Summer 2002

Wednesday, 8-7-02 at 1:51

Wow, it’s been a whole week since I last posted…

I’ve hung out with Jenna a few times this week and that makes me happy! More on this later…

I installed a new game on my computer: Motor City Online. It’s like Everquest… only with cars. You build up money and skills and challenge people on the street or strip. Some people race for pink slips, but I’m not that bold yet 🙂 The best part is… it’s all licensed stuff: I’m driving a ’57 Chevy Belair with a 283.. slightly modified from like 190hp to 353hp.

Speaking of cars, I had an interesting problem today… I was going north on 207 when the drain plug to the oil pan dropped out. I heard it hit and saw a single stream of blue smoke, so I figured oil was in contact with the exaust pipe. Anyway, I pulled over and through a police officer letting me borrow his phone and my brother coming to drive, a quick stop at an auto parts store, and I’d made an unplanned oil change.

Wednesday, 7-31-02 at 00:50

Yesterday’s mob tip is fixed.

Tuesday, 7-30-02 at 01:32

Happy birthday Martha V! PHOTO TIME! I love you Martha! hahahaha

Speaking of love, I have a new mob tip.

Mob Tip #11: Investing ‘dirty’ money into ‘clean’ businesses is good… but don’t get too pushy with the product.

Monday, 7-29-02 at 13:15

I found out last night that our apartment will have A/C… as in AIR CONDITIONING!!! BOOOYA!!

I am going to Amy’s “girls night out” and I will keep you all informed of the pillow fight situation. We know it happens, and I will prove it. oh, yeah.

I added a new photo gallery to the about me page.. it’s called New Times. It only has four pictures in it so far, but just you wait. There will be more as I get them off Suzi’s camera, scan them from other cameras, etc.

UHF is the best movie (after Casino and Tombstone of course). Go watch it, it’s Weird Al at his finest.

Sunday, 7-28-02 at 10:11

Time to review the summer checklist:

Reformat old computer YES
Reformat new computer YES
Build J-pole antenna NO
Build 40 meter receiver IN PROGRESS
Go to Busch Gardens YES
Up morse code speed YES
Study signals and systems IN PROGRESS
Get telephoto lens YES
Write logging program NO
Weld floors in Buick NO
Replace starter in Buick NO

Ugh. Maybe half of what I need to do is done for the summer… and I haven’t packed yet.

Tuesday, 7-23-02 at 17:22

Oh yeah! Day off! I went with Dad to Ham Radio Outlet to window shop a bit this morning. We got an antenna to mount outside the house. We haven’t mounted it yet, cause, yeah it was like 95 degrees out when we got it home, but it will go up sometime..

Last night, I talked to a guy a few blocks away from the White House, from my car, using the Waldorf repeater. Not too shabby! I found out the repeater is mounted on a 770ft tower though, so that explains the wide coverage. Yesterday, everyone on the repeater was talking about how they were making all sorts of contacts due to tropospheric ducting… 2m contacts included Nova Scotia, MA, NH, NJ, and PA! I wish I’d known, I woulda had some fun with that! I also started messing around a bit with PSK-31 today. I do not have the capability to transmit, but I was learning how to use the software, and how to tune the radio to the right frequency using the software as a guide.

I reformatted and have installed Windows 2000 on my old machine.. This will be my ham radio machine when I get to school… Let’s see how well it works.. I need to find a few rails to mount the CD drive…

I added a few new pictures to the Old Pictures page…

Saturday, 7-20-02 at 18:09

I post again! Thank you, Suzi, for this bumpersticker. I have a friend named Suzi, she rocks like a magic kiss, she makes the crowd roar like a lion. She whips the panda with a belt!! But she makes the turtles hiss with anger!!!

I have so much I’d like to comment on… someone’s page mentions a refinement. I guess I’ll give a good “yee-haw” from King George County and go work at my truck stop in…ewww… cheap jeans and a tee-shirt. On my days off, I’ll go do unrefined things like work on my cars and screw around on the radio. I give refinement, and all of hoity-toity-ville, a one-finger salute. I’d like to add what “refinements” I have in women, but I’ll spare you that.

I also finished adding some new (old) pictures to my webpage. Go to “old pictures” and “King George #2” for a trip down memory lane.

Saturday, 7-20-02 at 02:05

Once again, a long delay between posts. Been working too much… but that’s ok, I suppose. When I do get home, I feel morally bound to finishing those field day logs for the New River Wireless Association page. I finished a major one tonight, so that makes me feel a little better.

