3/19/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day, and I have quite a few more of those on the horizon.

I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena.  I have been working on our travel paperwork for the upcoming storm chase and have a ways to go on that.  This week will be a good time to do it though, as next week is spring break for these students, and so this week is light on the workload.

I spent the afternoon and early part of the evening at NMT.  I helped out with Junior Design, and then went to a potential faculty member’s presentation.  In the evening, I chatted with a bunch of the juniors, who I kept running into at Walmart, one after the other.

In the late evening, I put in several hours of work for Upwork.  I have many more hours on this project- more than I anticipated.  I better get crackin’.

Thank you for reading my post.



3/14/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was quite busy.   I started out the day by tutoring in Magdalena.  The important part of that, however, was having a meeting concerning this year’s Magdalena storm chase.  It is a go!  The students have to fund raise $1000 and we have a few other small details to iron out, but we will be chasing.

In the afternoon, I met with the inventory folks at NMT, and then we ran around campus, tagging all of our equipment.  I thought it would take an hour, and it took nearly two.

After that, I rescheduled a meeting with the dynamo programmer, because the inventory meeting took too long.  After I finished with inventory, I had my first tutoring session with a new student.  I will help her write and edit a final report and presentation for a materials engineering class.  I think the meeting went well.

I commuted back to Rio Rancho, working on the dynamo flow charts along the way.

I also met with one of my students for an in-person tutoring session.  I have another one scheduled with him tonight as well.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/22/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day split between tutoring in Magdalena and doing lab clean-up in the NMT Chemical Engineering department.

Tutoring went well, though a bunch of my gifted students were absent. Instead of soldering the rest of the radio project, we made a little progress, and finished up some chemistry homework together.

In the afternoon, I missed out on going to the Boys and Girls Ranches. Instead, I updated a bunch of computers in the NMT Chemical Engineering department, and cleaned up the Unit Operations lab.

In the evening, I went to my brother’s house and had a nice dinner before going to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/15/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and afternoon tutoring at Magdalena. Thursdays are always busy there, as that is the day where I pull a few advanced students out of Chemistry class and work on another project with them. This time around, their project is building a small radio kit. They have all learned to solder and are learning radio and electronic basics. Yesterday was particularly fun, as they have a four day weekend (off for President’s Day).

In the afternoon, I rode with a few students to the Boys and Girls Ranches for more tutoring. There were four NMT students that helped as well.

In the evening, I had a Varsity Tutors session with one of my physics students. Then, I headed over to my brother’s house where I worked on updating a document for the dynamo project.

Overall, it was a busy day, but typical for a Thursday.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/14/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in meetings. I started out meeting with the Physics department, working on the Cavendish experiment.

After that, I met with the programmer for the Dynamo project. I picked up the the latest copy of the software and will back it up this evening.

After that meeting, I went to the department meeting.

In the afternoon, I taught the fourth section of my instrumentation lab. Yesterday’s lab was about converting analog signals to digital signals.

In the evening, I was not feeling well. I fell asleep on the bus and on the train. I’m not sure what came over me, but I woke up in time to get off the train.

I brought home some appetizers from Jasmine Thai to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/12/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena. I stayed a little later than normal, as there was a substitute teacher in one class. I try to help out when there is a sub, as things can be a little crazy with a sub.

I spent the afternoon working with the Junior Design class. I started out working with a group that needed help working with a thermocouple reading program. I had one already written, so I modified it a bit for them, and they can do the rest. I also had some suggestions for my horseshoe group.

In the late afternoon, I worked with a student on a plastic welder. We have owned one in the department for a few months, and we finally had some time to play with it. As it turns out, it is easy to use, but some trial and error is required to see which plastics stick to what. It does take some finesse as well. Practice will make perfect though, and we had fun playing with it.

I also attended air rifle practice, and updated my outdoor sports blog.

I went over to the Physics lab and did a few tests on my Cavendish Experiment software. I took some photos and may post them somewhere on this blog perhaps this weekend.

In the late evening, I had dinner with my brother and his family. My Varsity Tutoring appointment was cancelled, once again.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/8/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the early part of the day tutoring at Magdalena. They had a half-day for parent-teacher conferences, so the day passed by quickly. I tutored where I could, but for the most part, it was a homework day in most classes.

After tutoring, I ran a few errands and then worked at NMT. I skipped out on the Boys and Girls Ranches, as I was in the middle of a phone call when it was time to go.

My Varsity Tutoring appointment was also cancelled, so I spent more time updating computers for NMT.

In the evening, I messed with my vehicles. I checked the oil in the Ranger and the Malibu, and attempted to start the Malibu with no luck. I ended up pushing it into another parking spot, just to rotate the tires a bit.

I had rabbit and dumplings for dinner with my brother and his family before falling asleep on the couch again.

Thank you for reading my post.