Summer 2003

Saturday, 8-30-03 at 8:40

Yesterday was awesome. Keri and Suzi came over and cooked dinner for Kessler and I. They rock so hard core!

I have an interview at 10:30 Wednesday at Automation Creations, Inc. for the MatWeb job.

I cleaned my room up pretty good yesterday and hopefully it will stay that way. Nothing like busy times to keep a room messy.

Speaking of busy times, here is my schedule this semester and an evaluation so far:


MWF 9:00-9:55 Thermodynamics of Materials So far so good. I have a term paper to do that I will try to do on something meteorology related.

MWF 12:20-1:10 Quantum and Solid State Physics Lecture So far, we’ve only covered waves. The book leaves out a lot of middle steps, but it isn’t a bad book.

MWF 1:25-2:15 Strength and Fracture This so far has covered the most basic concepts. I like the fact that I could have drawn most of the major conclusions so far without having been in this class. It only runs til the end of September too.

MWF 1:25-2:15 Transport Processes No opinion. Doesn’t start til Strength and Fracture ends in September.

M 5:00-7:45 Materials Engineering Professional Development I Not too much to say. They don’t really have a professor for it yet, so I’m not sure.

TR 9:30-10:45 Physical Ceramics Pretty cool. I’m not gonna like all the presentations, but it’s taught by Dr. Clark, who is the department head, and he’s pretty cool.

TR 2:00-4:00 Metalcasting This class will be the best class I have ever taken. We will cast in stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brass from whatever molds we want to make. I’ll probably grab some parts from the Buick and cast them.

W 2:30-3:20 Quantum and Solid State Physics Recitation No opinion, class starts next week.

W 4:00-5:50 Quantum and Solid State Physics Lab No opinion, class starts next week.

F 2:30-5:20 Physical Ceramics Lab This class is gonna be cool. The only thing I don’t like is the one project a semester thing. Dr. Suchicital is cool though.

Wednesday, 8-27-03 at 22:48

Per recommendation of Sarah’s page, I have started listening to the Classic Rock station on It’s good stuff folks.

I’ve been thinking about joining the National Guard. It sounds like a semi-sweet deal. You sign away six years of your life beginning the day you sign up and they pay full college tuition. You work one weekend a month, plus two weeks a year. Bad news is you could have to fight or something.

I am scheduling an interview with Automation Creations, Inc.

Tuesday, 8-26-03 at 17:20

My job at Food Lion is no more.

Classes are ok so far. Metalcasting is gonna rule.

Bookstore sucks, but it’s work for a few more days.

Saturday, 8-23-03 at 4:23

Man, I’m getting bad about posting. Thank you to all my loyal fans who come here even though I might not have posted yet.

I started at the bookstore Thursday, and who should appear, but none other than Martha V to work as well. Booya!

I built a two meter dipole today for my digipeater. It was temporarily hanging in the hall, but I fell asleep and it eventually fell down. It will eventually go outside, once I get the SWR down. It started at around 10, but I’ve got it down to 2.3. I want it under about 1.6 but we’ll see when I give up and just go with it.

Tonight, a woman from my church in Westminster is playing a concert in Waynesboro. It’s not my kind of music really, but dad, mom and my brother are gonna go, and it’s halfway between here and home, so I’m gonna go up to it. It should be fun anyway!

Today’s picture of the day: A shot of a few NRWA club members in front of our new building.

Monday, 8-18-03 at 6:42

Maybe goin’ fishing this morning. Should be fun!

Last night, I built my Tiny Trak 3 kit at the NRWA clubhouse! It was a pretty cool. It has been programmed, but not yet tested, as I have not made up the cable that will connect to my Yaesu. I’ll need that, and then I’ll be ready to roll.

I was able to salvage quite a few parts off this record player/8 track player I found in the dumpster. I think my best find is either the AM tuner, or the 1.5mF capacitor that is about two inches long. I got several other cool things, including a BUNCH of capacitors and a few square type ceramic resistors. I tried to salvage the motor from the 8 track player, but it was too far gone.

Today’s picture of the day: NY during the blackout. I swear, it’s a real picture….

