Spring 2005

Monday, 5-9-05 at 1:46

Updates: check out the MSE page links for heat treating and glass pouring. The glass pouring in particular has some good photos. Also check out camping, as I added my most recent camping trip to that list.

Updates still to come: photography and possibly geology. We’ll see! I have a lot to get ready for the chase still. This weekend is graduation and the beginning of the storm chase, so we’ll see how much spare time I have.

Tomorrow, I hand in my senior design final report and hopefully my composites paper, ending my academic responsibilities at Virginia Tech for the time being. A bittersweet moment that took six years to achieve. Throughout the last six years, I’ve learned a lot of things, and made a lot of very good friends, many of which have left already. I’ve attempted 174 credit hours, (earned 163), assisted in teaching three college courses and one high school course, awarded two scholarships, worked 11 different jobs, purchased 2 vehicles, upgraded my amateur radio license, formed an amateur radio club, chased storms in the Great Plains twice (and a third is this weekend), made 5 TV appearances, countless newspaper appearances, traveled to 16 new states, made Dean’s list once(maybe twice, still waiting for this semester to end), been on academic probation three times, had mono, saw Jimmy Fallon, Mitch Hedburg, Filter, Veruca Salt, Hoobastank, and 311 live, switched majors, been published (and a second publication is due in September), thrown out of Wal-Mart, invited to give guest lectures, operated everything from pallet jacks to a scanning electron microscope, pulled all nighters, slept for days, been hired for blue collar work, been hired for knowledge and experience, ate steak twice in a day, cooked tv dinners with a George Foreman grill, played the slots, slept in my car, attended weddings, rejected golden opportunities, made my own opportunities, got paid to go to Florida during January…twice, held shuttle tiles and babies, hired as an engineering consultant and lab tech, poured molten glass, raised turtles, fish and a cat, did some minor plumbing, looked for meteors, walked the entire Huckleberry Trail (quite a few times), gained weight, lost weight, did a chin up for the first time ever, was mistaken for homeless, worn a button-up purple shirt, grew up, rediscovered my childhood interests, been judged fairly and unfairly, supported, loved, hated, watched people grow up and watched people pass on. In the words of Ice Cube: ‘I gotta say it was a good day.’

Saturday, 5-7-05 at 14:42

Ok, Ok, my updates were later than I thought. I have added a few links to my links pages, since they were completely out of date. I have also found out about a secret. Shhhh!

Tuesday, 5-3-05 at 7:59

It’s been a while. Today consists of the end of a consulting job I was working on, and the day I get feedback about the two articles I’m going to have published. Tomorrow is my last composites homework, and the last day of undergraduate classes. The only responsibilities I will have are to finish my senior design paper, finish my composites paper, grade Staley’s exams and take a geology final. Then I’m free to work on stuff for the storm chase.

I’ll post more later on, probably tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4-12-05 at 7:41

Man, school is winding down. I’m working on three final papers and two final presentations. It’s CRAZY.

33 days til chase, 32 til graduation. That’s not much time. The bulk of my school work will be done on April 29, and that’s not much time at all.

Tuesday, 4-5-05 at 7:41

It’s a new month, and I still haven’t changed my calendars!

Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird is the song of the day.

I have updated snow pictures, misc pictures, and probably some other stuff that I can’t remember.

Monday, 3-28-05 at 7:56

I’ll send in my acceptance to New Mexico Tech this week. Here’s to new beginnings!

I have updated a few pages and will continue to update a few more today. New Times 3 has been updated, sunrise/sunsets has been updated, and hardenability (under materials science) has been updated. A few more will come soon.

Oh yeah, check out this Eat More Chikin

Friday, 3-25-05 at 8:05

It’s still crazy. Things are undecided, but I have two tests today I need to continue studying for before I can make a conscious decision. Senior Design is winding down, we’ll be working on the final presentation soon.

I’ll post later on this weekend or maybe again today.

Tuesday, 3-15-05 at 7:15

It’s been crazy, a lot has changed in a week, that’s why I haven’t posted, because I am not sure what to post.

I received an offer from New Mexico Tech for graduate school. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I’ll be working with ceramics, teaching, plasma sprays, and functionally gradient materials. Virginia Tech told me there was ‘slim to no chance of an offer’ despite having been a loyal employee for almost two years. Needless to say, I’m thinking of a move to Socorro, NM in the not to distant future.

Monday, 3-7-05 at 1:52

I didn’t get to post it yesterday, but Happy Birthday MOM!

I participated in the ARRL DX contest off and on, and picked up around 23 contacts, mostly in the Caribbean. The ham pages have been updated.

It’s spring break, so I’m enjoying the lack of responsibilities!

