On February 8, 2008, we were driving behind one of our favorite restaurants and a random cat ran out in front of us. I stopped the car, as the cat was pretty close to us. Someone opened a door, and the cat jumped in and started purring. When we asked a local about the cat, they told us that it was likely a stray and that most everyone had dogs, not cats. So now he’s ours, and we call him Abe.

These photos were taken in September, 2009.

And this photo was taken in January of 2011, with Wilhelmina:

This photo was taken 6/14/14:

This photo was taken 2/9/15:

This photo was taken 1/9/16:

This photo was taken 4/23/16:

…and this one 9/25/16:

This photo was taken 1/16/18:

This one was taken on 12/2/18.


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