I’ve been on 2-10 every night this week, except today, where I went from 6am-2pm (so that’s why I was in bed at 12, COURTNEY! hehe) On top of it, it’s only been 110 degrees or so and yet I have a cold! Go figure.

I watched a special on tornadoes the other night. By special, I mean three specials (it ran for three hours, which I cleverly taped) With the exception of a really awful announcer, it had some awesome footage. It also made quite a bit of mention of ham radio gear being essential to the storm chaser since “it works even if phone lines and cell towers are down.” The best footage though was 5″ hail stones shattering all the windows in a chase vehicle, including the front windshield. It was quite awesome!

Monday, 7-15-02 at 22:39

Sorry for the long delay! First, Sean Falconer and I went to Robyn’s birthday party. It was pretty cool; got to hang out with Robyn, Tremper, Kiera, Sean, Kenya Dave, Derrick, and a few others, plus met some new people like Janelle, two Dustins, a different Sean, Kristen, and a few more. It was pretty cool. I think everyone kinda stopped partying when the sun came up. Kenya Dave kept passing out and his dog would go nuts (he brought a dog named Cash). We continued the IHOP tradition and then sat around and discussed good ol’ KG times. If you weren’t from King George, you wouldn’t understand such things as “who can moon other cars while driving” and “underwear on the antenna” and “they are my sister’s… it must have already been there…”

Work has been same old, same old. I work 2-10 like every day now, which is cool cause it’s consistent and I can go do other things all night, like say take advantage of 20 meter propagation into Africa…

The Nova passed inspection today. It’s amazing.

Thursday, 7-11-02 at 11:42

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!!! See, there was once this girl named Robyn. She went to my high school. She rocked! But she’d always trip me cause she’s mean and hateful like that! So one time, I found an alligator clip in the school parking lot and I clipped it to the crotch of her smiley face thing hanging in her car! HAHA!

It’s been a few days since my last post, so it’s time to catch up. Suzi and I are no longer dating, but are good friends. We decided it was for the best for several reasons for right now…

I’ve been down on the radio the last few nights and I worked three new countries: New Zealand, Wales, and the big prize: Sierra Leone! I also talked to Aix Island (off of France), but that is still considered France, which I have worked many times before.

Ugh, the summer to do list is not getting a whole lot smaller. I replaced the windshield wiper blades because I know I couldn’t get inspected with them so torn up. I have a lot of work to do on the New River Wireless Association page, mostly logs from field day. I’m working on that every day, a little bit at a time. Also, since probably my most successful thing on this page is my mob tips, I am going to give them their own seperate page, but of course, I have to build that as well.

Monday, 7-8-02 at 11:50

We went to Busch Gardens yesterday. It was awesome! We rode like every roller coaster a billion times, the tea cups (don’t ask.), Da Vinci’s Cradle, the rafting one, (where only Tim and I got wet). The group consisted of Suzi, Beth, Tim and I. Also, I will never eat an ice cream cone again, because every cone I get is broken or something and I end up making a mess like a 5 year old. More on that when pictures become available, unfortunately.

Time for another mob tip:

Mob Tip #10: Don’t do drugs.

Thursday, 7-4-02 at 00:18

It’s been a while, I know, I know. Cry about it.
I got a raise at Horne’s! Boo-ya! Time to get some stuff for my cars, radios, and… no wait, probably not.
Speaking of radio, I got a 6 meter whip antenna for my car. I only have 6 m capability on my HT, but hey, it’s better than the rubber duckie that came with the HT.

I changed the oil a few days ago in the Nova, and tomorrow I hope to work on the brakes. It’s supposed to be like 11 million degrees, so I don’t know for sure whether I will or not.

It’s July 4. I intend to work on my car, don some jeans and a t-shirt, listen to some CCR and Skynyrd then go to work at an all-American truck stop. After work, I might set off some fireworks. That’s the way to spend the fourth!

Speaking of all American, time for another mob tip:

Mob Tip #9: Italy doesn’t celebrate the Fourth of July.

Sunday, 6-30-02 at 23:13

Fun times! First, Suzi and I started dating yesterday. I guess it was inevitable, seeing as we’ve practically been dating for two months; we have spent like every free second together for quite a while. We went to Denny’s (we are becoming regulars) and then went to Walmart and got Beth some birthday presents. Then we went back to her place and watched Three Kings. What a good movie!

Today I had a pretty successful morning, I got fans for my apartment and pipe for my antenna. We also priced desks, and I believe I found one I like. We will see though.

Friday, 6-28-02 at 00:31

I got called in a little early cause someone didn’t show. Figures, no deposited check for me. I worked and then attempted to fix my brakes only to find that the pads are the wrong ones. I had to just reassemble everything and go home. BOO!

