6/18/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day driving from Van Buren, AR, to Rio Rancho, NM.  A few miles into Oklahoma, the Crown Vic just stopped running in the middle of I-40.  The engine just shut off.  I coasted to a stop on the shoulder, popped the hood, and looked for anything leaking or a broken belt, but saw nothing.  After a few minutes, I turned the key and it started again.  We drove to Oklahoma City and stopped at a Firestone that was about to close.  They did an engine code check, and saw that there was a throttle error, but did not have time to run a diagnostic before closing time.  We continued west.

In Amarillo, we stopped for dinner at Red Lobster (to celebrate my birthday!) and then continued west.  As we were way behind schedule, we ended up pulling over and sleeping for a bit before returning home right before sunrise.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad!

Thank you for reading my post.


6/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we drove from Amarillo, TX, to Joplin, MO.  It was great weather, with no rain or storms anywhere.  It wasn’t even all that humid.

Joey and I have been playing the license plate game, and I am only missing a few license plates at this point.

We stopped several times in Amarillo before rolling out of town.  We ended up at the Quality Inn in Joplin.  Unfortunately for me, the Steak N Shake was closed when I arrived.

Otherwise, it was an uneventful day.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/18/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, we drove from Dallas, TX, to Meridian, MS.  We could have went farther, but the logistics were such that it was worth stopping for the night a little early and trying to reset our internal clocks to getting up in the morning.  Therefore, we stopped at 9PM instead of continuing until midnight or 1 AM, like we had done in previous nights.

It was not quite as cold yesterday, but it was still too cold to go around without multiple layers.  We also quit driving before it got really cold.

In Louisiana, we reported a driver who was driving erratically.  He was swerving all over the road quickly, running onto the shoulder and into the slow lane.  We followed him for quite some time, and I was on a conference call with two county Sheriff departments and the state police.  They pulled him over- he stopped his car in the fast lane rather than pulling over.  The cop ordered him to the shoulder, and that was the last we saw.  We figured that was the end of it.  Nope.  We stopped for dinner and fueled up and relaxed for a bit.  Maybe another 100 miles down the road, we saw the same car smashed in the median.  We don’t know what happened.

Today’s plan is to drive to Columbus, GA, and meet up with a friend for coffee.  After that, we’ll head to Atlanta for dinner with JoAnna’s uncle.  We’ll probably spend tonight in or near Atlanta.

5/26/16: Daily Post

Yesterday as my last storm chase day for a few days.  I woke up in Wichita, KS, and headed north in search of a shower (I spent the night in my car).

After showering and fueling up, I tried to catch up to a former student that lived in town, but didn’t catch him in time for lunch.  Maybe next time.

I did some storm chasing, but the soon the storms all exploded and were difficult to chase.  I bailed and headed west towards home.

In the evening, I had a smashing headache, so I pulled over and slept until this morning.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/18/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, we began our annual Christmas cross-country trip. Originally, we planned to drive from Rio Rancho, NM, to San Antonio, TX. Instead, we got off to a late start, and had some concerns with the car, so we only made it to Fort Stockton, TX.

The car is fine, but we could smell antifreeze when running the heater. I found no leaks, and the coolant level is not dropping. I checked the oil, and there was no coolant in the oil. There was no smoke or antifreeze smell in the exhaust.

That was our day yesterday; driving I-40 to US-285.

Thank you for reading my post.

6/15/15, 6/16/15: Daily Post

I am a little late posting tonight. I added a few more excursions to the link list, including a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, TX, a few years back.

Otherwise, yesterday was mostly uneventful. I worked on some homework for my Applied Climatology class and did some writing. I ran for a little over a mile, and did some parkour.

My major accomplishment yesterday was topping out 100,000 steps for the week:

fitbit 103000 6-15-15

Today, I did a bunch of housework and hung a few things on the wall. I have been hanging bike license plates in our hall way and regular license plates near the wood stove.

Exercise-wise, I ran for a mile and a half, did some parkour, and then rode my bike down (and then back up) the big hill here along Southern.

This evening, as I was biking down the big hill, I noticed the thunderstorm at sunset over the Sandia Mountains. I turned around, biked back up the hill, and then hopped in my car and took some lightning photos.

lightning 6-16-15

Thank you for reading my post.

5/17/15: Daily Post

The last 24 hours have been frustrating, to say the least. I found out last night that my debit card had been compromised, and turned off. I found this out while trying to get gasoline during a severe thunderstorm that was bearing down on Wichita Falls, TX. Instead of making a well-planned escape, I had to track down an ATM and get cash before the storm hit; and before the bank closed their office for the evening.

After that, having only cash, I found it hard to find a hotel. I ended up sleeping in my car on the west side of Amarillo. That part actually worked out well.

This morning, my car died. The harmonic balancer has a rubber part that filled up with oil from my leaky engine. Once it was full of oil, it expanded and popped the harmonic balancer apart. I was able to limp it to a shop (believe it or not) a few hundred yards away. I am now waiting for the repair, with limited funds (due to my card being stolen).

I sound like every bum who has ever tried to borrow money. I did figure it out though, and the repair shop should have me on the road tomorrow. It will be a story I tell for years to come!

I also had a very good storm chase yesterday. It kinda makes up for the issues I had. I posted the full bit on my storm chase blog, but here is one photo of the Wichita Falls, TX, supercell I saw:

5-16-15 supercell 03

Good night, and thank you for reading my post!