Fall 2001

Friday, 12-28-01 at 0:55

Oh boy, oh boy, past events!
Christmas was very nice here; got some ham radio gear, enough stuff to piece together a new system (PIII 1Ghz, 256MB RAM), a floor jack for the Buick, and a few other things.
Pop pop (90 years old) fell in the bath tub on Christmas Eve day. I saw him Christmas Eve day and he was hurting pretty bad and we finally convinced him to go to the hospital. Three broken ribs, and one of his lungs was filling up with fluid. Luckily, he’s back out of the hospital now; two more days and the fluid build up might have killed him. Needless to say, we are very thankful he went to the hospital.
I got a D in Intro to CpE and a D+ in Electronics I, meaning I have to retake them both. I worked pretty hard for both of them, so maybe a second time around won’t be quite as hard. What? Did you think I was going to give up? I’m dumb, and that makes me hardheaded. I’ll keep trying. When they tell me I can’t try anymore, I’ll take a semester off and come back. When that doesn’t work, I’ll come up with some way to try again. You can’t stop me!
More fun and games: on the http://www.n4st.com domain… the number one most requested URL BY FAR was this site. Thank you all for your participation and all that. It was first with 530 hits this month…. the next closest was 21 hits and I can’t remember what it was. Oh well, not important cause it isn’t as cool, or so the fans say!
Last night, a seal went on my tank back home. All my fishies got moved to other tanks and I’ll have to come up with another tank, somehow. I need a 20H gallon or a 15 (which aren’t made anymore). Shopping for stuff sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, 12-25-01 at 2:13

Ok, Ok, I lied. I’m not starting a new file until AFTER I get back from break. I’m lazy and stuff.
Merry Christmas to all, and I’m going to bed since I know Jimmy is gonna wake me up at 4:30 anyway. Goodnight.

Thursday, 12-20-01 at 7:06

This is it. One more final. So far, the grades are a B in Intro to the Internet and Semiconductors Lab. Today is the multivariable calculus final, hopefully the day I get my other grades, and the day I leave to go home. This will also mark the last entry in this journal, as a new one will start over Christmas break, and the a new one for spring semester.
Eric, Eric, and Brad: we need to get together as soon as we get back and apply to some more apartment complexes. At this point, we can’t be too picky…. we’ll look at Foxridge and BCR property management, Terrace View, and anywhere else.

Monday, 12-17-01 at 22:09

Had my electronics final today, which I managed to almost sleep through (woke up 15 min before it started), and then managed to copy the room down wrong, and all in all, I was 20 min late. That’s ok though, cause he extended the time for 20 min anyway. But I still did awful. Oh well. Not much I can do now.

I went into the ham shack to cheer up. Yesterday, 67 contacts in three hours. Today, three contacts in three hours, but they were cool ones: Washington (where the guy was talking about restoring a Nova, to one guy, so I jumped in as soon as the other guy logged off!), Alaska, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I managed to overwrite my Caribbean contacts log today. Figures. It will be next week before I am home with my log book to correct all the mistakes.

Finally, Trailer Trash Monthly, Issue #1 Folks, this is brilliant! In this day of “political correctness” how is it fair that we can make fun of fat people, poor white people, etc? Isn’t it the same as racism, only on a different level? I mean, really fat people can’t really help that they are really fat, so why is it acceptable to make fun of them? Spare me the “they could go to the gym” speech. Why is it ok to make a “redneck” and “trailer trash” stereotype, yet not ok to stereotype homosexuals? What is the difference?

Sunday, 12-16-01 at 17:52

Boy oh boy fun today! Did some contesting on VTARA’s radio. I made a valiant effort, but with only 67 contacts, we aren’t eligible for even a participation pin. Wasted too much of the day sleeping and working on group projects… did talk to some cool places though. Statewise, I worked NC and PA, which I had never worked before and I worked Hawaii, which is always exciting to work. The interesting part is the DX stations: Croatia, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Argentina, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and Belgium. Not too shabby for only a few hours of contesting!

I like using the club’s equipment. At first, I was a little shaky, not sure how to go about it, and I didn’t like that everything was the clubs, including the QSO’s I make, etc, but now, I’m really finding it fun and hoping I’ll find more time this week to get back in here.

Sunday, 12-16-01 at 3:41

Today has been slow. I haven’t done anything. I went to an Electronics review session, Walmart, and drove around. I studied, slept and that’s it. I’m sorry I lead such a boring life.

