fact, no commercial stuff at all), no service provider to suck, no “all lines in use” messages, and no extra costs. If I have a car battery, a rig, and an antenna, I can talk. This is why ham radio is used for disaster relief, particularly in the case of floods. Power lines and phone lines are down, so there is really no better form of communication.

2) Morse code *IS* digital, by definition. Digital simply implies that an analog signal has been digitized. Analog signals are what occur in nature: our voices, natural sounds, the way things like to travel. Analog signals are the TRUE signals. However, they are prone to noise distortion. We digitize signals by making categories, then measure the amplitude and place it in one of these categories. Now, rather than send an analog wave, we send a string of numbers that correspond to these categories. The more categories, the more accurately we can represent the analog waveform. Therefore, the most simple digital system has two categories: 0 and 1. Morse code is just that: On and off. It is the original digital communication.

3) Join the 21st century. If you are gonna go on the ham radio stereotype that I’m an old white guy with a hobby and no outside life, than I am gonna bet that this statement came from a trendy little prep, probably talking on his/her cell phone, writing this post on his/her IMac, and getting ready to go out in his/her new Volkswagen Beetle.

Tuesday, 1-22-02 at 23:19

“Three is not a crowd!” Another email in “funny porn spam.”
A cool site for all you out there: Space Station Locator. Still no sign of the space station on the two meter band.

Today, I was also quite productive, as I finished my electronics for Wednesday and Friday, did some of my Intro to Computer Engineering, and did some reading for Electronics, Intro to CpE and Materials. Go me!

Today’s car of the day (or rather tomorrow’s 1-23-02) is the ’82 Buick Regal.

Tuesday, 1-22-02 at 1:48

“Hot, young girls and horses!” The email with that subject line goes in my “Funny Porn Spam” folder.

I updated a few car pages with some pictures from CarsOnline. Along the same lines, I am going to have a “Car of the day.” Today’s car of the day is: ’69 Mercury Cyclone. And another shot here.

Monday, 1-21-02 at 23:56

Just finished up my materials science homework and my signals and systems homework. Oh so much still to go!

Today in Manufacturing Processes Lab, we cast aluminum pulleys. This was cool. We made molds out of sand and walked through the whole process, except dumping the aluminum, which the instructors did. We then broke apart the molds and retrieved the pulleys. Mine kinda sucks, but we get to machine them next week, so hopefully it will clean up then. Molten aluminum looks much like the T-1000 from Terminator 2, in case you were wondering.

Monday, 1-21-02 at 7:35

I just put up a radar shot of the snow we had Saturday. It is under Weather/Radar Images 2002. And due to the discussion on Brad’s message board, I think Kessler needs to see Radar Images 2001 as well.

Sunday, 1-20-02 at 20:29

Today, I was productive! I finished my Signals and Systems homework, applied for jobs at Home Depot, Target, and Barnes and Noble, balanced checkbook (heheh Martha!), cleaned the room, put up some snow pictures from yesterday, did some necessary shopping, and just started laundry and the rest of my materials homework!

Job applications are funny. Both Target and Home Depot had these electronic applications that were a real pain. The Home Depot one had a stupid movie that couldn’t be skipped. It spent a few minutes showing a scene from the store where a group of employees yell out “gimme an H.. gimme an 0… gimme an M” and so on and so on. Then they demonstrated team work, where one coworker goes to a coworker and says “In order to better assist the customers, I need your help over in paint!” The other coworker says “Sure! Let’s go help some customers!” It hurt my head.

Another thing. NO white guys in any of the video. They had to make sure they were politically correct enough by completely eliminating the white male from the 10,000 people they show, cause they don’t discriminate on any basis. I’m all for equality in the workplace… but come on. Would ONE white guy in the whole video have been that offensive? I just don’t get it. I guess I’m wrong or something.

Sunday, 1-20-02 at 3:32

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to play in the UHF/VHF contest this weekend. Oh well, there will be more. I did, however set some memory channels in my two meter rig, including the OSCAR band. I also figured out how to set the scan feature to scan the band… I also, just for fun, changed the display to green and black instead of orange and black, but nobody has noticed the change šŸ™‚

We went sledding today since we had three inches of snow. We sledded on these lunch trays (the source of which is unknown….) and various other odds and ends that had a smooth surface. Tonight, Kim, Randi, Dave and I all went to Outback and then watched a movie at Randi’s. Good times were had by all!