On another note. In case you didn’t hear the ruling: The 9th District Circuit Court ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional. Ok, folks, this is ridiculous. It would be one thing to FORCE people to recite it. But no no no, this is cannot be recited at all in public schools. Dr. Atheist from Hippie university found it offensive because of the phrase “under God.” Some people don’t have enough pain and heartache in their lives if they can whine about this. He’s probably sitting at home inside a nice house, sipping a cafe’ latte debating when he should trade in his 2001 Lexus, but oh, what is this that troubles him? HIS daughter is uttering the word “God” and it’s not even part of “Goddammit” or some other vain expression. SOMEONE must be responsible for this! I mean seriously folks, this is ridiculous. And then, our judges support this? Fine, don’t pledge allegiance to the US. You wanna worship the cow God, fine, whatever. Don’t say it. But don’t tell everyone in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Montana and Idaho that they can’t say it. Pinko, get out of my country.

The truth of the matter is it is unconstitutional to FORCE someone to say it. Being forced to recite the pledge every day sounds like a communistic action to me. I mean, what, if you don’t swear allegiance to the country, you will be punished? I don’t understand this nation of cry babies. Also, notice who originated the bill. It wasn’t an immigrant from a non-Christian background, it was a doctor with too much spare time; probably went to Catholic school and got spanked and is bitter towards religion anyway. I don’t understand how this system works here in America. We are so afraid of stepping on each others toes that we end up offending everyone. I mean, you can’t make a stereotype for any group of people; black, white, heterosexual, homosexual, male, female, Jewish, Catholic, mentally challenged, vision impared, etc, etc. And we are so cautious about that. Don’t ever say the “disabled man”:, always say “the man with a disability.” Fine, whatever. But from now on, I will treat “redneck”, “white trash”, “hillbilly” and “hick” as ethnic slurs and charge tornadoes with hate crime, since they are always seeking out those trailer parks. How is it, that Southern, white, America can be labelled into one stereotype that is accepted and right, yet we have to watch how we phrase every sentence around someone from a different lifestyle? Can’t say “God” in the pledge cause it might offend someone. Yet, the only people that believe in God are white trash and other primitive beings in the South. Anytime the gun issue comes up, all I see on TV is stuff about “rednecks having to prove they are men in a primitive game.” Yet somehow that is acceptable on TV. I think that should be the “r” word and nobody should be able to use it except true rednecks, and nobody else can use it unless they have experienced the true plight of a the “Culturally Challenged.” Thank you, I will step down from my soap box now.

Thursday, 6-27-02 at 12:25

I have made a few more updates to the New River Wireless Association page. A few more pictures, a mission statement, a list of officers, etc. In our organization, I am the webmaster and I am on the Interference and Operating Committee.

Today so far, I’ve attempted to work on the brakes of the Nova, but there isn’t a suitable spot. I packed everything in the trunk and will probably change them in a parking lot sometime. Won’t take too long, I’m sure. I managed to balance my checkbook (Martha) cut the grass, do a load of laundry, and will probably deposit my check today too.

Tuesday, 6-25-02 at 12:50

I don’t even know where to begin. Field day was awesome!!! Our club made 1200 contacts in 24 hours and 8 gallons of gasoline for the generator. Please check the NRWA Page for photos and results. We were operating on 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, and 6m. Good times! Most of our contacts were sideband, though Mike (KC4Q) got quite a few on CW, and Lee got a few on PSK31.

Thank you Courtney and Chrissy for a good birthday dinner!

Our location was great. Elevation of around 4000ft, down about a four mile section of gravel road, then up a steep section of jeep trail. And yes, the Nova did fine, my driveway is worse 🙂 Speaking of the Nova, this is how dusty it got going down the gravel road: 1, 2 and 3.

Friday, 6-21-02 at 01:56

Field day is coming up, and I’m MORE than excited! I’m totally psyched.

I updated my ham pages. I worked South Cook Islands last night (this morning) on 20 meters. This was a new contact for me and I get bragging rights for sure.

Wednesday, 6-19-02 at 12:12

And, for my birthday, my parents got me a Benchmade to replace the Gerber I lost this semester. And, the prize of all prizes, A Yaesu VX-7R! This is the latest HT and covers 2m, 6m, 220Mhz and 440Mhz, and wow, there’s a lot to learn! It just came out for the Dayton hamfest, so I feel special for once in my life having the “latest and greatest.” Thanks mom and dad for a great birthday.

