Summer 2007

Monday, 8-20-07 at 18:47 MDT

Tomorrow is the first day of school for us. I hope I’m ready for the new semester. I’ll start a new News file tomorrow, provided I remember.

Sunday, 8-19-07 at 18:47 MDT

It was a fun weekend. We went to a ballgame, a gunshow and a hamfest. I picked up a new antenna for the Malibu at the hamfest- the Opek HVT-400B. I admit to being skeptical about this shortened HF antenna for mobile use, but I picked up 33 QSOs with it.
Happy Birthday to Courtney!
Happy Late Birthday to Amy!

Friday, 8-17-07 at 7:42 MDT

I had a dream that I was fishing in Pop Pop’s pond with my Uncle Lex and I caught an alligator. A giant one- he actually kinda followed the line rather than fighting me. He came up on to land and then we ran away, I only had my .38, and that didn’t seem to slow him down. hahahaha
Student loans, gunshow, baseball game and hamfest this weekend!

Thursday, 8-16-07 at 7:01 MDT

My parents are coming out to visit in October!!!
We found a rock crusher yesterday to crush up the raw materials for the mug drop contest. I have so many irons in the fire right now, it will be nice to get some of these things done.

Wednesday, 8-15-07 at 8:08 MDT

Today is Joey’s first day of school! We start next Tuesday.
Yesterday was divided between finding flow rates for yttria and getting contract stuff set up so I continue to get paid. It killed most of the day. We did watch Office Space last night though.

Tuesday, 8-14-07 at 7:38 MDT

Liz informed me that she loathes whales, I wonder if that is whales in general or just whale ghosts. Hmmm..
I received an empty helium bottle yesterday, so I got almost nothing done.
We met Joey’s 1st grade teacher yesterday. She is from Maryland too, so we are both a long ways from home.

Monday, 8-13-07 at 7:35 MDT

Today, I should get a bottle of helium in and that will let me finish my spray runs. I should also get the rest of my gunshot residue paper back for revision.
I’ll also meet Joey’s 1st grade teacher this afternoon.

Sunday, 8-12-07 at 12:11 MDT

This is the last weekend before Joey starts school.
I will finally get some helium in tomorrow so that I can resume plasma spraying on Monday. I need to finish a few more runs on the yttria powder.

Saturday, 8-11-07 at 13:40 MDT

I managed to get my haircut, mount samples, fix the dilatometer, and a few other things yesterday.
Supposedly there was shuttle audio on 7.183 MHz, but I didn’t hear it.

Friday, 8-10-07 at 8:48 MDT

On today’s agenda: haircut, mount samples, fix dilatometer, and a few other things I expect.
I have been slowly updating my ham logs online. I worked CO on 20m today, giving me my WAS on 20M SSB. I need to mail out some more cards.

Thursday, 8-9-07 at 7:57 MDT

I managed to get a 10m contact last night, believe it or not.
Today, with a planned power outage, we will probably head to Albuquerque for some supplies.
I had this weird dream that I was scuba diving and was avoiding a giant octopus. I don’t understand.

Wednesday, 8-8-07 at 22:00 MDT

Apparently, a tornado hit Brooklyn this morning, and that’s crazy.
No major updates today, sorry.

Tuesday, 8-7-07 at 9:39 MDT

I added new photos of the baseball game and of the steam locomotive, they are in the about me page.
My girlfriend is attending the first responder’s railroad class. I took it last year and it was a lot of fun.
Today marks probably the last day of spraying single materials. I have a few yttria samples I would like to run, and then it’s spraying the functionally graded tubes.

Monday, 8-6-07 at 12:04 MDT

I withdrew from the NWA High Plains Conference.

Sunday, 8-5-07 at 13:04 MDT

Updates for today: I added a few photos in the materials section, some on plasma spray and some on glassworking. I also updated the 2007 radar images.

Saturday, 8-4-07 at 21:26 MDT

Today, I went to church and then to the memorial service for John Marshall. He was my LabVIEW instructor last fall. I have shot with him and his son, Cody since I moved to Socorro. It was sad, but they had the service more as a celebration of his life than a funeral- a nice slideshow of photos and people swapping stories of their experiences with John.
Tomorrow will be shooting with Ian, maybe the pool with Joey, and who knows what else.

Friday, 8-3-07 at 10:11 MDT

Hooray for Homesite. Now updating will be faster and easier, but still later.
I can’t believe all that stuff with the I-35 bridge. It’s crazy! I’ve seen bits and pieces on the internet, including the video of the collapse.
Yesterday, a giant group of us went to see the Simpsons movie. It was pretty good- I admit I was skeptical of the idea, but it turned out to be pretty good.