Wednesday, 8-13-03 at 21:48

You know, 6 years old was a good time for me. And some things never change. When I was 6, I would be eating applesauce with cinnamon, beef ravioli, drinking orange soda and reading about storm chasing. What am I doing now? The same thing, and it rules.

Wednesday, 8-13-03 at 20:46

Glorious, glorious payday. Food Lion already gave me a check and that makes me happy. I got some prescriptions filled, some ice cream and chips too. Good times.

I have added the aquarium fish page. Now all that is left is politics, games, and cars I believe.

My subs and amp work pretty well. The amp would not work in separate channel mode, but once I just bridged the output, it works just fine. Sounds good…. I miss the trunk space and for the most part I listen to classic rock, so the extra bass doesn’t do much for that… but it is worth having none the less.

This week has been pretty busy. Most days I work at Best Western during the day and Food Lion at night. It’s slowing down tomorrow though- no Food Lion tomorrow night and limited Best Western set ups.

Today’s pictures of the day: Palm Beach County Tornado (this is the NWS site).

Sunday, 8-10-03 at 16:08

Joey wanted a night off so I worked last night. It wasn’t too bad, I was the only one there. I met some girl named Rosemary and she was cool. I don’t think I got done everything I was supposed to, but I think I did more than I was supposed when I was blocking.

I ran the mile in 11:09 today. Not too bad considering today’s humidity. I ran it in 5:55 once, and I’d like to see those days again. Or at least under 9 minutes. I’m down to 188lbs, so that is good.

I found out about the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium, and I’d really like to go, and maybe even submit a paper on APRS. We’ll see how much I can do.

Today’s picture of the day: Project 0 intro to computer engineering. This was just a simple XOR gate.

Saturday, 8-9-03 at 21:08

I overslept this morning, so I missed church. BOO.

I have uploaded my electronics page and have started the weather log going again. I’d really like to get a weather station set up here… so maybe the next $500 after the $500 I’ll spend in books this semester…

NRWA had a work party over at the new building. We got a lot of stuff taken care of- vacuumed, swept, got rid of the standing water, etc. Still plenty of work to do, but plenty got done as well! A few more of these and this place will rock!

Today’s picture of the day: finished silicon wafer. Nick, Mark and I made this fall semester of 2001, and a fair amount of the devices actually worked!

Wednesday, 8-6-03 at 21:08

You are talking to North Main Food Lion’s new nightstocker! BOOYA!!! I intend to work at Best Western for odd hours if they don’t conflict with Food Lion.

Wes and I went chasing yesterday. Went south east towards Check, VA, and then back up north towards Salem. Did about 100 miles and only saw some lightning and heavy rain; maybe a bit of tiny hail mixed in. Fun anyways though.

I finally saw the NRWA clubhouse yesterday. It was pretty cool- needs some work but definitely worthwhile!! Jason, Morgan, Tom and I stayed in the parking lot til like 11 or so just talking about random stuff too, so that was cool.

Today’s picture of the day: Light Precipitation (LP) Supercell. We caught this storm outside of Archer City, TX.

Friday, 8-1-03 at 21:37

Today is a new month! I changed my calendar and lo and behold, it’s a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. I’m sure to have sweet dreams waking up and seeing that on my wall!

I got a few more hours in at Best Western today. Hours = Money = Stuff I buy! Now that’s math I can understand!

Today’s picture of the day: Rocky Balboa.

Thursday, 7-31-03 at 21:37

My TV debut yesterday was pretty cool. I went all around inside the Channel 7 studio and they interviewed us about our chase and have some of the video we shot on the trip! So watch Channel 7 WDBJ news, or else.

I’d just like to say should I stay or should I go.

Today’s picture of the day: View from some place I went camping. I miss going camping and will hopefully do some this fall. I’d much rather camp in the fall and winter. That trip was probably one of the coldest trips I’d been on, second only to the 33° and raining trip I did in 7th grade… in a lean-to.

