8/9/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in Socorro again.  I have almost completely moved out of Speare, and will finish that up today.  However, yesterday I had a bunch of meetings, so I went to those instead of finishing up.

The meetings were all good.  First, we talked about renovations to Jones, and, if they all go through, perhaps it won’t be so bad to move there.  After that, I met with one of the other professors about several smaller projects, including manufacturing a mold and firing up an old toy steam engine.

I also attended a LabVIEW webinar and reviewed some code for our dynamo project.

In the evening, I came home to an empty house, as Joey and JoAnna were at a Landmark event.  I did some free writing and went to bed a little early.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/9/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was not tremendously exciting.  I took the bus and train down to Socorro and spent the day in meetings about our department and ABET.  Several of my labs were inspected while I was in there, and I got a strong thumbs up for all of them.

In the evening, I had a conference call and I think that went well.  I’ll talk more about that one as I learn more.

After that, I commuted back to Albuquerque, and JoAnna and I had dinner and discussion at Annapurna.  We also messed around with the van, as it was making a new noise.  Seeing as we were not parked far from the repair shop, we left it there until this morning, and rode back in the truck.

I also added two more Albuquerque Isotopes game pages to this blog (8/9/13 and 8/29/13).

Thank you for reading my post.