Wednesday, 3-2-05 at 8:00

I’m getting bad about posting, again.

There is less than 50 days of school left in my undergraduate career. Less than 80 days til I graduate, and less than 80 days til I chase.

I am going to go home next Thursday through the weekend for spring break. In this time, I will do nothing school related.

Friday, 2-25-05 at 5:23

Thanks to Liz, I am the proud owner of a Dell Axim X50. I’m still learning how to use it, but I’m able to surf the web, keep track of my schedule, and will be able to check my email and maybe run APRS and listen to MP3s with it. It’s really cool! Thanks Liz!

My sleep has been so screwed up recently. I can’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I sleep for three or so hours, then I wake up for an hour. But then I can’t stay awake after that hour, so I go back to sleep. So this week has consisted of going to bed at midnight, only to wake up at 3:30 or 4, stay away for an hour, then go to sleep til 7:30. I really just want to wake up at 5:30 or 6, and not bother with this, but whatever.

This is a sad thing for the evolution of man. You can order pizza in Everquest II and have it delivered to your door. I mean, you order online through the game, and it shows up at your house.

Saturday, 2-19-05 at 13:29

Today was weird. I had a headache last night so I fell asleep at like 9, only to wake up today at 4. I got up, stayed up for a few hours reading my geology reading assignments, then fell back asleep, only to alternate between 1/2 hour periods of sleep and awake for probably five hours. On the plus side, most of my geology book has been read.

This weekend is pretty busy. I have to finish my composites homework, grade papers, and go to Frost Fest in Richmond. It should prove to be entertaining at least.

This would be really cool to repeat. I don’t know if we could pull it off, but it would be fun.

I met a few members from this year’s chase for the first time. I can’t help but be excited, even though it’s still a good ways in the future. Though, if it is anything like last year, it will be upon us shortly.

Monday, 2-14-05 at 7:04

I almost have the digipeater working…. hopefully soon, I will have a mobile digipeater working. Then, this year’s chase trip will have something different and exciting.

This week looks pretty busy, but I don’t think it will be too bad. Thursday is our first storm chase meeting of the year, and I’m fired up. I can’t wait. A project for Materials Selection, a quiz for Thin Films, a progress report for senior design and a meeting about my lecture to come in Composites are all this week, but I’m mostly done on those.

Today is 90 days til the storm chase, 89 days til graduation, and 58 school days til I’m done for the year.

Now a cool link courtesy of Melissa.

Wednesday, 2-9-05 at 21:57

A few web updates today! New Domino pictures and new snow pictures.

I participated in several amateur radio contests this weekend, so I added a few new contacts, including Delaware, which I’ve never talked to from anywhere.

I also added a Super Happy Weather FUN BOX. Check it out, it randomly chooses a picture from a list.

Monday, 2-7-05 at 07:19

Another week. I have a bunch of things to get accomplished, mostly involving Materials Selection and Senior Design. It’s go time. I’m trying to get as much done now as possible, so the end of my semester is pretty simple, and I can dedicate more time to getting ready for storm chasing.

I can’t wait for this year’s storm chase. I’m already dreaming about it. Dave is calling for a panhandle chase, which I think we’ll do a day or two of as well. My perception is screwed up, since I associate panhandle chases with chasing in June. We’ll see.

Here’s a neat link. It shows the latest images of the sun, updated every few minutes. Go there, or don’t, I don’t care.

I’ve read almost all of Foxfire 4. Only another seven books to go through. I’ve learned how to make springhouses, fiddles, dig wells, make cheese, plant a garden using the moon as a planting guide, trade horses, etc.

Friday, 2-4-05 at 08:14

I added yesterday’s snow storm to the Radar 2005 gallery.

Yesterday was the first Thin Films quiz and today is the first Earth and History Through Time exam. I’m pretty sure I did well on the Thin Films quiz, and I’m averaging around 90% on the practice tests for the geology class.

Today is a beautiful day: I will go into school, work for two hours, go to a class, then to a test, and then I’m done for the week. I worked my maximum number of hours and will bask in my reward two paychecks from now. Booya!

Wednesday, 2-2-05 at 23:43

I fixed a few pictures that were not working: several on New Times #3 were huge, so I resized them, several of the GPS tracks from this past year’s storm chase were missing, so I replaced them. I also updated my resume.

Work is going awesome. I’m going to have to stop working on Friday, since I will most likely already have reached 20 hours. Between being the teaching assistant for the metallurgy lab, a grader for an introduction to materials course, and helping out as a lab tech… work is flowing in. Tomorrow, I’ll spend some more time learning to use the scanning electron microscope (SEM), as a few of us have set aside time every week to learn it.