Tuesday, 7-29-03 at 10:23

Leigh, Beth, Mercado, Casey, Ruth, Jeff and I had a barbecue over at Leigh’s and it was very good! Leigh and Beth are the best cooks in the world, I’m sure. And Ruth was cool- from Westmoreland County and recognized my Horne’s hat!

I work today at 1PM for like an hour or so. Not much work at all, but it’s better than nothing. I have a few more applications here to turn in too.

The picture of the day: A bunch of pictures of Rusty, the supercat.

Sunday, 7-27-03 at 14:51

Suzi, Leigh, Beth, Jimmy and I went to the Homeplace last night and to see Pirates of the Caribbean.

I have updated all my logs online; South America, US, and Ten-Ten, as I made a few contacts over the last few days on ten meters.

The picture of the day: I’m shooting a belt fed auto.

Saturday, 7-26-03 at 18:15

Suzi and my brother are here for the weekend and it rules. Suzi proved the game of Life completely wrong when she beat us. But then Brad whipped her in something. I think it was filling a bath tub with tears.

I went to church today and I had trouble starting my car. Luckily, I was able to jump it with that lawn tractor battery I keep charged. It was a long shot, but somehow worked.

I made several contacts on 10 meters last night and today- new states: Illinois, Indiana, Florida and Wisconsin.

The picture of the day: the turtles in red clay.

Friday, 7-25-03 at 17:53

I have moved the MSE pages today. They should be fully operational, even converted to style sheets.

Since the MSE page is up, time for today’s pic of the day: Ductile Iron at 500x.

Pet peeve time. I love how I set up filters to eliminate spam, and then the spammers find new ways around them. For instance, if a message has ‘Viagra’ in the body of the message, it is deleted from the server. So now, I’m getting messages like ‘Try Vi agra’ or ‘V iagra’ or ‘Via-gra.’ I mean, do these companies expect me to buy from them because they deliberately tricked my filter. Well, I wasn’t going to buy Viagra, since I didn’t want to before and now a week later they got around my filter, so I’ll reconsider. I hate dot commers.

Next. Never buy a Lakewood fan. The damn thing won’t stand up on its own. It falls from poor design. Mine falls and hits me at least once a week, no matter how hard I try to fasten it to the window. It even broke one of the feet before it fell- I hear a snap and watched the fan tip over. It has that much force onto a poorly designed product. Once again, I give no salute to a crappy product.

Thursday, 7-24-03 at 17:56

First day at Best Western. Wasn’t too bad, but we’ll see. I only work four hours today and eight next week, so I’m thinking I should find something with more hours. Though there was this hottie from PA that worked there.

My digipeater is having a few problems. All of the sudden, I couldn’t hear anything. I moved some furniture around the other day and I think I knocked the antenna down funny. I played with it, and sure enough now I can get some stations. I never could get anybody direct, other than KD4BNQ. I can’t even hear myself direct in the parking lot! This leads me to believe I need a higher antenna…

The Nova has also been having problems- clunking out in the rain. Not sure why. I’ve also had to jump it twice this week (I left my transmitter on yesterday). I tightened the battery connection, took the intake airhose completely off the air filter pan. Things I need: a new clamp holding the hose onto the top of the valve cover; it’s loose and it tends to spray a tiny amount of oil (so little that you can only see where it’s had a few months of doing this, you can’t see the oil coming out). I also cleaned up the carb. I’d like to get a new spring for the throttle- it feels funny in the car, you either redline or idle rough, and the pedal has some slop in it. The last thing I did was fix the nozzle for the window washer fluid. By fix, I mean stab. Now the nozzle is pretty much just a straight shot, and instead of a few weak streams, one big fat stream comes out and uses half my window washer fluid… but that’s better than no stream, which is what I had before.

Thursday, 7-24-03 at 00:50

The last few days have been pretty busy. I think I’m set for jobs, more about that later on….

I drilled a hole in the wall to run a few cables through to Brad’s room. By drill I mean rammed a flat blade screwdriver (also known as ignition key for ’67 Skylark) through the wall. I should go into home repair.

I would like to take this time to tribute a great band. George Thorogood and the Destroyers. One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. C’mon, this is brilliant. Like it or shut up. I’ll ram a screwdriver through your head like it was drywall.