The RA from Main Eggleston gave us 30 minutes to remove the Christmas lights before we get another JR. That’s B.S. folks, and we all know it. I think they are looking for excuses to throw people out of the dorms, as if it’s our fault they overbooked.

Thursday, 12-13-01 at 20:09

I am officially done with class! Woohoo! I finished up yesterday. I took the Electronics Lab final and I think I did good. Three more finals….

Updates. I moved the weather page to a different server, though now it works fine. I added four weather pictures down at the bottom that are worthwhile to check out.

Since XtremeTracking is crapping out, I went ahead and signed up for HitBox. We’ll see how that works….

Wednesday, 12-12-01 at 8:52

Fun fun. I’m done with my Intro to Computer Engineering project. Yippiee. I also retook my Multivariable Calc test. Now all I have left for the day is to finish my Electronics project and take my Electronics Lab final.

I had my last night of night monitoring yesterday morning. Good Riddance to that. I also am going to call for an interview for Wawa when I get back from my Electronics class. I’ll probably work there and Horne’s over break.

Monday, 12-10-01 at 7:52

We hung Christmas lights out over the archway, and I have some pictures here: archlight.jpg, archlightgroup.jpg, utprosim.jpg and xmasnight.jpg.

Sunday, 12-9-01 at 2:37

Jimmy came over from Longwood and visited for a bit today. We shot pool and then ran into Billy Tschirn and Jason Fitzgerald and shot some more pool with them.

Kim went out tonight since Sunday is our 17 month anniversary, but we will probably both be really busy tomorrow (and we really felt like going out tonight instead).

After dinner, we decided to rent some movies. Believe it or not, Good Morning Vietnam is NOWHERE to be found in Blacksburg. I don’t understand. We ended up watching Dangerous Minds and Analyze This, both of which are good movies.

Friday, 12-7-01 at 17:32

Coming to an Owens Food Court near you! So I was in Owens today, and they had a board of comments. Almost EVERY comment was whining about the lack of Vegan food, or the fact that people eat meat in general. So here’s some comment cards I filled out in response:

“THANK YOU so much for keeping the Vegans at bay! I don’t know about you, but as a red-blooded American citizen, I enjoy my electrocuted cow and non-biodegradable Styrofoam containers. Word to the Vegans: If you want a “special” order, go to one of your prissy, tree-hugger stores and leave us alone!”

“So like, I used to be a Vegan. Then you tempted me to the dark side and now I’m addicted to meat! I think Owens should have a live cow (instead of a salad bar) where one just cuts off the meat they want and cooks it, or eats it raw (like I do!)”

Any help towards the Anti-Vegan movement will be much appreciated. Along the same lines, I noticed the flyer “The Patriarchy of Meat.” This is great, folks, lemme tell ya. It was attempting to show how women are portrayed as cattle in the modern world. All I can say is “wow.” Someone took the time and effort to wade through hundreds of advertisements to prove this point. As if the advertisers weren’t trying to sell a product, but rather to just degrade women. I don’t know if this supposedly smart person realized this or not, but probably the largest customer of meat is FAT, STRAIGHT MEN. FAT STRAIGHT MEN want two things: meat and sex. It’s called MARKETING. True, it’s a stereotype, but how often do you see a really skinny sorority girl order a 16 oz steak? How about a gay man order a cheeseburger with extra grease? Maybe I’ve missed the whole point of this woman’s lecture, and do correct me if I’m mistaken, but that’s the impression I got from the flyer. Had I seen it, earlier I would have actually attended the lecture, just to confirm or deny suspicions.

Perhaps I should clear things up, because that last paragraph might have offended someone. I have no problem with feminists. I am ALL FOR equal rights, equal pay for equal work, etc. I don’t think little Sue playing with a doll is forcing her to become a housewife, I don’t think the average woman makes a good firefighter, soldier, etc. I think EQUAL WORK FOR EQUAL PAY should mean just that. If you WANT to be a firefighter, and are a woman, go for it. But if you can’t lift the hose, carry a 200lb person from a burning building, etc, don’t expect standards to get lowered just for you. Soldiers: I heard it once argued that “hand to hand fighting is a thing of the past”, so women should have lower standards, since they don’t have to fight hand to hand. This is false. True, we don’t have the sword fights of the middle ages, but guess what? We don’t have the gun fights like we did in WWII either. We use laser guided bombs, satellites, and jets miles above the sky. But if you can’t carry your pack and a rifle over your head for 10 miles down a creek like the men can, you are a danger to yourself and to everyone in your group. It’s NOT ABOUT fighting, but rather the endurance, and once again, if you meet the standards, then go for it.