Monday, 6-17-02 at 12:40

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but a happy birthday to Jessi!!!! She turned 21, and probably the only other person besides me who didn’t (won’t) get trashed on their 21st birthday… In futher announcements, I know she doesn’t check the page very often, but Happy Birthday to Beth today too… we knew each other in elementary school, and started talking online sometime sophomore year of college. And I remember her birthday was today!

I found out why the radio has been so quiet recently. I ran a propagation program and found that there is no good propagation during the morning hours, where I operated all winter. Now the bands are open late at night. So the other night I went down late… talked to Missouri, Romania, and the prize of all prizes, Tunisia! The ham pages have been updated.

I can’t wait for this weekend…. it’s ARRL Field Day, and I’m so excited. We are gonna string up a few tents, antennas, and radios and operate as much as possible over a short period of time, on top a mountain. Hopefully, it won’t storm. Cause we aren’t stopping if it’s lightning, no way.

Saturday, 6-15-02 at 12:49

Not much new today. I did add a new weather thing on both the weather page and on the counter. The one on the weather page is with the standard symbols and the one on the counter is with pretty graphics for all of yous who are unfamiliar

Courtney had a good list today:

Rules for Driving in New York City

When on a one way street, stay to the right to allow oncoming traffic to pass.

Never, ever, stop for a pedestrian unless he flings himself under the wheels of your car.

The first parking space you see will be the last parking space you see. Grab it.

Never get in the way of a car that needs extensive body work.

Always look both ways when running a red light.

Never use directional signals when changing lanes. They only warn other drivers to speed up and not let you in. (Truest of All)

Making eye contact revokes your right of way.

Whenever possible, stop in the middle of a crosswalk to ensure inconveniencing as many pedestrians as possible. And if a pedestrian ahead of you steps into the road, speed up, honk or yell loudly and chase him back up on the curb. Pedestrians have no rights.

And my second list is Little Debbie’s 10 most popular products as answered by the FAQ on the Little Debbie page.

Question: What are the top selling products?
Answer: Our top selling items are:
1. Swiss Cake Rolls
2. Nutty Bars® Wafer Bars
3. Oatmeal Creme Pies
4. Fudge Brownies
5. Honey Buns
6. Zebra Cakes
7. Devil Squares®
8. Fudge Rounds
9. Star Crunch® Cosmic Snacks
10. Chocolate Cupcakes

I guess I’m surprised Zebra Cakes didn’t do higher, and that Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks were so high on the list. It’s amazing! As we all could have guessed, Swiss Cake Rolls are #1, and more importantly, they are way better than that Hostess fake product. Speaking of which, Hostess just sucks anyway. At Horne’s we have Hostess and we have Archie. Archie is this guy who brings all sorts of good food at about ten cents cheaper than Hostess. His stuff is better, fresher, cheaper and much bigger servings than anything you could get from Hostess! So buy Archer’s Trading.

Friday, 6-14-02 at 02:53

Frustration! Today on 17 meters, I heard a Kuwait station. He kept calling CQ (for those who don’t know what that means, it means ‘someone call me’) yet nobody was. I tried and tried, but he couldn’t hear me. But some day, oh yeah, someday he will, and I’ll work Kuwait

Horne’s was relatively slow today. It rained pretty hard, and the parking lot was a few inches deep at one point. That was pretty cool at least.

I’m gonna update soon. I have my birthday off work, so hopefully I will have a chance to add a bunch of other stuff. I am thinking I should probably put up my resume somewhere. I still haven’t built that turtle page either. I have, however added tonight’s radar picture to the 2002 Radar Gallery. Unfortunately I was at work, so I did not get any good pictures.

Tuesday, 6-11-02 at 22:56

Today I worked 6-2 at Horne’s (6am to 2pm), which is a nice shift to work, cause a) by the time it gets busy, you are almost ready to go home and b) when you get home you still have half the day left.

Speaking of days, I have so much I still need to do this summer. I’ve only worked on the Buick like one day this whole summer. I’ve only been on the radio a handful of days, and I still have bad brakes on the Nova. I haven’t done near as much as I wanted to on the webpage, and I haven’t worked as much as I need to. I still have a two meter J-pole antenna to build, a 40 meter receiver to debug, and a 120Mhz laptop to recondition. I have friends to hang out with yet, a VCR to fix, an antenna tuner to test out, and to relearn signals and systems. I have a VHF and an HF logging programs to write, code speed to increase, welding to learn, people to forget and a personality to change. I haven’t accomplished anything yet!!!