Thursday, 1-17-02 at 22:04

I got my old Circuits book today which I need for Signals and Systems. This is mixed emotion situation; I need the book and I can stop worrying about that, but now I actually have to do the reading which I’ve said “well, can’t do the reading” to for the past week.

They are calling for a mix today, snow Saturday, and a mix on Sunday. We shall see….

I added a sport shooting page. Feel free to check it out, as meager as it might be…

Wednesday, 1-16-02 at 22:58

Today was spent apartment hunting. We applied at Pheasant Run, Terrace View and Stone Gate. We celebrated Gillian’s birthday today too! Happy Birthday Gillian!

Tuesday, 1-15-02 at 0:31

HOPEFULLY, I’ve corrected all the “01” to “02” for the last time on my news posts.

Monday, 1-14-02 at 22:00

Today was interesting, to say the least. I have had my first full wave of classes, and just as in the past, Mondays are the longest days. It was ok though, Signals and Systems has a pretty good prof so far, Intro To CpE has an ex-who wants to be a millionaire contestant for a professor, and Manufacturing Processes Lab will be fun.

A great site that Brad IMed me with: Marion Barry is my hero

Monday, 1-14-02 at 6:55

It all starts today. Today’s agenda: Engineering Economy, Signals and Systems, Electronics I, Intro. To Computer Engineering, and Manufacturing Processes Lab. That means 8 to 3, with no break.

A great site: http://www.eeggs.com. The site is an Easter egg archive for movies, software, tv shows, etc. It’s quite entertaining.

A great band/song: Saliva – Your Disease. It’s kinda Limp Bizkit meets Monster Magnet. They have songs, lyrics, and videos available at their website http://www.salivanet.com. The video earns major bonus points for having a ’68-70 Plymouth Roadrunner outrun a police car.

Sunday, 1-13-02 at 3:06

All moved in and settled. All the fish are in their respective tanks, all the clothes hung up, etc. Computer is set up (obviously) as is the ham radio.

I upped my Everquest character to Level 8. He’s got a like 255 attack or something like that, so not too bad.

Saturday, 1-12-02 at 1:09

I worked on the Horne’s Page from 12 to 5 today. Got a lot of work to do to it still.

I installed SimCity 2000 today, since my computer seems to be working again. I forgot how much I enjoy that game. I have started reconstructing the page I had for it long ago. It needs a definite tune up and relocation, since most of the servers pieces of the page were on have gone under.

Friday, 1-11-02 at 1:38

After much deliberation, it is possible that my computer now works. I had to replace the hard drive and the network card because one of the two is bad and I don’t have time to figure out which one it is. After spending the better part of this afternoon working on it, I believe it runs… for now.

I made a few more contacts today: Denmark, Balearic Islands, and Austria were the new ones to me.

I got new front tires today and saw Lord of the Rings with Suzi and Tim. It was pretty good, for a movie dealing with all that mystical stuff I hate.

Wednesday, 1-9-02 at 19:57

I made some cool contacts recently: Chile, Russia, Croatia, Azores Islands, and Peru with a special call sign: 4T4X. Don’t know why the call is special, but whatever.

A keyboard failed over break. It was tried on the date of January 8, 2001. The sentence, death by Ruger .22 was carried out the same day (in fact a few seconds after the verdict in what appeared to be an open and shut case). Pictures available soon.

Monday, 1-7-02 at 22:29

Ugh. A week from now, I will have experienced my first wave of classes for the new semester. I am looking forward to being back at school, but not looking forward to all the work.

I received an email about Project Success, and I am now a “graduated assistant” to project success. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it will look good on resumes šŸ™‚ No it actually means that I will help lead some of the meetings from now on.

I cleaned up my room some, added some car pictures to my page, and played Everquest today. I am up to a level 7 with my new character now. Yippiee! Upon creation, I made him smart, but weak, meaning I have learned skills pretty fast, but still have no power.

Sunday, 1-6-02 at 0:48

Went on ten meters tonight and picked up contacts in Aruba, Russia, and Uruguay. The Russia contact represents the last continent needed for the ARRL “worked all continents” award. I need to get QSL cards from most continents, but that’s ok, I’ve worked them all. There are six: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania. My African contacts were actually Azures and Canary Islands, and my Oceania contact is Hawaii, both of which are just barely in the zone I need, but that’s ok, cause they count. And I did it all on ten meter voice, which is a separate award as well.
Been working on the Horne’s page and will upload it soon.