I also don’t like the fact that when I walk at night, I’m considered a rapist. It’s a cruel world, though, so it’s definitely good to be aware of your surroundings and be alert to all people. But then, why can a guy never be raped? Legally, if another man or woman forces sex on a man, it is considered “sexual assault.” This doesn’t make sense to me.

My final statement, and this holds true for whatever battle you are fighting: you can never be equal if you have special treatment. I guess I am just a male pig for saying all that, but those are my thoughts.

Friday, 12-7-01 at 14:26

Ok, ok so it’s been a while, once again. I’ve been busy this week. In addition to all my school work, I’m doing light Christmas shopping, applying for jobs, and writing Christmas cards, so no wonder.

I have posted a QBASIC page under “programming”. It doesn’t have much yet, but it will soon enough. I hope to get Pascal, C++ and Assembly pages up soon. Maybe even sign up for some more webrings for programming.

Tuesday, 12-4-01 at 22:14

I’m an official voter now. I got my paperwork yesterday or today, but I forgot to mention it til now.

I participated in VTARA Net tonight. Anyone in the area with a 2M rig, check in on Tuesdays at 21:00 on 146.715Mhz. Tonight, one of the group members was on Brush Mountain running 50W. We were copying each other full quieting (I was outside the dorm on a handheld). I could hear everyone but Rob, who I *think* was near Radford.

Monday, 12-3-01 at 14:25

Well, everything has been officially moved over to the VT server, so there will be less errors, pop-up ads, no stupid bandwidth limitations or anything of the same order of stupidity.

I applied to Lowes and Kroger. I have taken a Wal-mart application on the phone. We’ll see. I know it’s official that I will not have work at Synetics over break, so I’m on my own. It was going to be tight enough having to get books and all on one less week of work (since Christmas break is short) and now I will be working at half the pay at Horne’s, and probably not as many hours. I’ve tried Sheetz back home, but I will need to work here too. That’s the other thing; the night-monitoring position is going to be gone too on account of all morning classes 5 days a week next semester. I’ll come up with something.

Sunday, 12-2-01 at 12:48

Talk about stupid: Xcaper. Notice, this “smoke mask” does nothing to prevent you from getting anthrax, it doesn’t keep planes from flying into your building, yet those who purchase it feel somewhat safer from terrorist attack. I mean, why not just sell jars of water and say “anti-fire chemical” and charge $50 per ounce?

Sunday, 12-2-01 at 10:10

I got the assembly program working! I have wrote most of the report and will be handing it in on time tomorrow! Right now, the “trace” wants to print 210 pages, which I must find a way around, since there is no way he wants to read 210 pages of assembly code.

I am an official paid member of VTARA which stands for the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association. I now have access to all their rigs and stuff and will be active soon. I might stroll over to the shack today and make a few contacts.

We saw “Behind Enemy Lines” last night. Talk about Hollywood over-dramatizing a story! It was rather disturbing too. It was like “Saving Private Ryan” in Bosnia. It was supposed to be the true story of that pilot that crashed and ate bugs for a few days until he was rescued. Instead, the pilot dodged thousands of rounds of ammunition, outsmarted fifty soldiers at once in several occasions, and ran really fast for days at a time. And the camera effects about drove me nuts. They kept panning around everything, and never holding the camera still, so you were more likely to get dizzy than know what was going on.

Thursday, 11-29-01 at 10:19

I’ve been pretty busy the last few days working on an Intro. to CpE project, so I haven’t had much time to post. Apparently, my assembler will not work on my machine, so I am forced to use a computer lab. Ugh.

I learned yesterday that my Intro to CpE professor is a ham radio operator. He also told me about the club they have at VT and I am going to one of their meetings tonight! woohoo!

I hit a deer Tuesday night. Luckily, me, the car and the deer escaped injury as it was a low speed glancing blow. I just barely tapped her with the rear quarter panel.

Tuesday, 11-27-01 at 15:18

Ugh. Don’t ever night monitor in Cochrane. It’s awful. The smell of West End’s garbage is still stinging my eyes.