Tonight I hung out with Suzi. Went over to Carl’s to get some good ice cream. If it had more of a parking lot, that would be the ideal place to have a cruise night. I mean the place has been selling ice cream for ages, and I’m sure there have been plenty of drag races, peel outs, etc from that little shop for generations. I talked to Tim, Martha, and Julia tonight and we might do something this weekend. I saw Bethany at Carl’s but the 100 person line (no exaggeration at all) kept us from really chatting.

Saturday, 6-8-02 at 16:52

I went to church today. It was a good time since Olivieri was teaching. I saw a few old friends as well, so it was all good.

Mob Tip #8: Drive a getaway car that doesn’t give you away. See illustration.

I hope to have more weather links up today. Maybe even part of a Civilization III Page, we will see how the day goes. I need to find all my old games pages and update them. I will have SO much more content when I pull them off my old 166Mhz Pentium, which is sitting here on the floor. I’m not a gamer, I just play a variety of games from time to time and have a lot of stuff from all of the games I play. I do not have anything for Everquest, just because I don’t play it but a few times a month, and have by no means mastered it. Games like SimCity 2000, I have mastered in almost less playing time and feel confident putting up some of the stuff from that game.

Saturday, 6-8-02 at 00:37

New pictures are added to the weather photo page, thanks to the crazy weather of a last night. Especially look at at least one of the gust front pictures down near the bottom. I also added a La Plata Tornado damage picture page, which is linked off the weather page.

Ok, so I get up to get breakfast one morning, and when I look in the fridge, this is what I see. That would be my dad’s handwriting. As I sit there and enjoy a chicken salad sandwich and having just taken the above picture, I figure, might as well take a picture of some hummingbirds for you suburbs kids who have never seen one.

I think I’ve decided what I’m doing next summer. I’m going out to the midwest for a few weeks, for the sole purpose of chasing tornadoes and storms. I mean, it’s cheaper than an island vacation, and yes, I will find driving around flat, open highways, talking on the radio, chasing storms way more entertaining than sitting in my apartment doing nothing. I will have to do some work on the Nova, or trade it in to make sure I don’t get stranded out there. I figure I’ll bring my two meter FM rig with a magmount vertical, and maybe a cheap HF rig (probably like a rat shack ten meter ssb rig) and try to help out the county hunters on the way. I have a purpose in life once again.

Suzi, hearing of my possible departure to the wheat and corn fields of the midwest decides to try to talk me out of it by saying how dangerous it is. She summed it all up with this line: “from the flaming tumbleweed to tornados there’s no chance of survival!” The flaming tumbleweed comes from tornadoes, as does the lack of grass and trees. Then, apparently, the tornadoes hurl flaming tumbleweeds at people, and that is why nobody lives there.

Speaking of ham radio: this is pretty cool.

Friday, 6-7-02 at 01:15

First. I got my car back Wednesday, way ahead of schedule. Damage wasn’t too bad, actually. I’ve taken it out for quite a bit of road testing and don’t seem to have any problems thus far.

There were so many tornadoes in MD and VA today. I was in work and/or too far away to actually chase any, though I tried. There was quite a bit of wind damage where I lived, as well as a close lightning strike that fried our modem. Good thing we had another, or you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Suzi and I saw “The Sum Of All Fears” tonight. It was pretty good. I recommend it.

Wednesday, 6-5-02 at 00:14

Today was dead at Horne’s. Only worked 5 hours… but in that five hours, I only made $69 in sales. It was dead. I did inventory for a while too.

Monday, 6-3-02 at 00:27

Today was fun! I went to the Manassass hamfest and got a Ramsey 40 meter receiver kit, which I built today, though it doesn’t quite work. It just produces an AC hum instead of what is on the 40 meter band. But that’s probably as much the antenna (which is just a random length of wire) as the radio. I also got an MFJ-949E antenna tuner. It’s got a built in dummy load and will be absolutely necessary to transmit from the apartment.

I also went out to the old youth group meeting. It was Mr. A, Suzi (she drove me), Ben, Jessi, Billy Tschirn, Deva, Leah, and a few people I didn’t know. Afterwards, we went to Denny’s for dinner. Good times were had by all. Best quote of the night, “We played horse. I was a HO. Then we quit.” – Suzi.. it was in reference to playing horse (basketball) and stopping before the game had finished, but yeah, take it as you will…

Sunday, 6-2-02 at 18:55

Time to join the trend. Personal

1. First Name: Seth

2. Middle Name: Thomas

3. Last Name: Price

4. Hair Style: Same as always except with sideburns

5. Eye Color: Brown
6. Height: 5’9″

7. Location: King George, VA, which isn’t good enough.

8. Zodiac Sign: I don’t know

9. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Not worth the effort.


