Miss Curiosity

My girlfriend has had Miss Curiosity for many years. Unfortunately, Miss Curiosity passed away 5/1/08. She was a sweet kitty, and will be missed.

My girlfriend had recently brought her to New Mexico from Ohio. Miss Curiosity hid in the closet for the first two or three days, not sure what to make of the strange, new place, but happy to be reunited with her person, who had been out of the house since starting college.

I first met Miss Curiosity, one evening when I was really sick. I had left a social gathering, dinner at another neighbor’s house, with a smashing migraine. I went and laid down on the bed. As I closed my eyes, I saw a pair of cat eyes from the open closet. She had her tail wrapped around her front paws, and she was just watching me.

I woke up an hour or so later, still hurting. Miss Curiosity was sitting on the bed beside me. She had decided I was alright, and came to care for me.

These photos were taken a few months after that first meeting. They were taken in the summer of 2006.

Miss Curiosity loved potato chips and macaroni. She was an old cat, so she didn’t chase or play much. However, if you left an unattended bowl of potato chips, you’d find many of them went missing.

She used to curl up in the bed, and assume the Chessie System (Railroad) mascot pose:

We had a lot of great memories with that cat!


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