This is also a new idea, let’s see how long this will last: Pic Of The Day. This was a supercell from my chase trip this summer- If you look closely you can tell the whole thing is rotating- and later produced a tornado.

Sunday, 7-20-03 at 15:19

Good visit with Kim H. yesterday! Good times were had by all!

Tonight at 11:30, Customer Service plays at Pine Tavern in Floyd. You’d better be there.

Today should yield strong tropospheric ducting, and so far it has. My APRS station has heard AB0XM-1 in Kansas, AB5WF in Mississippi, KA0GFC-7 in Missouri and two stations right over top of each other in Nebraska that I’ll tell you about later. Directly, I can only hear KD4BNQ-3, but hopefully that will change when I put up a new antenna.

Friday, 7-18-03 at 22:08

I am no longer employed with Kroger Store #345. heh.

Kim H. is coming down tomorrow, so that will be cool, I’ll get to see her for a bit. This no work situation might not be so bad haha.

For the first time in a while, I was on ten meters. I am trying out my new FireStik Mach 10 antenna. Made a contact in Massachusetts, which is a new state for me here.

Thursday, 7-17-03 at 19:13

Glorious, glorious payday! Did a little shopping, got my 7.5A fuse for my dome light in the Nova, some Big K soda, and a few other odds and ends that I needed.

Yesterday was awesome; they were stripping the floor, so they closed the store at midnight. BOOYA!

I have the receive function of the digipeater running; Here is a shot of what I have so far. Interestingly enough, I can hear N9SDL in Wisconsin, VE2ICS-9 in Canada, the International Space Station, and N4UOG in Louisiana, yet I can’t hear my dad in King George…

I made a schedule up of how I should spend my days this summer. I’ve decided I do not read enough, and I have made time to read. I have a book on Tornado Alley and The Best Of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman, sitting here on my desk that my parents got me, as well as The Great Controversy, which Amy and Matt from church loaned me. I started the Great Controversy yesterday, and have decided I must spend more time reading.

I spend a fair amount of time jogging; three or four times a week. This week I have only gone once, as I didn’t feel good for a few days. Between the jogging and the work at Kroger, I have lost a few pounds since this time last year- around 20 or so. Go Kroger. I have a stopwatch, and I as soon as I get the battery replaced, I would like to see how fast I can run the mile. I used to be able to do it in 5:55.

Opposite reading, I have started writing my storm chase story, which I will submit to a few magazines and maybe get it published. We’ll see.

Tuesday, 7-15-03 at 18:38

Updates: I went home for a few days due to a tornado in Millington, MD, at my grandparents house. I went to investigate and spent the night at home… where we had several storms go through King George. Dad and I were in the KGHS parking lot when what has been ruled as a severe downburst passed through. I have pictures of the damage of both the Millington and King George storms, plus some lightning and storm shots in my weather photos page.

Thursday, 7-10-03 at 7:04

The Nova is inspected!!!!!!!! Took quite a bit of financial support to get the whole exhaust system fixed, but it is good til 7/04 now!

Speaking of car: I put all the antennas back on it, velcro’ed and twist tied the coax out of the way a bit, and swapped rigs. Since my Icom 281H is having problems tuning, I brought it back in the house to be the radio for my digipeater. My Icom 2100H, which has all my Skywarn frequencies, has a much easier to read display and easier operation, is now my mobile rig. On another note, I heard stations on ten meters yesterday! I am having a problem with my antenna (as it wobbles, my receive signal increases or decreases) and since the mount is new, I have a new vertical antenna on order to hopefully remedy the problem.

I will have worked six days this week, which is totally sweet. Payday next week will be nice, hopefully…

I should update this page more over the next few days. I got tons of new pictures to put up and I will have them up as I get the time!

For starters: my 22nd birthday cake: I told Suzi Dove I wanted a redhead in a cake for my birthday and she came through on that! Also: Martha and Peggy from our July 4 hike. Lastly, remember that cracked windshield? #1 shows a faint line going all the way across the windshield (there were more, it’s just the only one to show up on camera) and #6 shows the point of impact.

