7/4/17: Sacramento River Cats at Albuquerque Isotopes

On Independence Day, we had a barbecue lunch, then went to see a AAA baseball game between the Sacramento River Cats and the Albuquerque Isotopes.  After the game, there were some great fireworks as well.  It was an All-American day, for sure.

I should mention that it was an incredibly hot day, so we baked for the first half of the game.

This batter is, apparently, no longer on the River Cats roster.  Perhaps he’s moved to the MLB?

Ryan McMahon plays infied for the Isotopes.

It wouldn’t be Independence Day if I didn’t get at least one shot of the American Flag (and the New Mexico flag, as it was nearby).

The Isotopes won 2-0, in what was a pitcher’s game.  There were quite a few hit-less innings, and I don’t think there was a walk until the fifth or sixth inning.

I did not take photos of the fireworks, even though they were great.  Given the fact that everyone can take photos of fireworks now, and nobody looks at last year’s fireworks photos, I didn’t bother trying to photograph them.  Instead, I enjoyed them with my family.