My last year of my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, we decided to get a cat. I was planning on staying for a PhD, and our roommate who was allergic to cats had moved out. Domino was born 6/5/04 and we adopted her 8/22/04.

My funding fell through, so I moved to New Mexico in June of 2005. Eric, my roommate, kept the cat. It worked out well for him; every other roommate (we lived in a college town), had adopted a cat with him, then moved away, and took the cat. This time, he got to keep the cat. I miss her, but I know that she has a good home. In fact, I got to see her back in 2009 when I visited Eric back on the east coast.

These were taken soon after we adopted her:

She would alternate between batting at the television and licking the screen.

These photos were marked: “10/17/04.”

This one was marked: “12/18/04.” However, that artificial Christmas tree was up all year, so that cannot be used as an indicator of time.

A few days later, I caught Domino asleep on my bed and took several photos of her lounging around (12/20/04).


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