Sunday, 7-6-03 at 19:33

We had a severe thunderstorm warning for Montgomery County today. Where was I? Asleep. I checked the radar and it really didn’t look like it was worth chasing though. The core had collapsed and was dissipating- throwing out some large hail and heavy rain. I guess I should have given chase.

My About Me page is up and working. Still to go: programming, politics, cars, computer games, aquarium fish, electronics and materials.

Saturday, 7-5-03 at 3:36

Yesterday was most excellent! Peggy, Martha and I went for a hike at Monster Rock Trail, in Wythville, and then ate lunch at the Big Bend Picnic Area. After that, we came back, picked up Paul and Brad and went to dinner (a little later) at the Cellar and watched fireworks. It was a good happy fourth!!!

Next time a thunderstorm is approaching, get your Evanescence CD and listen to My Immortal while watching the storm roll in. I did this in Woodward, OK, and it really made me think- that might be my fondest memory of Storm Chase 2003.

Where was I five years ago today at 8:45am? Upside down. I totaled the first Nova five years ago today.

Thursday, 7-3-03 at 10:00

Windshield was fixed on Tuesday. Looks good, just needs a new county sticker. I’ll send off for that on Monday. Now I just need the exhaust and the windshield wiper motor and I SHOULD be able to get through inspection. The windshield wiper motor is pretty bad, I sometimes have to reach out and grab the windshield wiper with my hand- it gets stuck sometimes, like it forgets what it is doing.

I downloaded a bunch of old Nirvana songs yesterday. I forgot how much Nirvana rocks. I forgot how much of my youth was spent listening to Incesticide and In Utero. I need oh so many more songs. Dive, Beeswax, Hairspray Queen, Been A Son, oh yes, remember the days of biking around Placid Bay and Ebb Tide with my walkman. Those were not the good old days, but days of the past none the less.

I went through and looked at the classes I have left to take to graduate. I actually don’t have that many- I could get by on 8 credits both semesters my senior year. I am not going to do this- I’ll probably take a few other courses out there. I have a few spaces built in for taking meteorology courses too- hopefully that will pan out well. Basically, I have everything everyone else has from sophomore and freshman year (except one 1 credit class) and then most of the senior year courses knocked out. I can’t believe things look so good academically.

Joanna’s computer is up and running at full operation. I can’t believe how much Windows ME sucks. It’s amazing how much one program can suck.

Sunday, 6-29-03 at 20:37

Field Day was yesterday and today. I managed to sleep a whopping 12 hours of it, so seeing how worthless I was, I just went home when I woke up. Once again, I ruin something for myself because I can’t stay awake.

Saturday, 6-28-03 at 5:50

Today is Field Day 2003. It should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait. For directions, go to The New River Wireless Association homepage and click on the Field Day 2003 button.

I went shooting for the first time in a few days and had a pretty good time. Didn’t do too bad either!

I finished my presentation for the New River Wireless Association on my storm chase trip. Hopefully, we’ll have a good turn out at that meeting and everyone can see my work!!!

I had a ton to do today, but I slept in til 5, then locked myself out. Way to go me. I did go for a jog this morning, and I did go shooting, so all is not lost. I didn’t want to stay up all night tonight, since I will be at the site at 8am and be there til sometime Sunday afternoon… and then work Sunday afternoon. I also know I have to do laundry sometime too. Boo that!

Products I wish to endorse today: Mountain Dew Live Wire. I like orange, and I like Mountain Dew. One cannot lose with this combination. Gigaparts This place has incredibly fast shipping, I do recommend!!

Thursday, 6-26-03 at 20:17

I found an intake manifold for my Buick, sorta. It’s a step up from the one that is on there now. Stock allows 310 ft-lb of torque and this manifold will allow 355, hence the name ‘Wildcat 355.’ However, I need aluminum heads and a four barrel carb (but the intake no longer limits the torque). I have neither aluminum heads nor a four barrel carb, but the $60 might be worth it. I know the Buick is sitting at home rusting, but it’s still my car, and I’m proud of it. It’s a dream and someday I will have it running.