Thursday, 8-2-07 at 7:57 MDT

Any time now I will acquire Homesite and go back to editing this full-time. I finished my web design course, not that it was very difficult.
Next semester, I will probably only take one actual class, the Physics of Lightning. We’ll see how that goes, I may only take it pass/fail or something.

Wednesday, 8-1-07 at 7:46 MDT

I did about 71% of what I intended to this month. Time for a monthly summary:
Books read: 1, VHF Manual by the ARRL (1972 ed)
Books of the Bible Read: 11, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians I, Corinthians II, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Collossians, Thessalonians I, Thessalonians II
Periodicals Read: 4
HF Contacts made: 98
Clean Sweep Days: 3
Best Jog Time: 15:20
Best Morse Code Score: 90.0% at 18wpm 3x spacing
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Antonito, CO
Biggest Accomplishment: Winning a 10-10 Scholarship

Tuesday, 7-31-07 at 10:01 MDT

Today is Nick’s proposal, we’ll see how it goes, especially because I have almost the same committee he does, and he is working on a somewhat similar project.
I managed 45 QSOs in 5 counties on Sunday. As soon as I install Homesite (I’m editing in Notepad right now), I’ll update my QSOs page. I’m up to a total of 57 counties that I have operated from, with more coming in August, September, December and January for sure.

Monday, 7-30-07 at 22:45 MDT

Happy Birthday Martha V!!!
We spent the weekend riding a steam engine up in Colorado. It was pretty cool, and I’ll add photos as soon as I get the chance.
This nerd is going to bed.

Friday, 7-27-07 at 9:06 MDT

Here is some awesomeness
Today will be working with the guy from Linseis and trying to figure out the logistics of my trip to Hastings in August.

Thursday, 7-26-07 at 8:06 MDT

Yesterday was quite a busy day, but I managed to get a lot done at work. We are finally calcining powder for the mug drop contest mug. It’s gonna rule.
Today will consist of some plasma spraying, some DTA and some dilatometry.

Wednesday, 7-25-07 at 7:57 MDT

So much to do today, just like every other day. Being busy sure beats being idle though. I had an abstract accepted at the National Weather Association High Plains Conference, and I was awarded a travel grant from MS&T to attend there- one of five awarded, so that made me happy.

Tuesday, 7-24-07 at 8:36 MDT

Did everything I was supposed to yesterday, including jogging and Morse code practice. Working on it today as well. Getting an HF contact in the morning helps.

Monday, 7-23-07 at 8:01 MDT

Today, I’ll get back the rough draft of my gunshot residue paper. It will be nice to get that thing turned out and published.

Sabbath, 7-21-07 at 8:18 MDT

Went to church today, ate at a potluck and now am getting ready to go camping with the family and a few friends. Except it’s been pouring all afternoon haha.
I will try to compete in the VHF contest today. We’ll see how that goes.

Friday, 7-20-07 at 8:18 MDT

I did everything on my daily to do list yesterday, including jogging and lifting, which don’t normally happen. I even finished Romans, and ran a bunch of nickel spray runs yesterday. I did not fix the manipulator, but I have found a way to temporarily work around it.

Thursday, 7-19-07 at 6:45 MDT

I worked ND yesterday, that’s all 50 states for me!
We went to an Isotopes game last night. They won, 12-8 against the Omaha Royals. It was a really good game, the Isotopes were ahead until about the 6th inning or so, and then the Royals came back and took the lead, 8-7, but then the 8th inning brought the Isotopes back. It was retro night too, so the Isotopes were wearing their old uniforms, back when they were the Albuquerque Dukes. Fun times!
The manipulator stopped working yesterday for no apparent reason. It is supposed to raster across X, stepping in the y direction. Now it just makes a giant box. We can flip a switch and get it to raster across y, stepping in the x direction, but that is it. I’ll hopefully figure it out today.

Wednesday, 7-18-07 at 7:59 MDT

Off in the distance, I hear two mobile stations in Emmonds, ND on the mobile net 14.336. Will today be the day I get my WAS?
This afternoon, we will venture out to the Isotopes park to watch a baseball game with my girlfriend’s parents. We got some deal on tickets, and it’s been a year since the last game that we actually got to watch.

Tuesday, 7-17-07 at 21:38 MDT

I got the rough draft of my proposal back last night and spent most of the day revising. Ugh. Then I got home and cut the grass.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.

