10/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored at Magdalena in the morning. I knew I was not going to be working at Magdalena on Thursday, so I tried to divide up those hours between Tuesday and yesterday, and was only a few hours short.

In the afternoon, I went to our department meeting, then to help with Unit Operations Lab.  Once I saw Unit Operations Lab was running smoothly, I went to a meeting with the Dynamo group for an hour.

In the evening, I had my regular Varsity Tutoring session cancelled, but was able to pick up an hour and a half “instant” lesson.  I really struggled with the lesson myself, but hopefully, it was some help.

Then, I drove the truck home.  Correction, I drove the truck to Bernardo, and realized that I had left my medicine in my office, so I drove back to my office, picked up the medicine, then drove home and went straight to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.


10/4/17: Daily Post

The last few days have been quite busy.  I had a minor flood in my lab, so I had some cleanup associated with that.  Therefore, I missed the bus and am still in Socorro.  I ended up falling asleep in my chair last night, and here I am writing this at 4:08 am, getting ready to start another day.

However, things are getting better, believe it or not.  I am knocking things off my to do list almost as quickly as I am adding them to it.

Yesterday, I worked at Magdalena almost the entire day.  I had intended to come back to NMT, jump on the bus and head home, but instead I dealt with lab stuff until almost midnight.  I had also intended to do some online tutoring, but the appointment I had was cancelled.  Then, I intended to do some work for my UpWork contract, but the interface was being upgraded and I could not do the work I needed to do.

Anyway, I am going to get back to work.

Thank you for reading my post.

9/27/17: Daily Post

I forgot to post this one, as it crashed on my tablet and I ended up having to rewrite it:

Yesterday (Wednesday), I spent the early morning hours working on a few projects for the chemical engineering department.  I have been slowly catching up on my grading, and perhaps I will be all caught up by next week.

I tutored for several hours in the Magdalena schools, tutoring Algebra II, AVID, Math Analysis and Chemistry.

In the afternoon, I caught up to a former student who was on campus for a visit.  He was in the very first class of chemical engineers I taught, way back in 2008.  It was good to see that he was doing well.

We had unit operations lab in the afternoon as well, so I assisted with that class until it was time to catch my bus and commute home.

At home, I really became busy.  My Varsity Tutoring appointment had been cancelled (substitute teacher, no new content that day), so I did some housework.  Of most effort was cleaning on the top of some cabinets and hanging up some decorative coffee mugs.  I think it worked out though, so it was worth it.

Thank you for reading my post.


9/26/17: Daily Post

I mislabeled yesterday’s post, as it should have read, “9/25/17” not “9/26/17,” but I have fixed that error.

Yesterday, I commuted to Magdalena and tutored all morning and into the afternoon.  My standard schedule there for Tuesdays is to tutor a section of AVID, Math Analysis, Chemistry, lunch, and then a second section of AVID.

In the afternoon and evening, I cancelled my instrumentation lab and instead worked with the freshman chemical engineering car groups. As it turns out, most of the mentors for the freshmen are in my class, and we wanted to have a good meeting between mentors and freshmen, so I was happy to postpone lab for a day.

Later, I tutored two physics students for Varsity Tutors.  Both of them are doing well, and I am proud of them.

I then drove to my brother’s house for the evening.

Thank you for reading my post.


9/19/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and early afternoon tutoring at Magdalena, as per my usual schedule.  I tutored two AVID classes, one chemistry class, and one Math Analysis class.

After tutoring, I went to NMT and assisted with the Freshman Design class and then taught two sections of my Instrumentation Lab.  I was not pleased with how they went, and I need to order some more equipment, as I have far too many students for the number of pieces of hardware I have available.

In the evening, I walked to my brother’s house and did a few more tasks before falling asleep on his couch, again.

Thank you for reading my post.


9/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day with bad news.  I went and worked on the Malibu for a bit, adding coolant and running it.  It was incredibly hard to start, even jumping the battery from the truck.  I also noticed that there is coolant leaking from the head gasket, though it could be leaking from the valve covers down to the head gasket area, but I can’t get in to see.  Either way, things don’t look good for my car.  And I like that car more than I like most people.

After that, I did some work around the chemical engineering department.  I graded some assignments and worked on a few things for this week’s lecture and lab.

For lunch, I met with the dynamo group and caught up on the last month’s worth of work.  I picked up the latest software backup and schematics.

In the afternoon, I tried to track down some paperwork, and kept tabs on the Unit Operations lab while I wandered around campus.  I also tried to track down some packages I ordered several weeks ago that have never arrived.

In the evening, I ran back-to-back Varsity Tutors sessions, both of which were successful.  That platform is working out beautifully.

I then went for a walk, and then to my brother’s house for the evening.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/30/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with a few teachers to Magdalena, worked for several hours, and then rode back to Socorro with my brother.  We had some Arby’s lunch and then I went to Unit Operations Lab.

Unit Operations Lab went well, and there are only a few things that need to be addressed by next week.  That lab is starting to stabilize, where a little work makes big improvements, though I have plenty I want to work on still.

In the late afternoon, I added some more coolant to the Malibu, and I didn’t see where it was overheating any more.  Even so, I took the bus and train home (and brought my truck down to NMT today).

JoAnna and I sat outside in the nice weather and chatted until bedtime.  Overall, it was a good day.

Thank you for reading my post.