Fall 2005

Wednesday, 12-21-05 at 0:40 MST

Hard to believe I’ll be seeing my family roughly 24 hours from now. I haven’t seen anyone since June. I’m excited, now I just need to pack!
I got a B in Interfacial Phenomena. I was confused by this until I got my last HW and exam back, a 100% and a 90% respectively. Now to work on that whole thesis thing…
I think I have my digipeater up and running full-time now. It’s been stable for several days. It’s not serving as an I-Gate, just as a digi. We’ll see if it’s still running when I get back from VA. Now to master PSK-31.
I have updated shooting scores from this last air rifle practice. It will be several weeks before the next one, I hope I don’t fall too far out of practice. It has been fun, and I’ll be looking forward to it next semester.
At some point, I will update with some new geology photos. My neighbor and I scaled this rock face and found a bunch of cool stuff. Our friend was at work, so she didn’t get to climb too. However, as we reached the top, Andrew and his son were on top (apparently there was a path to walk up the other side… oh well). I think we walked away with half the mountain in my car, but everything we found was pretty cool.

Friday, 12-17-05 at 8:45 MST

One credit card down, two to go. Oh yeah, the biggest one is the one that’s down, the others will go in January! Booya!
I got a B in Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Physics. Now waiting on interfacial phenomena.
I’ve done pretty well with managing my schedule to allow time to read the Bible every night, read something else every night and lift weights in the morning. I think I’ll add to it by the new year by writing something every night, and increasing my reading. Since I’ve been in New Mexico, I’ve read the New Testament and have started on the Old. I have read a bunch of books, so I think starting in January, I will read a book each month from the library, in addition to everything else I am already reading. I’ll post the name of the book here so we’ll see if I actually keep up. Right now I’m reading a collection of Patrick McManus books, (more specifically I’m in ‘A Fine and Pleasant Misery’) and a book on industrial archaelogy.

Wednesday, 12-15-05 at 23:13 MST

Headed to bed soon. It’s been a busy week, but I’m done with finals. We’ll see how those turn out. I almost have my classes set up for next semester. I am taking ‘Design and Analysis of Experiments’, ‘Contact, Adhesion, and Fracture’, ‘Electron Microprobe’, ‘Graduate Seminar’ and ‘Small Arms Reloading’. Should be a busy semester!
I got a few QSO’s in last weekend’s 10m contest. They are uploaded, as are an updated set of scores.
I have to finish cleaning my house. I put up Christmas decorations for the few days before Christmas. Hopefully I’ll take a picture of them tomorrow and put them up on my photo section.

Friday, 12-9-05 at 21:59 MST

I have updated a few pages, as well as added a few photos. A few weeks ago, we had a strong cold front come through, and with it 40mph+ winds. It blew so hard that dirt piled up around my windows. Here are a few dumb pictures of dirt in my house: #1, #2 and #3.
A sign I caught at a police shooting range. I shot in a match there, and if I misbehave, I might ‘loose’ my range access. Police Range Sign
A few new sunrise/sunset photos are up, as well as the geology trip to a few volcanoes. Check those out.

Tuesday, 12-6-05 at 7:03 MST

My scores dropped this week, but that could be due to the fact that they were unusually high last week.
Too much to do.

Monday, 12-5-05 at 11:17 MST

Spent the last few days knocking things off my To Do list. I have quite a few things left, though I’m mostly done my Christmas shopping, radio related chores, and bills. I almost have the powder hopper wired correctly as well.
I sent out 45 QSL cards this morning, plus my membership info for the National Weather Association. I only have another 189-45 = 144 cards left to send.
I’ll have shooting scores posted tonight. I updated my Malibu QSOs and Socorro QSOs to reflect the QSL cards received in the past few days. I hope to update a few more pages before exam week.

Tuesday, 11-29-05 at 23:39 MST

I talked to Liz today, and that makes me happy. She said I was super cool. Ok, I’m lying about the second part. Maybe.
Shooting scores updated.
I have a grant proposal, two abstracts, and a progress report I am waiting to hear back about. Tomorrow, I will give a tour and presentation on plasma spray equipment to a bunch of national lab scientists. I will also attempt to finish the crystal chemistry homework tomorrow as well.
The semester is winding down. Not workload wise, as things are getting busier in that respect, but in terms of everything else. A month from now, I’ll already be back working until May. I’d like to do some Christmas shopping, get a haircut, and get my coat dry-cleaned, but I’m not really sure when I’ll get around to all that.

