8/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I took the bus and train back up to Albuquerque, then drove over to the Uptown area to complete some AVID training for the Albuquerque Public Schools.  I don’t know my APS schedule yet, but I should in the next few days.

After training, I did a little grocery shopping and posted a few jobs on JobSeeker.

In the evening, we drove to Los Alamos and watched a presentation on fractals.  They had all sorts of neat patterns, hosted in the planetarium.  The science museum and the planetarium were quite neat.   They had a few desert reptiles, insects, and so on in aquariums, as well as all sorts of local information about the wildlife in the southwest.

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9/26/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was relatively uneventful, but fun. I went for a run and then did some parkour at the park. My mile time was not the best I’ve run, but still under my goal for the year. I also did some tumbling during the parkour part, but I am limited until I find a better way to secure my cell phone.

After that, we went to a planetarium show about the Google X-Prize to return to the moon. This is neat; Google is giving away a prize to the first team who successfully deploys a robot to the moon. The team in Chile has some great ideas, or at least ideas I wanted to see implemented. First, their rover is a round ball. When it gets to certain obstacles, it changes shape, using a shape-memory alloy. I’ve always thought that was the way to deploy certain things (ex: antennas) during space operations.

After that, we had dinner at Annapurna’s, and then went for a walk.

In the late evening, I submitted a draft of a proposal to teach an amateur radio course at NMT. I have taught this course before, so perhaps I will get to teach it again.

I also created an “Engineering” section on this blog. Notice the new tab and menu items around Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I will be filling these out as I create more content. Here is a photo of a steel plate; there is more about it in the Failure section:

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