Heisler Park, CA, 11/22/15

In November, we were in the Laguna Beach area, and decided to visit Heisler Park. We had once visited it at night, years ago. This time, we got to see it in the daytime.

We only visited part of the park, as we had just completed a six-ish mile hike, and were really just looking for a place to eat a picnic lunch.

One thing that is always striking to me about the west coast is how far you must climb down to reach the actual coast. There are also all sorts of rock formations in the ocean. We joked about climbing onto one of these for lunch, even though they were frequently submerged by the waves:

I also like the palm trees. For whatever reason, I particularly like the silhouette of palm trees, more so than the palm trees themselves. It has been so dry there that the silhouettes were prettier than the brown, dying trees.

We stayed until around sunset:

I did walk down to the beach for a few minutes and at least put my feet in the water. We were tired, and had other appointments in the evening, so we didn’t stay long.

Farewell, Heisler Park, until next time!