Saturday, 11-26-05 at 15:57 MST

It’s been busy, so I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked to post.
Last weekend was the SSB Sweepstakes. Last year, my computer crashed, and I lost almost my entire log, so instead of 130+ QSOs, I ended with like 40. This year, I went to the mesa and made 190 QSOs in 53 sections. I almost have worked all states since I’ve been in NM. I have updated the logs on this site.
I had a slight case of food poisoning the day of Thanksgiving, so boo that. I’m doing a little better now, and I’m just trying to get everything done that I have neglected while I was sick.
MySpace Account.

Tuesday, 11-15-05 at 7:06 MST

I posted air rifle scores. My prone position scores are coming up, and 15-X is a record for me. Sitting dropped a few points, but that’s ok. Even standing came up a few.
Still so much to do. I made a dent in my crystal chemistry homework, but there’s still more.
I am debating writing an abstract for the Southeastern Severe Storms Symposium in March. I’ll have to think about it some more. The only thing I really have to offer is a piece on Amateur Radio and APRS, which might be outside the scope of what they want. We’ll see.

Monday, 11-14-05 at 8:09 MST

This crystal chemistry homework assignment is doing a number on me. I’m slowly making progress though, and it’s not due til Friday, so I’m not too worried.
I put in an article proposal to WeatherWise. I have a proposal in to them, Boy’s Life, and Reader’s Digest. It will be several months before any of them decide, and we’ll see how many I hear back from. Monitoring Times and CollegeBound will be my next proposals.
It’s going to be a long day.

Friday, 11-11-05 at 8:39 MST

Today is grocery day, and that’s always exciting. I’m out of sandwich supplies, so that will be a bulk of my groceries.
I keep adding to my morning workout, and now I’m starting to feel the burn. I’m totally cut. Sometimes it’s hard being so cool.
A thank you goes out to my wonderful girlfriend for this link: CHUCK NORRIS! hahah she found it and it is BRILLIANT.
E-bay has been my downfall this week, but the rewards have been spectacular.

Thursday, 11-10-05 at 7:03 MST

Another day, another 20 QSL cards out the door.
I sent in two requests for articles: one was to Boy’s Life, and my proposal is to write an article about how to obtain your amateur radio license (and thus radio merit badge). The other was to Reader’s Digest and it will be about storm chasing. Both of them take several months to reply to a query, so we will see if I get either of them.
My playlist is pretty crazy right now: Journey, Golden Earring, Foreigner, Outkast, Tom Petty, and the Gorillaz. For some reason, I like the Feel Good Inc. song, and I have no idea why. I guess it’s because I don’t actually listen to the radio on any station other than classic rock stations so they can’t overplay it in a way to affect me.
Drama, drama, drama ALL OVER MY INTERNET. What is wrong with you people?
Please keep Mom-Mom and Beth in your prayers.

Wednesday, 11-9-05 at 12:55 MST

I updated my QSOs from Blacksburg and Socorro, complete with QSL cards. I also updated my shooting scores and current fish, as I added a few fish this past week.
I received notification that the ARRL would like to use an article for their online instruction manual (~500,000 readers) and maybe a book later on. Publication #4 in two years.

Tuesday, 11-8-05 at 7:01 MST

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! It’s my brother’s birthday, so you’d better show him some respect.
I’ll have some updates for you later on this week. I just found out that I forgot to log a bunch of ham contacts up here, so I’m working on that.
This weekend consisted of a trip west to the volcanoes in the Malpais. I went out there with a few friends’ geology class, so I got to see all this with someone who knew what was going on.
Today will consist of getting crystal chemistry homework back, hopefully getting my interfacial phenomena test back, teaching physical ceramics since Dr. H is out of town, and then teaching ceramics lab.
Please keep Mom-Mom (my grandmother) in your prayers.

Thursday, 11-3-05 at 11:13 MST

I still have not set my clocks back, and I’ve enjoyed the extra hour in the mornings to work on things. I don’t think I will set them back, ever.
I’ve been ultra productive this week, finishing a take home test, a homework assignment, scanning a ton of stuff that is slowly making its way to my webpage, and knocking my to-do list down so I’m 80% done everything on it.
Updates: I updated my shooting scores page and added qsl cards to most of my Jersey QSOs. Blacksburg, Westminster, NM and mobile are coming. NM is mostly done, I just received my certificate for working the 60th anniversary of the Trinity site station, so that will be added soon.
Tomorrow is payday/grocery day for me. I need pancake mix, stamps, and a few other things. Luxury items this week will be a few fish (one jumped out of the tank, thanks to all the construction behind my apartment!) and a sleeping/shooting mat. I need to start working on Christmas stuff as well.
I had to call the NRA about my membership, cause they had it expiring even though my dues were up to date, so that’s fixed. This weekend will include an oil change, and maybe a NMT Rescue Squad training session/camp out.
Please keep Mom-Mom (my grandmother) in your prayers.

