7/2/16: Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners

We were in Seattle for a few days and were able to catch a Mariners game at Safeco Field.  We had tried to do this once before, but our plans fell through.  Not this time, however, as we made it to the game.  The fact that they were playing the Baltimore Orioles (my team) made it a perfect game to watch.  The weather was cool and sunny too, so it was a pleasant experience overall.

As soon as we got into the stadium, we found someone’s debit card.  We called the bank to get it deactivated and turned it in.

Our seats were high up in left field, but they were still great for watching the game.
This game was practically a home run derby, so having the high seats gave us the proper perspective for each hit.

The field itself and our seats are shown in these photos:

Here is Adam Jones of the Orioles, watching yet another home run ball sail way above his head.

Here is Machado playing the infield:

Everyone was in good spirits, with Ken Griffey, Jr., headed to the Hall of Fame.

However, this was not much of a pitching game. Almost every ball seemed to be hit hard by both teams. The Mariners, however, were able to get quite a few more runs, winning the game 12 to 6.

Boo, hiss.