1. Favorite Animal: cat

2. Favorite Sport: Anarchy.

3. Favorite Color(s): Black or orange

6. Favorite Song(s) of the Moment:

Pantera – Walk

7. Favorite Movie Quote: “There’s no such thing as a normal life. Only life.”

8. Favorite Store: Green Top (Gun/Fishing Store in Ashland)

9. Favorite Feeling: Being in love. Oh wait, that doesn’t really exist. Anarchy.

10. Favorite Shoe: Combat boots

11. Favorite Scent: gasoline

1. Do You Wear Make-Up?: No…..

2. Which is more important, personality or looks?: Personality, though that doesn’t matter to many people

3. Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: relationships aren’t worth existing.

4. What is your idea of the perfect guy/girl?: someone who isn’t going to run off with the next hottest guy at the first chance, someone who doesn’t lie to me, doesn’t cheat on me, someone honest. Oh wait, that doesn’t exist either.

5. What don’t you want in a guy/girl: See above only make it the opposite.

6. Would you ever ask someone out?: Why ask someone out, it’s all a pointless game to cover a physical attraction apparently.

7. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: I used to like redheads.

Love, Life & Friends

1. What is the first thing you notice about someone?: hair

2. When’s the last time you cried?: I don’t remember

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a pirate

4. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: Not anymore. Mr. B is gone forever

5. Do you want children?: Not any more

6. How far have you gotten?: That’s kinda personal.

7. Do you like someone right now?: nope

8. Do they know?: n/a

9. Do you have a best friend?: yes

10. Have you ever been in love?: no

11. Are you now?: no

12. When would you like to get married?: at least 150.

13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Jail, cause I’m so violent and am an awful person.

Within the last 24 hours, have you?

1. Had a serious talk?: yes

2. Hugged someone?: no

3. Gotten along well with your parents?: yes

4. Fought with a friend?: yes

Do you like to..

1. Give hugs?: no

2. Give back rubs?: no, cause I’m not as “good” as Ryan.

3. Take walks in the rain?: Yeah, sure whatever. Hippies.


1. You have that falling dream?: no.

2. What is on the walls of your room?: stuff

3. When you chew gum, what kind?: whatever I got.

4. Do you use chap stick?: No

In the last month have/did you..

1. Drink?: no

2. Smoke?: No

3. Drugs?: No

4. Have Sex?: No

5. Made Out?: No

6. Gone on a date?: No

7. Gone to the movies?: Yes

8. Go to the mall?: Yes

9. Realized you hadn’t talked to someone you wish you had?: Yes

10. Been on stage?: No

11. Been dumped?: No

12. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: Not in the last month

13. Watched the Smurfs?: no

14. Hiked a mountain?: I will in two weeks.

15. Made homemade cookies?: no

More stuff…

1. Are you popular?: no, I’m not part of the worthless preppy “in-crowd” at school and at its religious organizations.

2. Are you pretty?: nope.

3. Do you have your own phone line?: No

4. What is your favorite word to say?: anthrax

5. What is your favorite phrase to say?: give him anthrax!

6. What are you doing right now?: Filling out an awful survey

7. What song are you listening to?: P.O.D. Youth of A Nation

8. What are you wearing?: ripped jeans and a black shirt

Finally… Your comments on this survey: I figure, might as well post one too.

Saturday, 6-1-02 at 19:26

I have moved most of my cars page over, though there is still about 1200 files to go (but they are smaller…).

I also added a few more weather pictures. Yesterday was some of the best cloud structure I’d seen in a while. There was a huge thunderstorm northeast of Port Royal, probably over the Chesapeake Bay or so, and one moving south east along Rt. 17. The one moving along Rt. 17, I drove against on Rt. 3. Just when I thought I had a spot to pull over and take pictures, a “bolt out of the blue” quite literally struck a few miles ahead of me. I was under blue skies, as was the spot where the lightning hit. For those who know the area, the storm was around Rt. 17, yet the bolt probably hit in Maryland or the Potomac River. It was EASILY on the north side of Rt. 3. It was crazy! I got a few good vertical pictures of the fully developed cell, and one of a rainbow seen after the storm.

Saturday, 6-1-02 at 12:28

I have not posted in a while due to the fact that I worked six days this week and when I was online, I had to move files from Tripod who lowered their maximum file limit. BOOO!! Soon, my cars page will be located on TopCities instead of Tripod, but right now I have all the files off Tripod, and maybe 150 of 2,334 back up on TopCities.

