1/15/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started the morning by going on a run.  I went a little over two miles, though I’ll have to check to see how much over two miles.  One of my tracker apps crashed, so I’ll have to see if it recorded it totally.

After that, I finished up the work that needed to be done to the van.  I had left it on the jack in the street in front of my house, with one tire at Firestone (awaiting a replacement) and the brakes disassembled when we ran out of light.  Yesterday morning, I was able to get the driver’s side brakes back together (new pads, checked the rotors) quickly, having sunlight instead of a flashlight.  Then, I drove the Crown Vic to Firestone, picked up the tire, put it on, switched the van’s direction, and then did the passenger’s side brakes.  Those took only about half an hour, having learned the lessons I needed to learn on the driver’s side.  I reassembled them, then drove the van to Firestone to have the tires rotated.  I only have one jack, but I have free rotations at Firestone, so that’s why I did it this way.  Now, the van is set, with two larger tires in the rear and two stock ones in the front.

In the evening, I finished up my LabVIEW Core II training and worked on getting eQSL set up.  I think I am ready to start logging contacts in eQSL, finally.  I also read a chapter of Atlas Shrugged.

Thank you for reading my post.


1/14/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had a moderately productive day.

I started out by going for a run, and though it was only a little over a mile, it was nice to get outside and run again.

After my run, I started work on the van.  It needs a tire and brakes.  I got the tire off and took it to Firestone.  They did not have the tire in stock, but said they would today.  With the tire off, I also started working on the brakes.  We were told it needs pads and rotors, though I see nothing wrong with the rotors that are in place.

I did some grocery shopping and then returned to work on the brakes.  I ran out of daylight, so I will have to finish those up today.

In the evening, I did a bunch of housework, updated my amateur radio logbook, and then some free writing.  I added another chapter to the fiction book I am writing.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/13/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by participating in a Society for Industrial Archeology board of directors call, as I am still on the board.  It mostly concerned details of the upcoming tours and conferences.

After that, I attended Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist Church for Sabbath school and church service.  This week, one of the elders talked about “old folks”, and it was quite entertaining.  After that, we had potluck lunch.

In the afternoon, I primed some brass for my .38.  After sundown, I started rearranging the TV room.  I think it looks much better.  I moved the drafting table against the wall instead of sticking out into the room.  It provides better circulation and better light, as well, as the table always had stuff on it that blocked both of these from my computer desk.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/12/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning at an AVID training for Albuquerque Public Schools.  It looks like I will be tutoring at Albuquerque High again this semester, same as the last semester.  I am glad, because it worked into my schedule well, and I am liking one of the groups I tutor in particular.

After the training, I picked up a few fill-in groceries to carry us through Sunday.  I also stopped by Firestone to pick up a refund for a broken antenna.  They broke my antenna back in September, and I finally made it there during business hours with a receipt.

I forgot to pick up trash bags.  Joey said he wanted to go for a walk, so we walked down the hill to Walmart, picked up trash bags, and checked out the GoodWill as well.

In the evening, JoAnna and I chatted for several hours before I called an early bedtime for me.

Thank you for reading my post.


1/11/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a bit of a stressful day, for no particular reason.  I started out the day working at Magdalena, and I had a good time there.  It looks like I may be pulling a few of the advanced students out for “science enrichment” where I will cover other science topics.  I am really excited about this, and it sounds like everyone is on board with it.

When I returned to NMT, I started a small pH-related experiment where I tested a pH probe and meter against the National Instruments system.  I wanted to show that, on the commercial system, they are measuring a voltage from the pH probe and converting it linearly to a pH.  On the National Instruments system, I can’t get those results.  I think the pH probe to the National Instruments system may have a large impedance mismatch, but I collected the data for this and will talk to them this afternoon.  I also managed to spill 10.0 pH buffer on the table.  Thankfully, I spilled this, versus the 2.0 pH 6 molar HCl.

I also did a Varsity Tutors session last night, though I really stressed out about it.  Somewhere along the line, I got lost in triangles and was unable to do force calculations for a block on an inclined plane.  You know, high school physics stuff.  Anyway, I was really frustrated with it.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/10/18: Daily Post

I spent yesterday morning and early afternoon tutoring at Magdalena.  I won’t be able to work this many hours there once the semester is underway, but for now, it’s good to make up for lost time.

I did make one contact on amateur radio during my commute between Magdalena and Socorro.

In the afternoon, I began updating the computers in the chemical engineering computer lab.   I have a ways to go on that project, mostly because the internet is slow in my building.  Therefore, every Windows update takes forever, and half of them time out before they have completed.

In the evening, I did some work reviewing the dynamo LabVIEW code.  It looks like the programmer decided to go with an event-driven state machine as the main architecture.  I need to learn more about this to learn which architectures hold which advantages over the others.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/9/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day working at Magdalena. I didn’t really leave there until a little after 2 pm. It was good to get back into the swing of tutoring these students again.

In the afternoon, I worked on a few projects around my office. I ordered some supplies for the start of my instrumentation lab, and continued working on a few donated computers to get them ready for the semester.

In the evening, I commuted home on the train. While on the train, I read another Chapter in Desire of Ages, by Ellen G. White. My church group has long since finished this book, and has moved onto another, so I need to catch up.

I also applied to be an “Explora Science Fellow.” As an “Explora Science Fellow”, I would attend a few events and perhaps give a lecture or two at the science museum downtown.

In the late evening, I also backed up the dynamo software and updated some documents related to it.

Thank you for reading my post.