Monday, 7-16-07 at 8:11 MDT

I managed to get a bunch of reading done last night. I’ll start a new magazine, new book and new book of the Bible tomorrow.
This morning, I spoke to Ray from the Roanoke Amateur Radio Club, only he was in UT, on the mobile net.

Sunday, 7-15-07 at 23:48 MDT

I’m trying to get stuff done this weekend, but I still have so much to do. Getting this computer running is a real bear.
Congratulations to my brother for getting his first apartment!

Friday, 7-13-07 at 10:05 MDT

The Taurus is a running car again! We took it out to the Kelley Mine and watched Dracula, Dead and Loving It on a laptop running on an inverter.

Thursday, 7-12-07 at 7:49 MDT

Today is trash day. Tomorrow is payday, or as they used to say at West Middle School ‘The Eagle has landed.’
We will do some particle size analysis, maybe some spraying, and probably measuring feed rates for the yttria powder today. HOPEFULLY, we’ll get some compressed air in so I can run the DSC stuff. I have a billion people lined up to run DTA once the DSC runs are finished.
I had this crazy dream that I was birthday shopping for Joey. I found him a REALLY heavy piggy bank (it had a strap, like you’d carry a car battery with), and was walking around Jones 175 with it. Will was like, ‘what is that?’ and I told him, and added that Joey’s birthday was the 15th. He said, ‘oh, of July?’ and I was like ‘no, of November, but I’m shopping early.’ WEIRD.

Wednesday, 7-11-07 at 23:03 MDT

I am editing in notepad because I have not yet installed Homesite on my rebuilt computer. It’s kind of a pain, I can’t find the install CD anywhere. Hmmm.
Still can’t get rid of the strep. I’ll have to see the nurse again tomorrow and see what is up. It’s getting hard to do much of anything at this point.
Hopefully I’ll have a bigger post this weekend. We’ll see.

Sunday, 7-8-07 at 10:57 MDT

It looks like it will be a hot day today, I think I’ll take Joey swimming.
Courtesy of my dad: China now has the world’s largest bathroom.
I’ve been picking up a few QSOs on the county hunter net at 14.336. I’ll need to update my logbook soon.

Sabbath, 7-7-07 at 9:49 MDT

I’m planning on going to church this morning. I’m feeling better than I was this time last weekend, that’s for sure.
I will end up spending the rest of the day tracking down the original mouse for my computer, as I cannot install the operating system without the original mouse and keyboard, if you can believe that.

Thursday, 7-5-07 at 23:20 MDT

Nine years ago today, I totaled the Nova.
We watched the Socorro fireworks tonight, as it was rainy and windy last night. They put on a pretty good show! We went down and watched them at the NMT Golf Course.

Wednesday, 7-4-07 at 9:52 MDT

Happy Fourth of July! Because without Independence Day, we’d all be drinking tea and eating fish and chips like a bunch of queen lovin’ puddin’ servers.
Today is a BBQ at Matt’s, and it’s going to be awesome. I might try to reload- if Jim’s not around, I’ll repair the ham antenna at the club station, and come back and work a few more on the mobile nets. I really, really need to get ND.

Tuesday, 7-3-07 at 9:53 MDT

Happy Birthday Stephanie! I remember when you were born, young lady. I was watching Mighty Mouse with my dad and mom came in and said you’d been born. Do something fun!
I’ve had strep the last few days, so I haven’t accomplished much at all. I’m getting better though, so maybe that will change.

Sunday, 7-1-07 at 22:09 MDT

I watched The Departed today. I highly recommend it.
I did about 70% of what I intended to this month. Time for a monthly summary:
Books read: 1, Secrets of Metals by ??
Books of the Bible Read: 3, Matthew, Mark, Luke
Periodicals Read: 4
HF Contacts made: 26 + ~40 at Field Day
Clean Sweep Days: 0
Best Jog Time: 15:52
Best Morse Code Score: 86.4% at 18wpm 3x spacing
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Elephant Butte, NM
Biggest Accomplishment: Turning in a rough draft of my proposal

Friday, 6-29-07 at 5:59 MDT

Hooray for payday!
I woke up early this morning (around 4) and decided to just get up rather than lay in bed. I went for a jog first thing in the morning, and now I feel pretty beat, but I can’t go back to bed.
As of today, I’m only a few MyPoints points away from another $25 Walmart card. Just a few more stupid ads.
There is a new radar image up from the severe storm that went through Socorro County yesterday. All we got was rain and some lightning. I need to find a better way to ground my antennas, right now I just unplug them from the radios.

