12/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was simultaneously busy…and not.  I knew I needed to drive to Socorro, so I slept in a bit in the morning, and lazily commuted south.  However, I did have an appointment in Belen, and another in Socorro, so I couldn’t skip out on the day entirely.

My appointment in Belen went well.  I had a meeting with the principal of a Catholic School there.  She was looking for someone to tutor the students in robotics after school (4th-8th graders), and said that I might be a good fit for this.  There is a stipend, and I can bring in volunteers as well, so I’ll see what I can put together.

In the afternoon, I spent several hours meeting with the sodium dynamo team and have a few more items on my “To Do” list there.  We had a meeting, then a lunch meeting, then continued to meet after lunch.

In the evening, I commuted home.  I worked on the ChE Website a bit, though I am totally unhappy with it.  It’s not worth investing too much time, however, as the university will be changing how it handles these websites soon.

I got to spend a few hours chatting with JoAnna as well, so that was good.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/10/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was sort of busy.  I started out the day by working on a few projects around the house, including cooking and cleaning.  I did not get everything I need for cooking, so I will have to go out again soon and finish grocery shopping.

JoAnna and I went and saw a musical show before heading home for the evening.  It was a combination of our friend’s acting group and the gay mens. choir.  It was a good show, with good music and funny routines.

In the evening, I did an extra long Varsity Tutors session, as well as some cooking.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/9/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and the early afternoon in the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church.  We had Sabbath School, church service, and then potluck, so it was a good day.  The lesson was on Daniel 8, and we are working our way through Daniel one chapter at a time.

In the afternoon, I played with guns, cleaning a few of them up and unjamming my M1.  I don’t know why, but sometimes it doesn’t extract, and the bolt remains locked.  The only way to unjam it is to slam the bolt back by tapping it with a mallet until it unlocks.  I disassembled the rifle entirely this time, and gave it a good cleaning.  Hopefully, that will prevent future problems, though I will test it this spring.

In the evening, we went to Solid Grounds Coffee House and listened to some bluegrass music and had a good time.

I also learned that a former student of mine passed away on Thursday.  I can’t really believe it. I just saw him a few months ago when he toured our department.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/8/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I woke up slightly confused.  I was in my own house on a Friday morning (when I normally wake up in Socorro on Friday mornings).  Instead, I thought it was Sabbath morning, and slowly went about my Sabbath morning routine.  Then, my phone buzzed informing me that it was almost time to start tutoring in Albuquerque High.  I rushed out the door, but was still a half an hour late.

However, after tutoring for the remainder of the time (my first time late in a very long time- never at this school), I drove down to Socorro to go shooting at the shooting range south of town.  Nearly 20 students had put together a shooting event to try each other’s guns and to teach people who have never shot before.

We had a great time!  I have a few minor repairs to conduct, but other than that, it was a lot of fun.  Everyone was safe and everyone tried things they’ve never tried before, and so I think it was a success.

In the evening, JoAnna, Joey and I watched Airplane, which is a brilliant movie.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was split between Magdalena and NMT.

I started out the day tutoring in Magdalena.  I double-checked to make sure things were in place for me to tutor next semester, and then started working on next semester’s schedule.  I then tutored a section of AVID, then Math Analysis.  Before lunch, I attended an information session about an exchange program with a high school in Chile.

In the afternoon, I attended a department meeting and then the Unit Operations presentations.  The presentations went well, and I was pleased with the discussion between the students during the questions section.

In the evening, I commuted home and saw my family for the first time in several days.  The bus driver from Belen to Socorro is from Magdalena, so we chatted about the town along the entire drive.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/3/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a relatively routine day.  I did some grocery shopping and cooking, then cleaned the kitchen when I was finished.

I did go for a brief run, only making it one mile before it became dark.  I don’t like to run in the dark, but I don’t mind walking in the dark.  I walked back to a park near my house and did three chin ups before walking home.  I’ve never done three, but yesterday I was able to do two in a row, then rest for a second before doing the third.  I was pleased with that!

I did one 15 minute varsity tutoring session to help a student with their fractional exponents problems.  It took me a minute to work through them, but once I figured out the trick, it was no big deal.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day.

Thank you for reading my post.


11/26/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was interesting.  I had breakfast with my family and then went back home.  JoAnna and I took Dog-Dog for a walk, and I think we had a nice time.

In the afternoon, we picked up a friend of JoAnna’s and went to a Catholic Mass in Santa Fe, as, supposedly there were going to be folks doing Gregorian Chants.  Nope.  There were three choir singers with a medieval sound, but no choir of Gregorian Chants.  Part of the way through the mass, the friend disagreed with something the priest said and she stormed out.

I had never been to an event like this, and had no idea it would all go this way.  However, the positive points were that the mission that hosted this event was the oldest in the United States.  Also, there was a bell that was made in the 1300s that was there as a display piece.  I even got to ring it after the service, which was neat.

After all of that, we met up with the friend and had dinner before returning south to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

What a strange evening.

Thank you for reading my post.