10/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored at Magdalena in the morning. I knew I was not going to be working at Magdalena on Thursday, so I tried to divide up those hours between Tuesday and yesterday, and was only a few hours short.

In the afternoon, I went to our department meeting, then to help with Unit Operations Lab.  Once I saw Unit Operations Lab was running smoothly, I went to a meeting with the Dynamo group for an hour.

In the evening, I had my regular Varsity Tutoring session cancelled, but was able to pick up an hour and a half “instant” lesson.  I really struggled with the lesson myself, but hopefully, it was some help.

Then, I drove the truck home.  Correction, I drove the truck to Bernardo, and realized that I had left my medicine in my office, so I drove back to my office, picked up the medicine, then drove home and went straight to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.


10/10/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I woke up in my office around 3:30 and did some work for an UpWork project and some grading for my instrumentation class before heading into Magdalena to tutor.

In the afternoon, I drove back to NMT and tried to make contacts in the 10 meter contest.  I never heard another station, nor a reply to my calls.

Once I arrived at NMT, I helped several groups with their chemical engineering cars before teaching two sections of instrumentation lab.

After that, my Varsity Tutoring appointment had been cancelled (student’s school has been closed, thanks to Hurricane Nate), and so I put in a few UpWork hours before walking to my brother’s house for the evening.

Thank you for reading my dull post.


10/9/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove to NMT and worked there for the day.  It was Columbus Day, so there were no shuttles (hence driving to NMT), and no classes at Magdalena.

First, I worked on the Cavendish experiment in the physics department.  I am having trouble getting LabVIEW to see the Omega DAQ device.  So far, I’ve tried installing the drivers and NI VISA, but no dice yet.

In the afternoon, I helped with the Unit Operations lab, and then started grading.  I had quite a bit of work to do, catching up on the grading, but that is almost complete.  I will have to post midterm grades soon.

In the evening, I shot one round of targets at air rifle practice, and then drove over to Sourdough Mine (a new restaurant in Socorro).  My shooting was not spectacular, but I logged it anyhow.

Sourdough Mine was alright.  I got the roast beef po’ boy, onion rings, and chips and salsa.  It was nothing special, but it was good.

At some point, I was too tired to work and fell asleep in my office.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/8/17: Daily Post

On Sunday, JoAnna and I drove to Magdalena and explored the Graphic Mine.

We met the caretaker and land owner to buy passes for the site, and then drove up the windy, rocky road towards the mine site.  I was able to get my truck up there, in spite of the deep ruts, large rocks and so on.  Eventually, we reached an area that was too rough for a vehicle, so we hiked the last 200 yards or so to the dump piles.

We began working the piles, finding all sorts of neat rocks.  We found lots of hematite, malachite, and the lead-zinc ore mineral that was originally mined there.  I found a few pieces of barite and a nice quartz sample.

Around sunset, we drove back down the hill and stopped at the Nitt mine.  There was tons and tons of pyrite here, as well as lots of old industrial equipment.  I will post more about this mine site on the Industrial Archeology blog.

In the evening, we drove back to Rio Rancho.

Thank you for reading my post.


10/7/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out by attending Sabbath School and Church at the Rio Rancho SDA Church.  It was a big deal, as it was the last day for a guest pastor from Jamaica, so we wished him farewell.

In the afternoon, we met up with one of Joey’s friends and they played on some trampolines for a while.

In the evening, we had dinner at Annapurna’s and then went to see the Kipsies at Solid Grounds Coffee House.  The Kipsies are one of my favorite acts to play at this place.  They are a bluegrass band that plays all sorts of neat songs, including a bluegrass version of Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored at Albuquerque High in the morning.  We spent almost an hour working on a calculus problem where we are filling a conical tank at a given volumetric flow rate, and want to know the rate of change in the height of the tank.  It is a real, practical problem.  We went around and around, and then got to the part where we can relate radius to height and substitute that before taking the derivative.  This means we didn’t have to know the rate of change for the radius before solving the problem.  Then, it was pedestrian.  It was a good exercise!

In the afternoon, I met with the STEM folks for Albuquerque Public Schools and talked amateur radio with them.  There are some neat things on the horizon there, so we will see where that leads.

I also did a Varsity Tutoring session with a new student.  We talked about PSAT, geometry and violin, as she plays violin.

In the evening, we picked up my car from the train station and chatted and listened to music.  I also finished reading Chapter 6 in Atlas Shrugged, while I set up my (new again) phone.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/4/17: Daily Post

The last few days have been quite busy.  I had a minor flood in my lab, so I had some cleanup associated with that.  Therefore, I missed the bus and am still in Socorro.  I ended up falling asleep in my chair last night, and here I am writing this at 4:08 am, getting ready to start another day.

However, things are getting better, believe it or not.  I am knocking things off my to do list almost as quickly as I am adding them to it.

Yesterday, I worked at Magdalena almost the entire day.  I had intended to come back to NMT, jump on the bus and head home, but instead I dealt with lab stuff until almost midnight.  I had also intended to do some online tutoring, but the appointment I had was cancelled.  Then, I intended to do some work for my UpWork contract, but the interface was being upgraded and I could not do the work I needed to do.

Anyway, I am going to get back to work.

Thank you for reading my post.