I moved my angelfish to a smaller tank. They are confused, but seem to be doing ok. This is to make room for some of the guppies.

Got a new picture: Group at Carly’s.

Now for a little story: There once was an anally retentive head RA named Dustin B. Varnick (names changed to protect the guilty). He told people he was getting a “witness list” and then gave them all JRs because he thinks he can pull a fast one on us, since he’s a real “gangsta or thug.” Here is a picture of him upholding the dorm law. More about him later.

Monday, 11-26-01 at 23:40

Today has been semi-productive. I got done the lab and prelab for electronics and signed up for classes next semester. Since drop-add sucks, I will be taking: Electronics II, Electronics II Lab, Engineering Economy, Manufacturing Processes Lab, Signals and Systems, Creativity and Aesthetic Experiences and Elements of Materials Engineering. That’s 14 credits, and I want to take something else, but so far, I can’t.

Saturday, 11-24-01 at 23:40

Once again, it has been a while since I posted. But that’s ok, since everyone is home for break, I’m having a record low for hits anyway, so nobody is around to mind.

Keep Jaime Young and her father, Erin Kirby, Lex Price (my uncle), Robbie Wantz, and Jennifer Osbourne in your prayers, as they have all had car or motorcycle accidents in the past two weeks. To the best of my knowledge everyone involved was ok….

I have a stack of QSL cards to go out… so hopefully I’ll have a stack of QSL cards to hang up when I return from Christmas break or so. I forgot to add that I contacted two Belgian stations who had special callsigns just for this year to celebrate the birth of a new princess. Woohoo! Special callsigns are cool!

I worked Horne’s yesterday and probably will over Christmas. yippie.

Wednesday, 11-21-01 at 13:06

Grand Theft Auto is a good game. Quality entertainment! Steal cars, shoot people, rob banks. It’s much fun.

I’m down on the radio, but nobody can hear me today. Propagation isn’t in my favor. I might go run all the errands I need to run today. I might go back on a little later, when the conditions are better.

I wish my homework page would hurry up and get graded. I need to move so much stuff and do so much stuff to my webpage and instead, I’m waiting on the page to get graded. BOO!

Tuesday, 11-20-01 at 21:15

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy few days, and I haven’t even been working!!

Synetics told me they’d laid off a few employees because they did not have work…. which means I’m home for right now. Hopefully they will have work over Christmas for me…

The ham radio contest I was in is over, and I did well considering I haven’t done it in a few years. I made 121 contacts in 43 of 80 sections. I got contacts from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Canary Islands just to name a few. I’m only 11 states from the “worked all states” award. Today, I worked Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Peru, Turks and Caicos Islands, Louisiana, Colorado and Arizona! The 10M band is open fairly well during the day, so I’ve been taking full advantage of my days off and have been down on the radio non-stop.

Worked on the Buick a little today. I cannot get the starter out from above. John and I have determined that the solenoid on the starter is gone and that’s why it clicks rather than engages to the ring gear.

Saturday, 11-17-01 at 23:52

Today has been a good day. I slept in til like 1 or 2 in the afternoon, which is a good start to a good day. Then Kim called and told me she’d be up sometime tomorrow. Then I went to the Not-Voices for a little bit. Then John Williams came back to my house with me to look at the Buick.

The verdict from John is that the Buick is in better shape than most cars he works on. He says the start problem ISN’T the ring gear, but the solenoid on the starter.

I got on 10 meters tonight and made a few contacts. There is a voice (as opposed to Morse code) contest going on this weekend. Being limited to 10M with my license, I can’t do too well.
Basically, the rules go: every contact is worth two points, and that gets multiplied by the number of ARRL regions worked. There are 80 regions, and so far I’ve worked 5. I have made eight contacts: 3 Arizona, 3 California (SDG, SCV, LAX), 1 British Columbia, 1 Washington (WWA), and I did it in like half an hour!

Saturday, 11-17-01 at 1:07

This having been said, I’m not sure if I’ll post more often or less. I unpacked, and then set up my old P166 with 64K RAM. I remember back when upgrading from a P100 to a P166 was a noticeable difference.

I have some more baby guppies and a billion snails in my 15 gallon tank here at home.

Ugh. I’m tired, I’m going to bed.

