6/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we packed up and headed east for a two week road trip.  We only made it as far as Amarillo.  We stayed at a Quality Inn just a little ways off I-40.  Along our route, we also punched a weak hail core (slushy pea-sized hail).  I tweeted about it and it was picked up by Albuquerque NWS as well as Channel 4 in Albuquerque.

JoAnna and I talked about hard work last night.  I value hard work and struggle, but why value struggle?  It is inefficient and stupid.  Learn something new everyday, I suppose.

Giving up fighting depression.

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The Last Two Weeks

I have been out storm chasing with a few Virginia Tech alumni for the past two weeks.  I haven’t had time to post on this blog, and am behind on my storm chase blog as well.

This storm chase has been probably the best chase I have ever done.  My chase team was solid.  We caught four tornadoes in four states.  We were on severe storms almost every day.  Navigation, costs, and everything were within spec.  I did get a few hail dents, but kept all of the windows.

I did lose a former student during this time.  Unfortuately, my former student and friend, Ben Nzavi, drowned while trying to save his daughter, who fell in a lake and also drowned.

I’m in a little post-chase depression, as usual, after our last chase day.  I just dropped Kathryn off at the Tulsa airport, and said goodbye to Alex, Aaron and Dan, as they drive back to VA.  I am at a Waffle House just north of town, getting ready for my long trek west.

Thank you guys for reading my post.

3/28/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day, and yet I felt like everything was moving in slow motion.  Once again, it was spring break for Magdalena, so I spent quite a few hours at NMT instead.

I started out the day by writing two weather forecasts:  one for NM, and one for the severe weather threat in Texas.  After that, I continued cleaning up computers and getting things ready for instrumentation lab.  This week’s lab was on state machines, shift registers, and sub-VIs in LabVIEW.

At lunch time, Skyler and I tried to get one of my VHF rigs running.  On the service monitor, it worked fine, but once we took it off there and connected it to a battery and an antenna, it stopped working.  I will have to do some more experimenting to figure out what has gone wrong.

In the afternoon, I taught instrumentation lab.  I really need to find a way to make these more interesting.  I think the students have fun with the actual lab, but there has to be a better way to cover the content before the lab begins.

In the evening, I commuted home on the buses and trains.  I wrote two articles for Paydirt and read up on the news of the three storm chasers that were killed in Texas.  I didn’t know any of them, but it was still sad to see.

At home, I did some more cooking, as I did not get a chance to do all of the cooking for the week on Sunday.  I made some more burgers for my breakfasts and another stir fry for JoAnna and Joey’s dinners.

I called it a semi-early night and went to bed at 11:30 or so.

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2/15/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and early afternoon tutoring at Magdalena.  The kids were still on a sugar high, but things were a little calmer, and I think we all had a good day.

In the afternoon, I attended our department meeting, which included a meeting with the Vice President of the university.   It was nice to meet him.

In the evening, I commuted home with little drama or incident.

When I arrived at home, I worked on my weather station some more, as it had crashed during the day.  I had to restart the console, and then the software.  Restarting the console is a pain, as I have to reset the time, units, alarms, etc.  I think it is up and running now, however.

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12/13/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day working at Magdalena.  They were still testing, so I watched on the students that had finished testing, and helped them with any homework or studying they had left for the semester.

In the evening, I walked to the convenience store in Magdalena and then returned to the school in time for the girls’ basketball game, and then the boys’ basketball game, both of which were played against Carrizozo.

I had dinner with my brother and watched several episodes of FPS Russia.  I also found a paper related to one of my projects, so I started reading that before going to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/11/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a relatively relaxing day, considering the school year is over for Mississippi State and is almost over for New Mexico Tech.

I spent the afternoon at the National Weather Service, where I launched the 00 Z weather balloon.  We are under zonal flow right now, so a flat pattern without too much going on, weather-wise.

In the evening, I  did a bunch of grocery shopping and cooking.  I made meals for the next ten days, as we’ll spent about five of those on the road, and it’s better to have them prepared than to go out on the road and try to cook in hotels.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/4/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I slept in a bit, as I had intended to go for a run, but it was far too cold in the morning.  Instead, I slept in a bit and then woke up and hashed out Christmas plans with JoAnna.

In the afternoon, I went to the National Weather Service (NWS) and volunteered there for a few hours.  I got there after they had filled the balloon, so I didn’t do that part.  I did track the balloon, however, as it went almost straight up and had to be manually tracked until it caught some of the upper-level winds.

After the NWS, I did some grocery shopping and then some cooking.  I checked into the Albuquerque Caravan Club amateur radio net and rounded out the night by working on a writing project.

Thank you for reading my post.