Sunday, 1-29-05 at 21:56

Florida was awesome. I had a suite, worked most of the sessions, swam, went to the beach, hung around the Jacuzzi, met a whole bunch of new people working on ceramic armor, and drove a Crown Vic. Apparently, you can get kegs at Walmart down there, much to the happiness of the MSE crew.

I have returned from Cocoa Beach. Florida is so awesome in January. Now it’s time to catch up on everything related to school… I did some of it while I was down there, so I’m not too terribly far behind. That’s the real advantage to notes being online.

I played Capture the Flag on the computer while I was down there- Jimmy, do you remember that game? Where you moved the players through the field and they had a certain number of moves with which you could craw, run, walk, etc. (it was turn based). I remember in Westminster playing it hotseat on Dad’s computer.

I added a Radar 2005 gallery to my weather page.

Wednesday, 1-19-05 at 23:50

I found a few broken links on my webpage, and I hope to repair them tomorrow. Boo broken links.

The semester has started out pretty well. In addition to what I am taking, I added Graduate Seminar. It’s pass/fail, all I have to do is show up, and I was showing up to quite a few of them on my own anyway in previous years.

I leave for Cocoa Beach, FL on Friday to attend a conference. Yeah, twist my arm, pay me go to Florida in January.

I found a site for classic computer games. I’ll put it on here when I dig it back out of my history file. Needless to say, I’ve had SimFarm running in the background, and beat Commander Keen 1 in one night haha. I’ll post some stuff about each of those games at some point.

Sunday, 1-16-05 at 23:58

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. I am almost done my book shopping, as I have one lab manual to pick up still.

I did manage to catch up to my cousin, Shelly, who was visiting Knoxville with her choir. The picture is located here. It had been 13 years since I last saw her.

I participated in the North American QSO party. I picked up 5 new states for this location and all QSOs have been logged in my ham radio pages. All in all, only a few hours of operating sporadically, and I still managed 31 QSOs. Probably could have pulled a few more out, but I had some other things to do.

Wednesday, 1-12-05 at 7:35

Yesterday was relatively unproductive, but it was fun. I got in like 6 hours of work, plus spent the evening playing games with Martha, Mercado, Vicky, Beth and Leigh. It rocked.

Apparently my cousin is coming into Knoxville, so I might get down to meet him or her. I’m not sure which cousin yet, but either way I haven’t seen him or her in probably 15 years or so.

Monday, 1-10-05 at 8:00

I just finished had some turkey bacon. That stuff is excellent.

Discussion on the radio:

Announcer #1: The new Washington baseball team name is in debate
right now.

Announcer #2: Remember when everyone from DC was protesting the name ‘Senators’ since DC has no senators?

Announcer #1: Yeah, but if they named it after what DC had, would they call it the Washington Crackheads? Have Marion Berry throw out the first pitch?

Announcer #2: Yeah, he could lay down the first base line.

Sunday, 1-9-05 at 22:10

So I haven’t been the best about posting yet. I promise it will get better!

I made a few changes to my ham pages, adding a Green St. Contacts section under ‘Contacts by Country’. Most of the contacts from here have been US, but I did get a Virgin Islands and Canary Islands.

Good stuff: Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song. Current Weather: 41°, dewpoint 35°, calm winds, 30.28in. steady.

Wednesday, 1-5-05 at 23:47

Internet explorer on my laptop does not work anymore. It keeps trying to load http:/// and constantly refreshes, you can’t even type in a new address. No idea why. My homepage is set right. It’s probably some stupid piece of adware. I hope all adware programmers are attacked by Vikings.

I’ve made it through Round 1 for graduate school. I have ‘a folder.’ We’ll see if the funding appears… Oh yeah, and I’m switching my status to PhD student instead of MS student.

Current weather: 56°, dewpoint 49°, calm winds, 29.98in. falling

Next semester will be relatively nice. I am bottlenecked at this one course in geological sciences, so I will have to take that this semester to move on.


MSE 4056: Materials Selection and Design II TR 9:30-10:45 3

MSE 5224: Thin Films TR 2:00-3:15 3

MSE 5104: Composites (Graduate) MWF 12:20-1:10 3

MSE 4894: Writing in MSE none 0

MSE 4086: Senior Design II W 8:00-8:50 2

GEOS 1014: The Earth and Life Through Time MWF 1:25-2:15 4
Monday, 1-3-05 at 4:18

One of my new year’s resolutions is to post here more often. We’ll see how that turns out.

I think I should probably go to bed, seeing as I would like to be up in two hours. Maybe I’ll just stay awake til then, cause I’m doing a ton of other things at the same time.

Current weather: 44°, dewpoint 44°, calm winds, 30.42 in.