Wednesday, 11-15-01 at 23:04

Wow, I’m lazy. I haven’t had that much work to do, and I STILL haven’t updated this page since Tuesday. I have hardly even checked my page.

I can’t decide if I’m excited to go home for Thanksgiving or not. It’s like, I want to be home, see my family, etc. It’s just like everyone is like “woah, I need a break!” and I’m not going to have much of one. I’m going to work 40 hours, study for an electronics test and do a computer engineering project.

I’ve revised my schedule for next semester (unofficially). It looks like Manufacturing Processes and Lab, Engineering Economy, Statics, Electronics II and Lab, Signals and Systems, and Appreciating Visual Arts or whatever. It’s 17 credits, almost all of which could count towards EE or MSE.

My tri-color shark died. I disassembled and hid some of the contraband aquariums so that I meet the “limit” to avoid a JR, since we know how a certain head RA is… (they are just disassembled for break for inspection….)

I guess my mood is most described by the song Turn the Page by Bob Seger. It’s on right now, and it makes so much sense. I’m not sad, or happy, just worn. Maybe I am ready to go home.

Tuesday, 11-13-01 at 17:34

Not gonna say what I feel like sayin…..

We had a drunk girl come in last night. She was hilarious. She was convinced I was an RA and she was begging me not to give her a JR. Then she asked if she could pee in the handicap lift, since she was intoxicated to the point of being handicapped. I have the whole thing on tape, it was some quality entertainment.

I uploaded some more semiconductor lab stuff. Yippie! I did some more reading last night in the semiconductors book and it inspired me to catch up on all the pictures I’d taken in previous labs.

Sunday, 11-11-01 at 21:37

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Randi, Leah, Gillian and Brad’s today! It turned out really well. I got to meet a few more people I keep hearing about, and hang out with some old friends as well. I even dressed up!

We had a stupid hall meeting tonight. Apparently everything is a JR now. Boo to that. If you don’t pull your blinds down when you go on break, JR. If you don’t empty your trash, JR. I mean, gimme a break.

I changed linx on so many pages today. Freeservers, Qwikpages, and 50megs are all run by lousy “dot commers” that have zero technical knowledge.

Check out this link: Romeo and Juliet. This could possibly be one of the best shockwave files I’ve ever seen.

Saturday, 11-10-01 at 13:35

I put up the mountain dew page here.

The head RA is hosting “gangsta and thug nite” tonight. The same head RA who yelled at us. I wonder if he’ll untuck his shirt, or if that’s too “crazy” for his taste.

Saturday, 11-10-01 at 1:55

Wow, I posted this exact time yesterday…

I fixed the oil pan (I think!). Bottom line: I can drive now. I have some pictures of the underside of my engine looking into the block that I will put up soon.

Friday, 11-09-01 at 1:55

A late happy birthday to my younger brother Jimmy, who became legal yesterday!

Today, I pulled the oil pan off the car, put the gasket on the oil pan, and now can’t get the pan back on the car. I’ll try tomorrow (today in a few hours).

I was in the clean room for the second to last time today. We completed our devices, and next time will be solely for testing purposes. We know most of ours won’t work, though 3 out of 5 of the locations we measured sheet resistance came out pretty good. The coolest thing about tonight was the aluminum evaporation. We literally heated aluminum to the its boiling point and evaporated it all over the wafer. Then used an aluminum etch to remove it from where we did not want it (to form our connections).

I’d like to announce that freeservers sucks. They are cutting service back, just like 50megs.com, so this page will be moving. You will still get to it from the same site, just don’t be surprised if things don’t quite work right over the next month. I’d move it all now, but the site I’m moving it to (my VT filebox) is being used for a project that gets graded in late November, so my main links are not moving just yet.

Wednesday, 11-07-01 at 7:48

We had our second Mountain Dew drinking contest last night! How fast can YOU drink a two liter bottle of Mountain Dew? Brad, Eric, Eric M, Ace, Dan, and Phil participated. I just took pictures. Brad won with a time of 1 minute 44.39 seconds. Then threw up. The head RA heard him throw up and decided to give Brad, Eric and I JRs. Brad doesn’t even go to school here. Oh well, I don’t care, I’m framing mine. I don’t think it will matter. The other guy RAs kept asking questions like “HOW FAST?!” and the head RA kept throwing around terms like “serious.” It’s like, no it’s not serious. He asked us if we are dumb for doing this, and it’s like, hey, half this campus drinks themselves sick every weekend, including yourself I’m sure. Don’t expect me to be crying over this. I will post pictures soon, and have a link to collegehumor.com when we submit the story to them.

