Hi, my name is Seth and I refuse to be bored. I am a college instructor at New Mexico Tech, teaching classes in chemical engineering, amateur radio and meteorology. I also tutor high school students in Magdalena, and volunteer at the Boys and Girls Ranch and the Albuquerque National Weather Service office.

I have a long-term girlfriend (since 2006) and her son that I call my family. I also have three cats and a dog.

My biggest hobbies are storm chasing/meteorology, amateur radio, competitive shooting (small bore rifle, large bore rifle, and maybe getting into 3-gun), reading, writing, gardening, industrial archeology (studying abandoned industrial sites), and parkour, though I am very new to parkour.

Education-wise, I have earned a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech (2005), an MS in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from New Mexico Tech (2010), and a second BS in Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State (2016).  I am pursuing a second MS in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State, and am expected to complete it summer of 2018.

This blog is more for me than you, as I like to review where I was and what I was doing on a given date in time. To me, it is fun to see where I was this year versus last year or ten years earlier. It is also a place to store my photos and writing about past adventures, as you can see from the numerous links at the top. It is also the place where I have been storing data from my now-defunct website: http://www.n3mra.com.

I like the blog format, as I can update regularly, and have separate blogs for different interests, so that you, the reader, do not get bored with amateur radio details when you want to know how my storm chase is going, or you want to see pictures from my last trip to the Grand Canyon without learning about my garden.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this page. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

-Seth Price, 10/26/16


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