Rio Rancho, NM

May 4, 2011, I closed on a house in Rio Rancho. We drove past the place, just for fun, looking for apartments for JoAnna and Joey. JoAnna had recently taken a job at Intel, and Joey had been going to school in Corrales for almost a year. We drove past this house and saw the “For Sale” sign out front, even though we had not seen it in any of our fliers about places for sale or rent. The owners saw us stop the car, and gave us a tour. A little over two months later, it was ours.

Here are a few photos a few days after we bought the place. One of the photos still has all of our paperwork sitting out on the table.

Here is a photo after we repainted it, and were thawing out from a small snow storm on 11/24/13.

On August 12, 2012, we heard a loud crash from Joey’s room. I was one of the windows blowing into the house.

After a clean up, we had Joey stay in the TV room until we could get the window replaced a few weeks later. When we replaced this window, we also replaced the front door, the sliding front door, the bathroom window, the French doors in the kitchen, and then had them add a sliding door in our bedroom as well.

In April, 2016, we finally got around to replacing the roof.  We went with metal shingle panels.  Before the roof replacement, it looked like this:

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Afterwards, it looks like this.  We also added a skylight to our living room.

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