Monday, 11-05-01 at 18:08

I turned in the worst piece of crap I’ve ever written for the final part of my Intro to Computer Engineering project. I believe the conclusion was “This project taught me that I am not going to be an engineer anytime soon.”

I got a 49/60 on my multivariable calculus test. Not as good as I’d hoped, but who am I to be picky about passing grades?

Good pictures: kim 01 and kim 02

Sunday, 11-04-01 at 17:25

Wow, I was posting at this time exactly two days ago.

Many of you are not voting on my major. C’mon, this is my future you are deciding. I sure don’t care, I’m not going to be a EE, so one is as good as another. It has been suggested to me that I should go to community college. Here’s my answer. Hell no. I’d rather just go back to Horne’s than to something like RCC. If I do, why did I waste 2 1/2 years of my life here? Wouldn’t it be cool? get a degree in intro to marketing, work as a telemarketer, and live in my parents’ basement? I’d rather just go back to Horne’s and live in my car. No offense to those who went to community college. I was supposed to be an electrical engineer, it’s all I’ve known. Now, I’m being forced to pick something else? How am I supposed to care “what else” I pick? It’s my future? Who cares, not me.

Saturday, 11-03-01 at 1:44

Go vote for my new major. Not that your opinion will decide my future, but hey, I’m curious.

I fixed some of the bad weather picture linx and missing thumbnails. Woo.

Friday, 11-02-01 at 17:25

Well, after many hours, I didn’t even bother to try to get my project validated. It needed to be completely rewired according to the new schematic, which was based on the new design I never got to work. Oh well. My electronics project wasn’t great either. I think that’s it for me and EE. I tried so hard for so long. I haven’t really wanted to do anything else, I don’t know much else. I mean, ever since I came here, I wanted to be in EE. Now, my third year, I’m going to have to pick a new major. I mean, why did I try? Was it because I was determined? Or just too dumb to realize that it was an impossible dream? I just don’t understand. I mean, as a little kid, your teachers, parents, etc, tell you “you can be whatever you want to be.” That’s bullshit. You can’t. You can be what you’re “supposed” to be, and a few people defy that rule, and after those people are dead, they make a movie about them. I am supposed to be something else, I guess. Maybe a garbage man? Dockworker? I could have done that on my own without wasting the three years at college and a few more years of high school. I’m a failure to everything I thought I’d be. As a little kid, I’d be disappointed in myself, but as an adult, I just don’t care. 50 of 52. I guess VT was right to send me a warning letter, and I was wrong to fight it. I shoulda stayed in KG where I would at least have a head start on living in “the real world” and maybe be making a few cents more at Horne’s.

I could switch majors. But to what? Computer Science? Sure, I could do that, but I hate it, and I promise I’d probably shoot myself before my 30th birthday. Maybe Geological Sciences. I like meteorology. Too bad I’ve already taken the only class they offer in it. And besides, what am I gonna be? I’ll STILL be a garbage man or dockworker. Maybe Physics or Materials Science Engineering, but who knows. I sure don’t. What happens if I’m an undeclared major at the end of this semester? Maybe if I had a real advisor, I’d know. Just another thing VT has screwed me over with.

My advice to everyone out there is, don’t try. It’s not worth it. It’s better to just give up than to fail trying, like me. You end up in the same place, only if you fail trying, you’re older, fatter, and dumber than if you’d just never tried. Thank you.

Thursday, 11-01-01 at 12:06

It’s been a while since I posted last. I’ve been really busy with both an Electronics design project and an Intro to Computer Engineering project. I think most of my design is complete for the Intro to CpE project, and I have designed my full-wave rectifier in PSpice for Electronics. Now I have to wire, write, and confirm analytically.

Hopefully I will post a bunch when I get done these projects and will add some updates as soon as I can.

I got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday outside West End! He just landed on my arm and stung me for no apparent reason!

Monday, 10-29-01 at 23:45

Old punk pics of me: pic #1 and pic #2 and Brad’s home town (courtesy of collegehumor.com).

Sunday, 10-28-01 at 19:20

I just made a big mistake. I checked my class ranking on Hokie SPA. Here is the result