7/9/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I slept in a bit and then had lunch with my old friend, Jason.  I had not seen him since middle school, so it was good to catch up with him.  He used to go to my church when I lived in Westminster, MD, and just happened to be out here in the Denver area for a few weeks.

In the afternoon, I did some shopping for the Summer Science Program (SSP).  We also celebrated one of the participant’s birthdays.  Overall, it was a fun night.

I called my parents in the late evening and caught up with them, as it had been over a week since my last call.

I had intended to do more stuff in the late evening, but decided to go to bed instead and try to find a better routine than the one I have been keeping.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a good day.  I started out the day by attending the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church for both Sabbath School and regular church service.  While I was there, one of the ladies at the church invited me over for Sabbath lunch.

When I arrived, there were quite a few members of our church in attendance.  We all sat down to eat, and the food was delicious.  The hosts were from Trinidad, so all of the food had a Caribbean zest to it.  I had a fruit called “bitter lemon” or “bitter melon” that was pretty good.  I had tasted it once before, as apparently, it is also a Filipino dish, but had forgotten about it until this meal.

In the afternoon, I took a long nap.  I am low on some of my vitamins, and it shows.

In the evening, we went to music at the Solid Grounds Coffee House.  While there, I went for a walk during the intermission and took a photo of the sunset.

In the late evening, Joey and I watched three episodes of Justified.  We are in Season 2, and it is as good as I remember.

Thank you for reading my post.


3/12/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had lunch with a former student of mine.  I hadn’t seen her since she graduated in May, so it was nice to catch up.  We chatted until I had to leave to take Joey to the Iris Club Meeting.

Joey had a great time at the Iris Club Meeting, and while he was there, I found him a set of shelves at Walmart.  I also did some walking around the north end of Rio Rancho, as I am rarely at that end of town.

Later in the afternoon, I worked in my garden.  I was able to test several of the soaker hoses, as well as turn over part of one of the garden beds.  I also trenched some of the radials for my vertical antenna.  They have been above ground for years, so I buried all but the eastern ones, as I will eventually extend my garden through where these radials lie, and I will have to coordinate where everything goes.

In the evening, I did some cooking and cleaning.  Nothing too exciting.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/28/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a decent day.  I spent the morning working on my office, moving a few things to our storage area, as well as cleaning up the Unit Ops lab.  I had a gas cylinder delivered and straightened up the fume hoods.

I had lunch with an a friend and former tutor.  While at lunch, we ran into one of the Magdalena teachers, so we chatted with her as well.

In the afternoon, I assisted a bunch of freshmen with their design projects.  I think I had four different groups of 3-4 students each at one point.  I’m glad to see that they are working on their projects.

In the late afternoon, I helped the student government group put together a haunted hospital.  It was needed volunteer hours for the Tech Amateur Radio Association, as well as a lot of fun.  I think we have met all of our requirements for the semester, so that is a load off my shoulders.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/26/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning in Socorro, working on my GIS homework. I was able to complete it relatively quickly, though I do think this will be a challenging class.

I had lunch with an old friend at a new cafe in Socorro. We talked about automation and network security, and one of the women who worked the counter chatted with us, too. She was a retired petroleum engineer, so she had quite a bit of experience with automation, so we learned quite a bit from her.

After that, I helped a professor move back into her office, as new carpet had been installed that morning, and all of her stuff was in one of the labs.

I took the buses and trains home, and chatted with a friend of mine who occasionally rides the train. I also did some reading in a book about Industrial Archaeology, though I will speak more about that on my ghost towns blog than in here.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/11/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in Socorro at NMT.  I took the buses and trains down and I spent the day organizing the labs.  I have a ton of boxes with miscellaneous stuff in them from our very abrupt move, so I sorted out electronic components, tools, and cabling.  I have almost completely finished cleaning up the Unit Operations Lab, minus hanging a poster or two, and moving a box of hoses elsewhere.  The design lab still needs work, but it is much better off than it was in the morning.

I also started cleaning up the Tech Amateur Radio Association webpage, which was last updated in 2013.

I had lunch with an old friend of mine from Virginia Tech who moved out here with his wife.  We went to El Sombrero, which is one of the better restaurants in town, and my first exposure to New Mexican food when I moved out here in 2005.

After lunch, I continued working in the labs, though in the afternoon, I switched over to programming LabVIEW for the batch reactor.  As it turns out, the pH probes drift so much that I can’t seem to get them to work in LabVIEW.   What was a nice, linear equation to represent pH a week ago, now shows a pH of 130, which makes no sense.  I will have to investigate this some more.

In the evening, I drove over to my brother’s house.  I had found out earlier in the day that the trunk of the Malibu leaks, and so I had a mess to clean up.  Instead, I got there and I couldn’t roll up the driver’s side window.  I think the motor may have worn out.  Thankfully, it didn’t rain, but the window was left open for now.

I have a busy day ahead of me today, so wish me luck.

Thank you for reading my post.