7/18/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a fun day.  JoAnna and I walked to campus and had lunch in the CU Boulder dining hall (C4C).  There was actually quite a few food options for her, so we had plenty to eat.

In the afternoon, I did a bunch of work for SSP, though I have so much more to finish up.

In the evening, JoAnna, Joey and I went to Chautauqua and watched a show in their concert hall.  It was silent movie made in 1924 about climbing Mount Everest.  The climbers did not survive, but might have been the first to reach the summit.  There was a piano accompaniment.  It was really neat!

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7/15/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, my group went to lunch together at Ted’s Montana Grill.  It was pretty good.  I’m 90% sure that is the chain of restaurants Ted Turner opened.

After lunch, we spent the day in meetings before going to dinner.  I am overeating these days, and I need to fix it.

In the late evening, I walked for a bit.  I had expected it to be nasty weather and for the data collection at the observatory to be cancelled.  Instead, the skies cleared and it was cool and pleasant.  I chatted with JoAnna for around two hours before returning to the apartment to get some sleep.

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7/10/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day right.  I went for a four mile bicycle ride, just because I had not been riding in almost a month.  Fully energized from my ride, I did quite a few things in the morning, whittling down my “To Do” list quickly.

In the afternoon, we had a guest speaker.  I didn’t get to attend, as I spent the time setting up her reception instead.  However, the students seemed to enjoy her presentation.

In the evening, I took a quick nap, but then went for a walk, talking to Joey, and then JoAnna on the phone.

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6/19/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had my first day as the Site Director for the Summer Science Program (SSP).  I moved into my apartment late at night, and then spent the day meeting the Teaching Assistants (TAs) and other folks that will be my colleagues.

I missed out on the storms that formed to my north and west, which was unfortunate, but there was no way to pick people up at the airport and chase storms.

In the evening, I went for a long walk and called JoAnna to chat.  We had been going for a walk every night and talking, so perhaps we did it long distance; I walked and she made her dinners for a few days back in Rio Rancho.

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6/16/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, we took Joey to the airport so that he could visit his father and his family.  I won’t see him again until August 😦

In the evening, we went to Annapurna’s, and then to the Solid Grounds Coffee House for music.  I spent some time dealing with the pile of emails that I received from the SSP, as well as prepared a speech for the first day there.

We went for a walk around the park before returning home for the evening.

Tomorrow, I will drive to Boulder, and so I will talk more about that as I learn more about what I will be doing there.

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6/15/18: Daily Post

We celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Technically, my birthday is the 18th, but I will be driving to Boulder, CO, that day, and Joey will be spending a bunch of time in Georgia, flying out today.

We started out the day by lounging around a bit.  I did some blog posting and such, but overall, it was an easy day.  In the afternoon, we did a bit of quick shopping and then went to Tucanos for dinner.  As always, it was delicious.

In the evening, we went to an Albuquerque Isotopes game.  I was originally afraid it would get rained out, but it didn’t.  It even went into extra innings, and I will talk about that more in another post later on.

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6/14/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I was supposed to go for a bike ride, but it was hot and a bit humid, so I instead worked on a few things around the house.

In the afternoon, JoAnna and I did some light shopping.  I had to run a few errands, and she had to take care of a few things for the elderly lady she assists.  We had some Albertson’s coupons, so we picked up quite a few things really cheaply- $5 off vegetables, $5 off meat, $5 off sushi, so we got all three.  I also picked up a micro-SD card at Walmart.

In the evening, I moved quite a few apps to the micro-SD card on my phone to try and boost its performance.  It seems to be working alright.  JoAnna and I also went for a walk around the park, as we have been doing in the evenings.

We also did some cooking- we tried making zucchini tacos, but it came out very Italian instead.  They were good, either way.

Joey and I then watched two episodes of Justified.

Thank you for reading my post.