This site is dedicated to– well not the brightest cat in the world, but my cat. His name is Rusty and I have had him since 1990. He has been wounded in many different adventures and lives to tell me about all of them. Yes, he does actually talk to humans. If he meows, meow back, and he will continue the conversation. Unfortunately, Rusty passed away on November 9, 2000.

This is Rusty sitting on the steps. He sees no incentive to move. He his holding his head in such a way that his ears make him look like a bat. When he was little we called him ‘batcat’ followed by the batman theme.

Rusty hiding in the fallen leaves. Ok, maybe not hiding. That would require him to be doing something. One thing he isn’t doing is hunting. That requires effort. No sir, if it doesn’t land in his food dish, he isn’t about to eat it.

Under sudden inspiration (a back itch) I caught a rare occurrence on camera! The movement of Rusty! Must have been a bad itch for him to move.

Rusty is just chillin’ by my old Nova. He was just starting to regain the use of his front right paw again, so I guess in gratitude he stood up.

He doesn’t like it when the heat or air conditioning get switched on…..


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