Monday, 10-31-05 at 8:20 MST

A busy week ahead. I have a take home test for Interfacial Phenomena and a homework for Crystal Chemistry. I’m about half done the homework, and just starting the test. I gave a presentation in interfacial phenomena and got an A on it, so I’m happy about that one!
This weekend consisted of the CQWW contest. I decided to get away from the electrical noise by going out to the mesa near the shooting range. My car had my radio, and I made 54 contacts, including Hawaii, Iceland, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cape Verde Islands and Serbia/Montenegro. I spent the night out there, bringing a few books and a .22 for some other things to do.
Saturday night, I played Burnout 3 with Nathan and one of his friends. We made some progress, only taking gold metals. Nathan was best at racing, his friend was best at time trials and one on ones, I was best at take-downs and crash events, so we just kept dividing it up.
I updated the logs for the contest this weekend. It’s off to go do some work now.

Wednesday, 10-26-05 at 0:22 MDT

Corrected Monday’s post date.
I added a geology page. Check out some of the finds from the Mesa dump pit. They were mining the manganese oxide coating found on most of the rocks, but some of the scrap still has that coating. In a few rare cases, some of the scrap has manganese oxide crystals, and we found a few of those.
Also check out the sunrise/sunset page. I added a few photos there, too.

Monday, 10-24-05 at 22:16 MDT

I added a photo gallery to my Facebook page. It basically just has highlight photos from previous storm chases, all of which (and more!) are here on this webpage.
This weekend consisted of a camping trip to the mesa and a walk around the abandon mining land. I also participated in a CMP shoot and did much better than last time (mostly because I used an AR-15 instead of an M-1 Carbine).
I have really enjoyed air rifle practice here. It’s something unique (we shoot air rifles in the basement of the gym) that lasts an hour and a half, and it’s just a great way to forget about the day. I’ve been watching my scores come up. Hopefully, I’ll have improved enough to compete in the state championships in June. Mostly, I shoot a Daisy rifle with a laminated stock, peep sites, and a CO2 cylinder so that I don’t have to come out of position to pump the rifle.
I know what happened last time I said this, so I’ll be careful this time: I have sort of a routine back. Every Sunday night, I make five sandwiches and pack five Gladware containers with lunch stuff. I have a schedule of meals so I know what I need to buy each week, and grocery bills are starting to come down because of the planning. Every night consists of at least a chapter of the Bible and then some other reading. I finished Kon-Tiki this weekend, so I’ll probably start on my atmospheric physics book tonight.
Speaking of tonight, it’s supposed to drop to 36 . BRRR.

Wednesday, 10-19-05 at 10:01 MDT

Had a headache, so I slept in today. Ah the advantage of grad school.
I have everything set up for coming home in December to visit. I will be in KG from December 22-25, so I will try to see as many people as possible.
This one is courtesy of Suzi: Python vs. Alligator.

Monday, 10-17-05 at 7:05 MDT

Happy birthday Liz!
I studied down at Water Canyon and Magdalena Ridge yesterday. I climbed to the top of this one mountain (11000ft or so) and found a few cool rocks.
This week is going to be crazy. I have a monster test tomorrow, which I have been studying for and will study for all day today. I also need to take some SEM photos today for the ceramics lab. Busy busy busy.
I have my schedule tentatively planned for next semester. Looks like Design of Experiments, maybe SEM and SEM Lab, and a reloading course offered through the community college.
Today consists of SEM from 9-12, lunch 12-1, studying 1-5, ‘dinner’ 5-5:30, air rifle practice 5:30-7, and then studying the rest of the night. I hope I’ll be ready for this test.

Sunday, 10-9-05 at 14:23 MDT

It’s been a while since I updated, so I figured I’d better post a few things.
I added a few pictures from an excursion to Magdalena Ridge. I also added photos from the Balloon Fiesta 2005, and some rising cloud tags.
School has taken up most of my free time, but thankfully I have some time this weekend, hence the Balloon Fiesta trip, and the Santana concert tonight, which is going to rock.
Acts tells some crazy stories, much more exciting towards the end than the beginning.
Speaking of reading, I’m trying to learn chemistry, since I have almost no chemistry background. I’m reading two giant textbooks, ugh.
Get Johnny Cash – When the Man Comes Around for an excellent CD for working on things and doing nothing.

Sunday, 10-2-05 at 11:07 MDT

My new radio arrived, a Yaesu FT-857D, courtesy of Dave Carroll! Thanks again! I’ve made a few QSOs on it, and they are updated in the log.
Today, I ride to Albuquerque.
Fall is starting to hit here. The few trees we have are changing color, and the temperature gets into the 50s at night. I got myself some cheddar cheese, ginger snaps and apple cider in preparation!