I changed the turtle tank around a bit, as I read (and it makes sense) that they prefer nice soft, moist soil to gravel. This makes sense, seeing as they are woods turtles. I added some soil from my woods, and have been keeping it damp and they seem to be exploring a bit more. They are happy to be able to burrow and crawl under the dead leaves I put in the tank. I will soon have a turtle page… hopefully.

Car issues! I dropped the muffler a week ago… well apparently, the exhaust became more restrictive. I wasn’t quite as loud yesterday and had ZERO pick up. When I got home around dusk, I got out of the car and noticed my feet were casting a shadow. This is because the catalytic converter and exhaust pipe (that used to go to the muffler) were glowing red hot. The whole underside of the car was smoking. I popped the hood to allow for extra cooling and waited until it had stopped smoking before leaving it. Yeah, not sure what to do about it quite yet, and no word on the amount of damage…

Tuesday, 5-28-02 at 23:07

We, as human beings are doomed. We had some winners today! Between the guy pumping .48 cents in diesel, the woman who drove off with the gas pump still in her car, the guy who didn’t realize he had to CHECK his oil every so often (not just change it every ‘x’ miles) and and this like 80 year old white guy comes in and asks if i could hook him up with some “fly honies.” GOOD times!

So like I figure Suzi loves me, and here’s why I think so!

Relaxing song of the hour: Pink Floyd: Us and Them. Yeah, MP3s.

According to my email “pee gals” want to talk to me. That’s awful.

Sunday, 5-26-02 at 13:07

I can’t post much right now, but I will post more later today. I have to work 2-10 today, and I was up til about 3am talking to Kim H. on instant messenger. I’m gonna go see star wars with her next weekend, and it is gonna be fun!

Yesterday was Pop-Pop’s 90th birthday party (Friday was his real birthday). It was crazy! All these people I’d never seen before but they knew me! Apparently I look like my dad did when he was my age. Mom-mom told me she was gonna shave off my sideburns, except that dad was worse. When mom-mom picked dad up at the airport his first time back from college, he had the whole 70’s white afro goin, and mom mom wouldn’t even walk with him! hahhaha. There was this cute blonde there, but then I found out a) she’s got a 7 year old and b) she’s like my second cousin. This angers me greatly!

I’m working on a few updates to the electronics page and a Civilization III page. Yay updates!

Friday, 5-24-02 at 19:34

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post, to say the least!

I have started building a motion detector from a Ramsey electronic kit. I seem to be missing a resistor, but hey, it’s all good. I have most of the components soldered in, but I have not mounted the IC yet or the LED on the basis that I want to get a socket for the IC and I might change the position of the LED, so I don’t gain anything by mounting it now.

Where have I been? Horne’s. I worked 9-5 on Wednesday, 2-10 on Thursday, but then the 10-6 person called in sick, so I pulled a double and came back 6 am today. Then I went in for a 12-8 today, but they sent me home at like 6:30 cause it was slower than we expected. I had a Comcheck at midnight that just completely ruined my life; it didn’t go through and so the trucker has $155 of diesel he cant pay for; not his fault, but a bad situation. He has to get up the road or he gets fired, but of course, i’m not letting him leave with free diesel. But it got resolved through many phone calls…

Mufflers? Who needs ’em! Mine fell off today, and I don’t care.

Monday, 5-20-02 at 17:53

Folks, have you heard about the kid getting expelled from a church school cause her mother is a stripper? This is stupid. I mean, yes I agree that the school can do what it wants, but I think the school is being stupid. A) Maybe they should look at their tuition; Mom probably has to strip to pay the bills. B) If it’s such a sin to be a stripper, it’s not the kid’s fault AND the church COULD be making a positive influence on the girl’s life. Naturally, the church doesn’t see things this way, they see an evil sinner and try to keep her from being a bad influence on good kids that paid good, honest money to go to school there. Whatever. In the end, this is the reason there isn’t more Christians; there are too many other Christians looking down on the new Christians. I mean, for some reason, this woman wants her kid in a church school, even if she is an awful heathen, yet the school says “nope, you’re too far gone at 5 years old to be helped.” Church (and church school) should be a hospital for the sinners, not a country club for the saved. But hey, what do I know? I’m a public school attending, ripped jean wearing, rock music listening, truck stop cashier.

I made my second contact on 40 meters… and it was to Tennessee! A new state for me!

Sunday, 5-19-02 at 12:00

I’m working at Horne’s today. Should be fun. I will go there full time this summer, but I’m only on for three days this week because I need to get trained on the new registers and whatnot.

Congratulations are in order for Keri Beth Patterson… or should I say Mrs. Barker! She got married this weekend and will be goin to Brazil soon! Best wishes to Keri and her husband, Joe!