I finished reading Massad Ayoob’s “In The Gravest Extreme” about firearms for personal protection. It is pretty good, and I am interested to read some of his other books. This book is best summarized by the last line, when his father bought him a revolver: “I hope to Christ you never need to use it,” he told me. “But if you ever do–don’t miss!”

Insurance will cover my windshield and that gets done Tuesday. Woohoo! The crack is clear over into the passenger’s side of the windshield now.

Tuesday, 6-24-03 at 19:39

Congratulations to Courtney and Matt on their wedding on Sunday!

My windshield is wrecked. I hit a stone on I-64 and the whole thing is spiderwebbed out. That will have to be replaced…

This post is for Sarah. Boston rocks oh so hard. More than a feeling? Can you beat that? No you can’t. Sucka.

Friday, 6-20-03 at 1:12

Back from storm chasing! If you check under Weather, Storm Chase 2003, there will be a ton of stuff from my trip- more going up each day!

The trip was a success! Saw one tornado and several supercells. I got a lot of pictures and some video- including video of two lightning strokes, frame by frame. In these frames you can see the stepped leaders and everything! It’s pretty cool. So check it out.

I would like to say more, about certain people, but I won’t, because I’m going to pretend to be above digging up things.

On a happy note, here are some pictures of the guinea chicks we got my grandparents! #1 and #2

Friday, 6-6-03 at 17:14

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s been a long time again since I last posted. I had a lot going on this week with planning for the trip. The van is fully equipped with APRS, 2M (with Skywarn frequencies programmed), with a laptop running a receive packet station as well. I have three antennas mounted: the third being for 6M FM. Cathy helped me set it up and we leave Sunday (delayed a day).

Other good stuff, got a date tomorrow night, so we will see how that goes.

New Teen Girl Squad on homestar runner. HAHA!

Saturday, 5-31-03 at 3:21

I am updating every day. WOOHOO!

I have switched from Remingtons to Federals for my .22 ammo. The Federals jam up about every fourth shot or so, but they are MUCH more accurate, and at $8.96 for a box of 550, I’m a happy camper.

T minus 7 days til the trip. I can’t wait. I mean, I’ve been looking forward to this since I came up with the idea last summer. It’s given me a purpose, a reason for moving on. I don’t really care if I see a tornado or not, I want to study meteorology; maybe not as a career, but just to know. I can’t explain it, this is just my journey to Mecca.

Friday, 5-23-03 at 20:22

I registered More about that later.

Today’s weather: 57°, overcast, 4mph winds from the E, 88% humidity, 30.01″, dewpoint 54°.

Thursday, 5-22-03 at 16:43

Payday rules! There are two categories of purchases this payday: Stuff I didn’t need but bought anyway, and stuff I will need at some point. The $10 I spent in fireworks was unnecessary, however, the 200 watt inverter I picked up for $20 at Big Lots, the 64 MB USB hard drive key chain for $21 on ebay and the six packs of Faygo at 99¢ were worth it and will be useful.

I would like to take this time to thank my parents for the fun weekend and all the good food. I’m eating a can of Campbell beef/vegetable deluxe soup (not the cheap condensed stuff, the real deal here!) and Ritz crackers and enjoying it quite thoroughly.

Once again, I did not go shooting cause of the weather. And furthermore, Kmart does not sell targets.

Today’s weather: 54°, raining, 5mph winds from the E, 87% humidity, 30.15″, dewpoint 50°.

Wednesday, 5-21-03 at 16:26

I managed to drop a jar of Prego last night that *somehow* burst in mid-fall. The lid was found a full 20 feet away from where it was dropped. It exploded. Needless to say, I’m doing laundry today.

I put in an order from for a holster, spare magazine holster, and backstrap insert. I’m really pleased with my Glock, and places like glockmeister make it that much more fun. I’ve also been looking around at for good ammo deals, and when I have some extra money, will have to order in bulk from them.

I didn’t get to go shooting today because of the rain, but I did go for a run. I have been running a few times a week, so maybe I’ll lose some weight.

The rest of my day (before work) will be spent messing with my video camera, cleaning my room, doing laundry, and playing Grand Theft Auto III.