Friday, 1-4-02 at 22:44

HA! just went back and changed all the news dates from 2001 to 2002 where applicable…

I spend half a day at Horne’s fixing their computer. It now has a working inventory program instead of one that won’t open.

Webpage wise: new fish pictures and videos, new weather pictures from yesterday’s snow storm. Take a look at both the weather photos and the fish photos. I also switched the fish pages to a different server to better balance some of the weight off the Tripod page, which contains JUST cars now.

Thursday, 1-3-02 at 17:22

Today was quite interesting. I woke up to four inches of snow on the ground, mom’s car stuck in the driveway, and the ten meter band wide open. Needless to say I was down on the radio: worked Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Costa Rica (new one for me!), and then a few US stations. The two most important US stations were Michigan and South Carolina, both locations were new to me, leaving me with only 11 states I have not worked. Because of interesting conditions today, I was able to work them, not sure why. If you notice, I’ve worked states I live in due to line of site propagation. Far away stations come from “single hop” where my signal is reflected off the ionosphere and bounced past states like South Carolina and Michigan, hence the ring of unworked states around Virginia.

We had a snowball fight, dad, Jimmy and I; every man for himself, temporary alliances were made and broken, and Jimmy learned that, though I suck at wrestling, knocking someone down isn’t the object of a snowball fight, as I just kept smearing snow on his face even though he had me “pinned.”

Wednesday, 1-2-02 at 23:12

Boo day. Back to work for mom and I (though I only had a few days off) and Kim went back home. I mostly stocked shelves today and worked on the Horne’s webpage. It is a work in progress to say the very least.

They are calling for snow tomorrow. Boy, do I hope we get it! I’m off tomorrow for fear of snow. I was only going in to pick up my check, check the schedule and go to Janet’s house to fix her computer. I think if it does snow, I’ll be out target shooting, since there’s nothing quite like target shooting in the freezing cold with the snow to mark where you are shooting if you miss.

I made three contacts this morning: France was probably the rarest one. I heard some cool stations like Albania and Aruba, but they couldn’t hear me as propagation was not in my favor.

Good song: If you’ve ever seen the Sopranos, they have a good theme song called “Woke Up This Morning” by someone other than Michael Jackson (as mine says…). Speaking of Michael Jackson, I grabbed Thriller and Billy Jean last night off AudioGalaxy, along with, Cutting Crew – Died in your arms tonight. Can we say “remember the 80’s?”

Wednesday, 1-2-02 at 01:20

Happy New Year! Yay 2002.

Kim came up Monday, and we spent New Year’s Eve together. We have watched Meet the Parents, the VT Game (booo!) on TV, then we saw Ocean’s Eleven in the theater tonight. All good movies. Kim got me a ’65 Chevelle die cast model and a cool shirt and her parents gave me a Far Side desk calendar and her grandparents got me chocolate šŸ™‚

Made a few contacts while Kim was still in bed, the coolest being Switzerland and Hungary.

Monday, 12-31-01 at 01:56

I have updated the United States and South American contacts by country. A few changes were made to include a little more information about each contact and I changed it so that ARRL rules apply: US stations listed are only the ones worked as N3MRA from Jersey, VA, and not including ones worked from Westminster, MD, since it exceeds the 50 mile QTH rule. ALL DX stations will be listed as the way they were, regardless of call sign and locatioin.

Sunday, 12-30-01 at 22:22

Today, I went clothes/food shopping. Got some jeans. Yippie!

I also spent some quality time on ten meters. I made contacts in Washington state, some lighthouse in Washington state, the United Kingdom, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, and Bulgaria.

Saturday, 12-29-01 at 06:43

I lied and now I’m making a new news file! The one before today is called fall2001.html and will be linked at the bottom of this file.

Today was a short day at Hornes, but no day is too short to remind me of what kind of idiots there are in this world. I’m off til Monday, and even then I’m only coming in to work on the Horne’s computer and webpage.

Most important news: I’m on my new system!!! Right now, I’m running a 1Ghz machine, 256MB RAM (PC100, but I have PC133 on order…), with a 40GB hard drive, and Windows 2000. It’s pretty sweet. I still have to install a few hardware devices, since I’m only running a bare-bones computer right now, but so far, everything has worked.

I made a pretty cool background too. Since I run 1024×768, it’s a good-sized file. I’ll just call it “my life.” Anyway, in JPG format, here it is: My Background.