Friday, 9-30-05 at 8:37 MDT

Sorry for the delay! It’s been a busy few days.
My first Crystal Physics and Crystal Chemistry homework: 91%! That makes me happy. I have another one due on Thursday, and a test the following Thursday, so I’d better get studying.
Got to talk to Liz yesterday, and that made me happy. I also had a moderately successful plasma spray run, so that made me happy, too. It was a good day.
Beverly Hills Cop is a great movie.

Wednesday, 9-21-05 at 21:45 MDT

Camping photos are up. Check them out!

Wednesday, 9-21-05 at 8:10 MDT

Two for Tuesday is the best thing Domino’s has ever come up with. I have a year’s supply of pizza, all for $20.
It’s going to be a busy week, no doubt. I will get to tour Sandia National Labs Friday Afternoon, and I hope to try to plasma spray another night this week. I was at school all day yesterday, and it looks to be that way today. On the plus side, I memorized the periodic table. Liz called and I tried to demonstrate my talent, only to find that she too has the periodic table memorized.
First grade back: Interfacial Phenomena HW – 87.5%. Most everyone got an 80%. Score!

Monday, 9-13-05 at 6:55 MDT

I spent yesterday afternoon attending a lecture on the materials end to meteorite impacts. Apparently, the grain structure from meteorites can’t be replicated in the lab because of the cooling rate of 1°C per million years or so.
On campus, every Monday night is an air rifle practice. I shot in it, and did pretty well. In a few weeks, there will be a CMP shoot, and because I’m a tech student, it’s free for me. There will even be a course on reloading next semester, which I am definitely taking. I didn’t do half bad, considering I hadn’t shot a rifle in a while, and even longer since I shot anything with aperture sights.

Sunday, 9-11-05 at 22:33 MDT

For those of you who know what is going on, I think things have settled down. If he comes back, he gets to spend some quality time upstate cuddling up to ‘Bubba’ for a few years. It’s been a crazy adventure that doesn’t need to be published here, but some photos of some cool places we saw will be posted at some point. I’ve spent most of the last week living in my car, listening to the last Johnny Cash CD. I’ve seen the inside of a dormant volcano, seen coyotes, drove along a cliff, and slept in a strange room with a kitchen knife in hand. Now it’s over, it’s time to return to normal.

Tuesday, 8-30-05 at 7:05 MDT

At this point, I’ve settled into somewhat of a routine. Up between 6 and 7 (6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 the rest of the time), eat breakfast and either bike or drive to school by 8:00-8:30. Work until 5:00ish (maybe as late as 10ish on Tuesdays), come home and make dinner, bike some more, and work on other things. Bed by 10:30, reading. One chapter of the Bible, and some free reading. Asleep by 11:30. I like routine.
I read quite a bit of Wiseguys last night. It’s so well written, I couldn’t put it down. On the list of books to read is that, Casino and Kon-Tiki. I think I will have finished all of those by the end of the month or so.
I have a list on my wall of 114 things I need to accomplish soon, and I’ve done 50. Time to get crackin’!
I fear today will add more to the 114 than to the 50, which is a bad day.
Speaking of days, I like the system of summer evaluation that Liz posted, so I’ve modified it, Teen Girl Squad sytle:

Storm Chasing in May: SOOOOO GOOD!
Leaving everyone in VA: NOOOOOO GOOD!
Driving to NM: SOOOOO GOOD!
Rent Increase: NOOOO GOOD!
Publication #3: SOOOOO GOOD!
Seeing my cousin, Lex: SOOOO GOOD!
Frequent Brownouts: NOOOOO GOOD!
Bill for DirecTV: NOOOO GOOD!
Lower Tuition than expected: SOOOOO GOOD!
Liz visiting me: SOOOOOOO GOOD!
Hootie’s ‘tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch’ song: SOOOOOO… I really don’t know
School starting: um, this game is boring me.

Monday, 8-29-05 at 7:32 MDT

Katrina is going to be really bad. I wonder how New Orleans is doing…
I baked myself a cake and I intend to eat the whole thing. Why? Because I can.
I worked Ohio on 40m, so I updated my log.
Thus begins the second week of school.

Wednesday, 8-24-05 at 22:19 MDT

The news log has been updated to reflect the beginning of Fall semester!
I have not biked the last few days because I’ve been needing my car on campus. Tomorrow, I’ll bike, I think I have all my major running around errands done for a while.
Yesterday, I treated myself to a couple of McDonald’s green chili double cheeseburgers. It was a celebration for the arrival of my two newest pets: Turtles! Here’s another photo.
I added a page with my station info. It’s only interesting if you are into radio.