Today’s weather: 63°, raining, 5mph winds from the NW, 88% humidity, 30.13″, dewpoint 57°.

Tuesday, 5-20-03 at 15:57

Good customer service: (the show has reached a new low)

Customer: Do you have any of the X-Brand Plum Jelly?

Employee: The stuff that takes like rotted prunes?

C: Um… no.. the X-Brand plum jelly. You used to stock it.

E: Oh yeah, but nobody bought it cause it tastes horrible. We discontinued it.

C: Well, a lot of older people like it and buy it.

E: Yeah, but they’re all dying off anyway.

I decided I’m going to go to the range as often as possible with the .22. It is cheap to shoot and much technique can be learned from it. On that note, I updated my shooting page and my current fish page, as I now have a 5 1/2 gallon tank full of baby guppies.

Sunday, 5-18-03 at 9:07

I received my first piece of hatemail!! WOOHOO! And since ‘Dan’ was too much of a wussy to post his real email, I’ll have to post my response here.

Dear Webmaster,

You can go straight to hell. The all-mighty Caprice Classic is not for grannys, but rather for thugs, gangsters and all around hustlers. It is without exception the greatest American sedan ever to see production. It combines the spaciousness and comfort of a Cadillac with the outstanding muscle of a Chevy small (or big)block. As for it’s looks, the Caprice is very menacing and when I roll up at friends houses in mine they will sometimes run inside in terror of my frightening beast. In conclusion you should fuck yourself and commit suicide.


My response:

Dear Danny,

Wow, a real thug gangster hustler pimp has commented about my page. I bet you chill with your white homeys (it’s amazing you have friends) at mom’s house cause you’re a pimply-faced 16 year old that wears his visor sideways and upside down. When you’re feeling extra fly, I bet you drive around the suburbs with your stereo bumpin looking for middle school girls. I’m sure you get all the girls, cause you have mad skillz, yo.

Advice time: stay in school. Your mad skillz will only get you a job at Burger King, if that. And you want lots of money to buy “gangland” tatoos don’t you? And honestly, if I *DIDN’T* like caprices, would I have posted a page saying I do? My next piece of advice is to be a man, and not the little sissy boy you are now. Take off your visor, pull your head out of your arse and do something besides cruise the middle school parking lot. Third: go into a small room, mix bleach and ammonia and inhale. All the thug gangstas are doing it. Somehow I know I’m indirectly paying for your stupidity.

In conclusion, (since we are apparently writing a high school lab report), I’d like to say that until you pay taxes, you don’t have an opinion. Go play in quicksand.

– Supreme Emperor of the Universe

Wednesday, 5-14-03 at 18:01

Wes Johnston, Jason Rausch and I got APRS working from my car, so that link should update now. Thanks guys!

A year ago today, I found my two turtles, Rocky and Apollo!!! Happy… um… anniversary? I’m not sure what it is but yay turtles!

Tuesday, 5-13-03 at 6:14

I would like to thank whatever cut power to the building the other day. My computer had been running for 51 days and I was going for the record, until we lost power for two hours. Thanks.

I spent a good portion of Saturday calling the Skywarn net. It was pretty cool being in the National Weather Service office when there was severe weather!

Carly: I don’t know when you’ll see this, but I did that heat lamp thing that you told me and Lance got loose. We caught him and put him back though, he was hiding behind my desk.

Mercado and I went fishing yesterday. After way too long, we found Claytor Lake. After that, we picked up Martha, went to Long John Silver’s and then went shooting. I was hitting blue rock at 100 yards with a .22. Not bad for a really windy day.

We are restructuring the NRWA site. We took out the name and are gonna have some pretty cool stuff up soon.

Saturday, 5-10-03 at 9:24

Eric, Callaway, Matt and a billion other people graduate today! I should be with them, but eh, I’m not. Congrats to the grads!

I learned a little bit about style sheets today. I have put up a SimTower page and it uses style sheets. Time to see if they work…

Friday, 5-9-03 at 17:32

Shooting page fixed. NOW look at the pics of us with the machine gun!

It’s so humid today. BOOOOOOOOO!