Fruita, CO: Dinosaur Journey Museum

We spent a week roaming around the eastern part of Utah and the western part of Colorado. Part of our journey included a stop at the Fruita Dinosaur Journey Museum. The bus in front of the museum was awesome.

One of the features of this museum was a working paleontology laboratory as part of the museum. You could see paleontologists and graduate students working to remove bones from rock.

Local to this area was a dinosaur known as the Camarasaurus. I keep wanting to work a Camaro joke into this, but haven’t formulated the words. My understanding is that this dinosaur was discovered in this area, and it might be the only known location for him.

There were various other dinosaur skeletons to see. This place was really impressive.

As a kid first learning about dinosaurs, my favorite were always the armored lizards like this guy.

This was one of the largest triceratops skulls ever found.

In fact, this museum had a large collection of skulls. Skulls are often crushed or damaged during the process of burial under sediments. There are many skeletons without skulls because of the fragility of the skull. This museum had a lot of skulls that had been preserved, which makes it a worthwhile destination.

If you are ever in western Colorado, this is a must-see destination!


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