Summer 2011

Thursday, 6-16-11 at 23:00 MDT

Happy Birthday, Jessi Fitzgerald!
I finally attended my first Albuquerque LabVIEW Interest Network (ALVIN) meeting. I will try to attend more of them.
WX Report: 75.4°F, 7% relative humidity, 3.5mph WSW winds, 29.81 in Hg, 15.0°F dewpoint. Clear.
NWS Forecast: Clear, with a low around 59. West wind between 5 and 10 mph. Fire Weather Watch.

Tuesday, 6-14-11 at 23:38 MDT

The 20m county hunter net was dead today. I only heard a few people talk to mobile stations I couldn’t hear.
WX Report: 69.7°F, 16% relative humidity, no wind, 30.00 in Hg, 20.3°F dewpoint.
NWS Forecast: Clear, with a low around 58. North wind around 5 mph.

Monday, 6-13-11 at 13:24 MDT

Today has been busy, and it’s only half over. I paid the home owners insurance people, got my new post office box keys, took the kid to Rocket Camp (and picked him back up from Rocket Camp, because it’s a half day camp), made a few 20M contacts, and probably a dozen other things. Last night, I planted two green bell peppers, two red bell peppers, two yellow bell peppers, and three Big Jim chile peppers.
WX Report: 94.9°F, 4% relative humidity, 1.7mph WSW winds, 30.00 in Hg, 30.2°F dew point. It’s sunny but with some smoke-induced haze.
NWS Forecast: Areas of smoke. Sunny, with a high near 94. West wind between 15 and 20 mph. Air Quality Alert, and a Hazardous Weather Statement (Red Flag Warning).

Sunday, 6-12-11 at 14:33 MDT

I spent my first night in the new house!
From Rio Rancho, the WX report is: 97.7°F, 4% relative humidity, 7.8mph SSE winds, 29.85 in Hg, 32.0°F dewpoint, 29.86in Hg, mostly sunny, a few scattered cumulus clouds. The smoke hasn’t rolled in yet, but it might this afternoon.
NWS Forecast: Areas of smoke. Mostly sunny, with a high near 95. Breezy, with a southwest wind around 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph. Air Quality Alert (for smoke), Hazardous Weather Statement.
Tuesday, 6-7-11 at 23:11 MDT

Some days, everything goes wrong.
I updated OK, TX, KS, and CO QSOs. I will update my Socorro log sometime soon.

Sunday, 6-5-11 at 11:03 MDT

I am in the Seattle Airport and am about to fly back to Albuquerque with a layover in Denver. I am returning from the Society of Industrial Archeology Conference, and will hopefully post photos soon.
Already time for a really late monthly update:
Books read: 3; On the Run by Gregg and Gina Hill, Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle
Books of the Bible Read: 1; Numbers
Periodicals Read: 5
HF Contacts made: 280
Monthly average: 56.1%
Miles Biked: 40.07 (thanks, Jimmy for the new bike!)
Farthest Distance Traveled: Colby, KS
Biggest Accomplishment: buying a house!

Sunday, 5-29-11 at 14:39 MDT

I have archived spring semester’s posts. On to summer!
I will be adding a ton of QSOs and some storm chase photos/journal/video at some point as well.
Later this week, I will attend the Society for Indutrial Archeology Conference in Seattle. I am looking forward to it!
WX Report: In the sun, and the wind sensor is down.
NWS Forecast: Areas of blowing dust. Sunny, with a high near 96. Windy, with a southwest wind around 30 mph, with gusts as high as 45 mph. A Red Flag Warning and a Wind Advisory are in effect.