5/19/14: Daily Post

I added a page for my Detroit/Windsor/Cleveland MS&T conference trip back in 2007.

I have been watching the weather closely over the last few days. I would like to be storm chasing, but the weather is not cooperating greatly. There have been some other folks out storm chasing that have caught some awesome low precipitation supercells, but there has not been much in the way of tornadoes. I am waiting to see if the pattern is going to improve, but it may not. I may leave as early as tomorrow, but I may wait a few more days. Time will tell.

I installed my Trendnet KVM switch drivers onto an old Windows 2000 PC that I retrieved from my storage unit. The computer runs fine, even though it had been in storage for nearly 5 years. I installed Caesar III on this computer and play it a little each day. That’s the most video gaming I’ve done in probably 5 years.

This evening, I will work in my garden and start prepping my bags and vehicle for storm chasing. I have a radio swap (amateur radio), and general cleaning to do to my car. I don’t think it has been vacuumed this decade.

It has been hot in the middle of the day, and we are resisting turning on the air conditioner. We have been sitting here still and quiet until the day cools off.

Yesterday, I ran a mile for the first time in 18 years. My time was significantly slower than the 5:55 that I ran back then. However, I wasn’t especially tired and could probably run it faster tomorrow. I skipped today due to a late night.

Yesterday, I also assisted with the Landmark Forum. I gained all sorts of things from Landmark, and so getting to sit in on another forum was great. I only assisted for a few hours this time around, but I hope to assist more in the future.

Well, I am off to work on a few things around the house (including the radio swap and garden work). Have a good night!


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