Yuma Proving Grounds: 9/1/08

Dad was working at Yuma Proving Grounds for a few weeks. Because Yuma is much closer than VA, we spent our Labor Day Weekend driving out to visit. We left on the 30th after school, ate dinner at Rancher’s Steakhouse in Deming and ended the night in Tucson. The next morning, we got up and drove south, so I could run Santa Cruz county, one of the last ones I needed in AZ. Then we headed out I-10 to I-8 towards Yuma.

Our hotel was only a few miles from Dad’s so we met him for dinner at the Red Lobster, a very good meal and time well spent! His rental car was total junk (update: it died two days after we left), so we chatted about cars and politics and family and so on.

On Sunday, we decided to take a little tour of the area in my car. We drove out to Yuma Proving Grounds and then out to the Castle Dome Mine on some dirt roads. We were pretty tired by then, so we had dinner at Outback and called it a night.

On Monday, I drove across the CA border to run Imperial County. While I was parked, some woman bounced a water bottle off the hood of my car! Welcome to CA! Afterwards, we met up with Dad, had some lunch and began the trek back to Socorro.


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