Thursday, 6-28-07 at 14:09 MDT

I corrected all the dates in my journal, as the last few days have been wrong.
I’ve been running a high fever yesterday and today, though I’m feeling a little better now.
I bought a computer last summer, a cheapo Compaq from Walmart. It died in April, some virus killed it, and I haven’t even been able to reformat it. The computer does not have a floppy drive, and even though Seagate makes a zeroing utility, I can’t get it onto the computer. My solution was to buy a new hard drive, and just try to reinstall everything on it, repair the install later. Instead, Compaq’s stupid restore CDs (i.e. my operating system) are keyed to the hard drive! I can’t install it, it’s a bunch of bullshit. Now, I’m installing Windows 2000 on a 160GB hard drive in hopes to rebuild an 80GB hard drive. I liked XP just fine, but it doesn’t look like I’ll use it anytime soon. Good job Compaq, I hate you.

Wednesday, 6-27-07 at 6:09 MDT

I won a Ten-Ten Scholarship again this year! Woohoo!
I didn’t get much done yesterday, I even fell asleep reading a book last night. I did prime and expand like 250 .38 cases though. Today, I need to make up for lost time and get some work done today. I have a meeting with a chemistry student for thermal analysis work, a meeting with the SA for club funds stuff, and a meeting with facilities management about repairing an antenna, all in addition to my actual work. It’s going to be a long day.

Tuesday, 6-26-07 at 7:22 MDT

We watched the Mets and Cardinals game last night. It was crazy, some of the best pitching ever. It finally ended in the 11th, when the Mets hit a home run- only their third hit of the game! I wish the Orioles would pick up a bit, seeing as they are last in the AL east. I’m pretty sure that the AL east is the hardest division to play in- Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays, though the NL west is pretty rough too.
Today will consist of more plasma spraying, the metal arts class, club budget stuff, and probably interpreting some DTA data. Every day is a new adventure.

Monday, 6-25-07 at 7:13 MDT

Field Day was pretty good. I sat in the CW trailer for a bit and helped log CW contacts. I’m still not super proficient at code, but I could normally pick out the section or the call sign or something- almost everyone was sending 20+ wpm. I also worked the sideband station throughout the night. I didn’t get my ND station though, it’s all I need for WAS.
Yesterday, Joey and I went swimming at the campus pool. I hadn’t been swimming for a while, but Joey loved it so we might make it a Sunday afternoon tradition. I’m sunburned, but I’ll live. The altitude here makes it much easier to burn than back east.
Today, I intend to run the plasma spray system and finish a few runs on some nickel powder that we have. I also hope to talk to the SA about some club budget stuff. We’ll see how it goes, I could get really busy if we decide to switch the DTA head for the DSC head in the thermal analyzer.

Sabbath, 6-23-07 at 12:19 MDT

I went to church today and now I’ll go to Field Day at the Plaza.

Friday, 6-22-07 at 21:07 MDT

Believe it or not, I’ve posted photos from the May 22, 2007 Storm chase. If you have a fast connection, check out the video of the tornado.

Thursday, 6-21-07 at 7:45 MDT

Brace yourself- a month after I have returned, I have finally posted photos from my China Trip

Wednesday, 6-20-07 at 7:29 MDT

An interesting question: I was reading through Luke last night, and in Matthew, Mark and Luke, there is a story of a man who was possessed. He ran around the tombs naked and acted crazy. Now, there are many people who were possessed where Jesus cast out the demon. However, in this case, Jesus asks the demon its name, to which it replies ‘Legion, for we are many.’ Why did Jesus do this for this demon and not the others? It obviously means something, as it’s the only instance I’ve found where He asks for a name- and the story is repeated at least twice, maybe three times (I can’t remember if it is in John or not). Any thoughts?

Tuesday, 6-19-07 at 7:38 MDT

Lester had been sick for quite a while, so we had to keep him penned up in a big room. He’s got the go-ahead to be free now, and he can go through the house (at least a few rooms). He’s happily purring and kneading the table right now, though I can’t see over him to type.

Monday, 6-18-07 at 6:28 MDT

I can’t believe the doors are opened today.

Sunday, 6-17-07 at 8:52 MDT

I have added photos from my storm chase, 5/21/07. There is only a few. Hopefully soon, I’ll get the big day, 5/22/07. May 22 has historically been a good chase day for me, 5/22/04, 5/22/07 are two of my better tornado intercepts.z
I’m headed to Santa Fe and Albuquerque today. I am meeting with my advisor up there, and I need new shoes, as these have shredded. Airwalks used to last years, and these have lasted maybe six months.

Sabbath, 6-16-07 at 22:18 MDT

Happy Birthday, Jessi!
I’ve been reading a book on VHF communications, and I think I’d like to get into some mountaintop type activities. Maybe a kit to put in the RV some day? We’ll see.
No new updates other than that. I’m pretty boring (busy) these days.