Furthermore, Sarah’s 21st birthday was this weekend, and it was fun. I… don’t know if she remembers, but it was fun, I tell ya. Met all sorts of cool people like Morgan, Steve, Ann, and many others, which I’m not going to name one by one just in the interest of space…

Thursday, 5-16-02 at 17:56

First, some updates: I have added a few weather pictures to that page, updated my 10-X page and added Guadalupe to my Caribbean contacts. I also added a page under ham radio called “Top 5 Things You Won’t Hear At A Hamfest.” Only hams will get this. More updates will come later today.
I have a new picture of the turtles. They are doing well, and I put a strawberry in for food. They will eat it, they just don’t want me to know that they are.

Now anyone know knows Suzi well knows she loves to play Monopoly. And she can ONLY play if she has the thimble. Well, Miss Suzi strategically placed a Tommy Hilfiger keychain in my car. I am not a consumer whore, so I detest this action. So if it is not removed, the thimble gets it!

Tuesday, 5-14-02 at 00:25

I forgot to mention yesterday, I saw Geronimo. What a good movie. I’d read a book about him, and the movie held pretty close to what I had read in the book. It’s kinda funny, at one point, Geronimo was one of the most feared men in America. The whole army was chasing him. They only caught him because he surrendered at the promise of seeing his family again. After the whole army chased him, shot at him, etc. he ended up dying of pneumonia because he was drunk and fell out of the back of a wagon in the rain.

I am going to VEC tomorrow to have them help me look for a job. Hopefully, they will have a little more common sense, i.e. how am I supposed to know the store number of the last Blockbuster I applied to? and why does anyone need to know the zip code of my middle school? I was writing code for AEGIS cruisers, yet Target wants to know about my middle school. Gimme a break.

I found two new pets today. Not sure how long I will keep them, but here are Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. I found Apollo first (he’s a little bigger) and dumped some garbage at the dump. On the way back, I found Rocky. Sometime around then I heard Foreigner “Eye of the Tiger” and figured these made appropriate names.

Ham contact pages have been updated.

Sunday, 5-12-02 at 21:44

Treat your mother right! It’s mother’s day, which is a holiday Mr. T holds dear. He even sang a song about treating your mother right.

Sopranos was really good tonight. Too bad HBO had to screw up the tape. It kept like skipping and stuff… it was awful. If you have never watched the Sopranos, you should. They even demonstrated mob tip #1 about making sure the car was close.

I’m going on 33 hours awake. Getting my endurance back for field day where we will operate all night…

Speaking of ham radio, I went on today; made a contact to a guy in an 18 wheeler in Florida, another Florida, a Connecticut (the first on that particular band) and, the prize of the day, Cape Verde Islands on 12 meters (which is a narrow, limited use band).

Saturday, 5-11-02 at 19:10

I added a 1602 A.D. page to the games page. If you want a good simulation game, this is definitely in the running. You have to build up a colony in 1602 (hence the name), fend off other colonies, pirates, etc. and improve the quality of life for the colonists. The better the lifestyle, the more tax money you earn from them and the more improvements you can make.

After a long delay, I got a new mob tip:

Mob Tip #7: Pick an intimidating person for extorting money. Not a pansy. Notice that choice b.) has been selected in this illustration.

Saturday, 5-11-02 at 00:58

Sorry it’s been a few days. I went ahead and reformatted and reinstalled Windows 2000. So far the system seems pretty stable…

Finally, spring semester has come to a close. Now if only I knew my grades…. I know I got a C+ in Electronics I. This will actually help my GPA, both in major and overall. Bonus points!

A new season brings forth a new news file. The spring semester one can be found at the link below. I will continue to do this until I run out of space. Besides, nobody wants to waste that much time going through my old archives..

Today, I went to Synetics to look for a job. They might actually have one or two for me… I’ll know on Monday. I left and drove to Colonial Beach. The fire they had there was pretty bad, as I saw what molten fiberglass really looks like. I also drove past my old Colonial Beach neighborhood. After that, I came home, washed and waxed the Nova. Productive, yeah right.

Colonial Beach did have some good memories, though most of them were of hope. When we first moved to Colonial Beach, it was something new and exciting. It was a wow, this is great! So close to the water, and in the country too! Memories of fishing, the huge house we stayed in, the ducks, being able to buy fireworks, Rusty leaving a tan spot on the wood deck furniture, biking for hours and hours, playing baseball against my brother (because there was NOBODY else to play with). Of course, this hope would be dashed as the cruel reality of Colonial Beach actually hit, but it was fun to remember first driving into what was then called Bleak Hall (now Harbor View Colony).