8/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out my morning with a five mile run.  My time was not fantastic, but it did feel good to go running again.  It had been almost a month since my last run, due to my travels and work schedule.

When I returned from running, I weeded the gardens for two hours.  I did so without a shirt, so my back is now nice and red.  I can’t wait to strap on my backpack this morning, as I’m sure that will feel great.  While I was out there, I replaced the batteries in the weather station, as the transmitter was having trouble reaching the receiver inside the house.

In the evening, I did some cooking and cleaning.  I made some delicious tuna steaks, seared and coated with pepper and Old Bay.

I also applied for a handful of jobs on UpWork, so we’ll see how that goes.  Some of them were really neat!  I also updated my amateur radio logbooks and sent a few QSL cards.

Thank you for reading my post.


5/29/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for a run, though it was already quite hot outside.  My time wasn’t great, though I did have to stop and tie my shoe halfway through.  I ran to the top of the hill (1 mile) and then ran some additional distance on my way down the hill.

After that, I did some housework.  I repaired our busted vacuum cleaner, donated some old clothes, and folded some laundry. I also hung up our fire extingisher, which has been sitting on the floor since we moved into the house.

In the afternoon, I fired up the grill and grilled our food for the week. We’ll have hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and vegetables for the week.

I did a little fill-in grocery shopping as well, as I had not made it out to Vitamin Cottage on Saturday evening.

In the late afternoon, I planted some sweet potatoes and weeded the garden and the front yard.  Then, I went for a bike ride (2.110 miles).

Overall, it was a relatively productive day.

Thank you for reading my post.

4/4/15: Daily Post

Today has been busy, but semi-productive. I started the day by going for a mile-long run. My time was not as good as last time, but it was better than I expected.

After that, I got a few chores done around the house, including weeding the front yard and getting quite a bit of gardening done. I am setting up the soaker hoses, and should be ready to start planting next week.

In between each of these activities, I played on amateur radio, making a few contacts in Montana, Missouri, and Mississippi this afternoon.

I also did some grocery shopping in the evening. I bought myself a new bicycle, and bought my son a new bicycle, so that we can go biking again. I only had a cruising bike, which doesn’t work well for the hills up here in Rio Rancho. My son had outgrown his bike, so it was time for a new one.

I also added a page for some of the baseball games I’ve attended. I posted an Isotopes game from a few years back, and will be steadily transferring these posts from an old website.

Happy Easter (in a few minutes)!

Thank you for reading my post!