Friday, 6-15-07 at 9:19 MDT

I need to repair the plasma spray system today. I will need to recondition an anode or two. Boo that. I also have a meeting at 2pm.
Yesterday, I had a meeting at 10 about my radio club, and I spent the rest of the day trying to plasma spray some samples. I still have a lot of work to do.

Thursday, 6-14-07 at 9:23 MDT

Yesterday was a busy day that started at 7am and went til 10pm. Today isn’t quite so busy…
Hopefully, I will post more this weekend. I’m still going through storm chase photos and video.

Wednesday, 6-13-07 at 7:13 MDT

I will have graduated easily a year from now. Where to next?
Last night, a large group of us went to KFC for Tuesday night $3 chicken fried steak combo night. It’s so wonderful and so terrible at the same time. Mike and I sat around swapping stories from the far east, as he just returned from the Philippines.
I had some weird dream about buying a couch. I don’t remember much else.

Tuesday, 6-12-07 at 7:05 MDT

Summer classes begin for us today. I am taking a metal arts class where I’ll cast bronze and pewter, and I will also take a web design course. I might drop that one, we’ll see.
I added a Radar Images 2007 page under my weather section.

Saturday, 6-9-07 at 17:48 MDT

Headed to Elephant Butte in the RV. Severe thunderstorm warning for Socorro county. Road test?

Friday, 6-8-07 at 8:05 MDT

I now have May 23, 2007 Storm Chase photos posted.
Today is going to be busy. I am meeting with the Tech Amateur Radio Association to figure out what is needed for field day. We will take the multiband dipole off the roof of Presidents for repair on Wednesday.

Thursday, 6-7-07 at 7:32 MDT

April 21 photos have now been uploaded.
I made my 1000th QSO from Socorro yesterday. I’ve never made as many contacts from any single county.

Wednesday, 6-6-07 at 7:52 MDT

I didn’t actually upload yesterday’s stuff, so I did that today. I also updated the April 21, 2007 Chase page. I lost most of the photos I had, and the only thing that survived a computer crash a few weeks ago was the Cadillac Ranch photos.
Last night was the gun club meeting, so it looks like I will have quite a few opportunities to shoot coming up. Raton (with the Olympians) is in July. I also put in a primer order, and should have about 5000 coming in, I really need some for my M1.

Tuesday, 6-5-07 at 6:33 MDT

All my QSO logs are up to date.
To chase or not to chase? That is the question. There looks to be good potential for supercells in Nebraska, and we can get there if we leave today. Bobby has to be back for a Friday morning flight, however.

Monday, 6-4-07 at 7:00 MDT

I updated Canada, Carribean and USA QSOs. The USA page is not complete, I am still working on it.
Wednesday looks to be a good chase day- northeastern Nebraska. I haven’t decided whether or not to go for it, but it would require leaving tomorrow. I’ll talk to Bobby tonight and get his opinion as well.

Sunday, 6-3-07 at 22:45 MDT

The only update I have for you today is my mobile QSO page. I have added all the mobile QSOs, plus a graphic of states and counties from which I have operated.
There might be an opportunity to chase this week- Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay Tuned!

Sabbath, 6-2-07 at 23:34 MDT

I will have more updates tomorrow, I promise. I logged around 20 QSOs today, and I’ll have to add those to the list as well. I also hope to get up some of my other photos from the last few months.
We worked in the garden today. Looks like we’ll have peas, peppers, beans and squash without any problem. The tomatoes and peaches might need some more work.

Friday, 6-1-07 at 7:47 MDT

I have began to update my mobile log as well. I have posted the latest (still incomplete) version. I have plenty of updates to post on this page, when I get around to it.
I can’t believe it’s already June.

Tuesday, 5-29-07 at 7:38 MDT

I have archived Spring 2007 below.
Today marks the last day in May. I don’t think this will change significantly, so I’ll do a monthly summary.
Books read: 4, Process Mineralogy of Ceramic Materials by ??, Window Glass in the Making by William Monro, Eli Whitney by Constance McL. Green, and the Training Manual for Miners Vol. 1 by Nicholas P. Chironis

Books of the Bible Read: 8, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zachariah, Malachi
Periodicals Read: 3
HF Contacts made: 62
Clean Sweep Days: 0
Best Jog Time: didn’t jog this month
Best Morse Code Score: lost
Miles Biked: none
Farthest Distance Traveled: Beijing, China
Biggest Accomplishment: Presenting my paper in China