6/3/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I attended Sabbath School and church at the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church.  The Sabbath School teachers were new, and were quite well-versed in the scriptures and history.  Church service was an introduction to Esther and Daniel, as they will begin the study of Esther next week.  I will be on the road.

In the afternoon, I did some reading and some writing.  I have a new short-story idea that I will probably never share on here, but I am writing it anyway.  I also chatted with a few old friends.

I played on 20 meters a bit, giving the rig a good test before my road trip.  I made a few shipboard contacts and one or two in the Alabama QSO Party.

In the evening, we went to the Solid Grounds Coffee House and watched a bluegrass band play.  I can’t remember their names, but their fiddle player was phenomenal.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day.

Still depressed, not battling it any more.

Thank you for reading my post.

5/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I attended the Rio Rancho Seventh-Day Adventist Sabbath School and church service.  I was late to Sabbath School, but was glad I showed up anyhow.

In the afternoon, I sat outside with JoAnna.  She buried a soaker hose in her herb garden and I just talked to her while she worked.  I’m lazy like that.

In the evening, we attended the music at Solid Grounds Coffee House.  This week featured a bluegrass band called “Coyote Crossing” and they were pretty good.

After the music, we went back to JoAnna’s parents’ apartment for ice cream and conversation.

Thank you for reading my post.


4/29/17: Daily Post

I have been really busy the last few days and have been unable to post, it seems.  Our juniors and seniors were finishing up their final presentations for Friday, and I spent time with them going over their presentations.

Yesterday, I was in a blah mood, and ended up late to church.  I still went, however.

In the afternoon, I did some reading.

In the evening, Joey and I went to Solid Grounds Coffee House to hear music, as we often do on Saturday evenings.  Afterwards, we went to JoAnna’s parents’ house for ice cream.

Thank you for reading my post.


4/22/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I was late to Sabbath School again, and even a few minutes late to church, but I did arrive.  The sermon was led by the church school, and they did a play and several songs with bells.

In the afternoon, I did some reading and then picked up Joey from the library.  Then, we drove to the Solid Grounds Coffee House for music and a visit with Joey’s grandparents.

The evening was relatively slow.  I did a bit more reading and that was about it.

Thank you for reading my post.

4/15/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I got off to a later start than I had intended.  I did attend the Rio Rancho Seventh-Day Adventist church, but I did miss Sabbath School.  After church, I ended up chatting with a few of the ladies from the church that attend the Friday night session as well.  One of them had read something, and I remembered seeing the same thing, so I looked it up for her.

In the afternoon, JoAnna and I played around with her flower and herb garden in the front yard.  We decided to brick over the spot that never grows anything anyway, and we also dug up and planned out which herbs to plant this year.  We still have thyme, cilantro, roses and irises that are doing well.

In the evening, we sat outside and read.  I have been reading Killing Patton by Bill O’Reilly, and it’s been a good book.  Then we went to dinner at Jasmine Thai and chatted for quite some time.  It was nice to have a date night!

Thank you for reading my post.


4/14/17: Daily Post

I started out the day by commuting from Socorro to Rio Rancho, as I had spent the previous night at my brother’s house.  Atrisco Heritage Academy and New Mexico Tech were off on Friday for “vernal holiday,” which everyone knew meant “Good Friday.”

In the morning, I chatted with JoAnna a bunch and then did a few chores around the house.  I also mailed off a broken Bluetooth keyboard and got an estimate on a screen repair for an old tablet.

In the afternoon, I walked around Alameda and took photos of “Now Hiring” signs for an app that pays for these photos.  I made around $4, and had a nice walk on a nice afternoon for my troubles.

In the evening, I attended the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church for their session on “Desire of Ages” by Ellen G. White.

Thank you for reading my post.


3/25/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning attending the Rio Rancho Seventh-Day Adventist Church for both Sabbath School and church.  It was the first time I had attended their Sabbath School, and it was a good day to pick.  Yesterday was 13th Sabbath, so I was able to get a quarterly for the upcoming quarter, and have started working on it.

After church, I helped Joey take down his model car display at the local library.  It was up for almost a month, and he had quite a few people comment that they liked the display.

When we returned home, we went for a short (4 mile) bike ride around the neighborhood.  I added two GPS-tracked bike rides to my biking page.  There have been other bike rides, but some of them were not tracked properly.

In the late afternoon, I put my weather camera online!  You can see it here:  https://www.wunderground.com/webcams/WU-934542/1/show.html .  I need to reroute the USB cord, as it currently runs through the middle of the floor.

In the evening, I played in the WPX amateur radio contest, making around 20 contacts.  I will play in this contest for a bit today as well.

We also attended another music concert at Solid Grounds Coffee House.  While I was there, JoAnna’s mother returned a book I had loaned to her and also loaned me a book as well.  I think this may become a tradition!

Thank you for reading my post.