3/2/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the entire day working in the Unit Operations lab, rearranging things, updating computers and just generally improving the lab. I’m actually really excited about the way it will be when it is finished.

In the afternoon, I worked on a new Upwork Contract and confirmed some Sunday appointments for Varsity Tutors. I also had a meeting about the sodium dynamo. I need to be careful this year and make sure to set aside money for my taxes, as I have quite a few side contracts these days.

In the evening, Joey and I started season 4 of Justified. That show is awesome.

I called it an early evening, as I have been a bit tired the last few days. I think I may be fighting off sickness, so I tend to get more rest when I think I’m under attack.

Thank you for reading my post.


2/23/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started the day by commuting from Socorro to Albuquerque and then tutoring at Albuquerque High.

Tutoring went well. We had a good time in the first block, as part of the time was spent playing basketball with another class. I didn’t play, but it was fun to watch. Second hour, I helped a student through a complex integration problem and then chatted about chemical engineering for the rest of the time.

In the afternoon, I made my way over to Explora to see if I could catch my contact there during his office hours. He was unavailable, so I headed home.

At home, I did a little reloading, but am having trouble reloading .22 Hornets. I’ll have to look into it some more.

In the evening, Joey and I finished out Season 3 of Justified.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/21/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was largely uneventful. Wednesday is my “meetings” day, where I spend most of my time bouncing between different meetings.

My first meeting was with the Physics department. I finally signed paperwork to get paid for this semester, and also got a little more direction on what still needs to be done on this project. I think things are coming along nicely.

My second meeting was with the Dynamo group. I picked up the latest version of the software and then discussed different debugging techniques with the programmer.

My third meeting was with the chemical engineering department, as it was our weekly meeting. There was not much worth mentioning on here.

After those meetings, I helped a professor move some shelves and then went and taught a section of instrumentation lab. This section was the first lecture on microcontrollers, and I think the students had a good time.

After class, I commuted home. Along the commute, I did a little writing, finishing another chapter in my fiction book.

After my commute, I went home, filled out a few QSL cards and watched two episodes of Justified with Joey.

Overall, it was a good day.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/20/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was split between tutoring at Magdalena and tutoring robotics at St. Mary’s. This week, I will not get in as many hours at Magdalena, as there was no school on Monday, and, because I did not stay in Socorro Monday night, I did not tutor early on Tuesday morning. I’ll have to make up the hours as I can.

While tutoring, I wrote a short story. That sounds dumb, but their assignment was to write a story based on a prompt they were provided. To prove that it was not a difficult assignment, I did one too, and I let a few of the students read mine when they had finished.

In the afternoon, I rode to Belen with a few of my students to help the robotics students at St. Mary’s. Two of the groups are totally redesigning their robots, and the third is learning the code to automate their robot. It’s been a fun time.

In the evening, Joey and I watched an episode of Justified. We are part of the way through Season 3. We will probably watch an episode or two this evening as well.

Thank you for reading my post.

2/6/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day. I started out the morning working on a few things at NMT. I updated a few of my lecture notes and did a little grading.

After that, I tutored at Magdalena for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. I tutored two sections of AVID, one section of Chemistry, one section of Algebra II, and one section of Physical Science. I also attended a lunch meeting.

In the afternoon, I rode up to Belen with my robotics group to tutor students at St. Mary’s. Their robots are progressing, and I learn something new every time I am there.

On the commute home, I did an hour and a half of work mapping out the dynamo software. I’ve barely scratched the surface, but when I have finished, it will be really nice.

In the evening, Joey and I watched two more episodes of Justified. JoAnna and I chatted about our different endeavors until the early morning hours.

I also started tinkering with my Enfield. It was a gun show find that had been converted to .308 Win and set up as a scout rifle with a long eye-relief scope. However, it does not feed properly. I am modifying the magazines to handle the .308s.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/31/18: Daily Post

I can’t believe it is already the end of January. On one hand, I feel like the time has flown by, and I have not been productive. On the other hand, I look at some of the things that I’ve done and that have happened, and it feels like I have been extra productive. I will post a monthly summary this weekend that will go over some of these accomplishments.

Somehow, it feels like ages ago that Lester passed away. I still can’t think about it.

I spent the day at NMT, bouncing between different meetings. They weren’t terribly exciting, but they were necessary. I also taught the second week of instrumentation lab. That certainly wasn’t exciting for the students, and I will have to figure out how to make it better.

I have some exciting projects happening, but I am not at liberty to discuss them yet. Just know that I still have too many irons in the fire!

Joey and I started Justified – Season 3. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 arrived yesterday as well, courtesy of Dad! Thank you!

Thank you for reading my post.

1/26/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning working in Albuquerque High, tutoring for two separate AVID classes. I have some really good students in that school. I forgot how to do integration by parts, but all of the students knew how to do it properly.

In the afternoon, I did some grocery shopping. It wasn’t too exciting, and I’ll have to do a little more on Sunday. Typically, my shopping day is Sunday, but I had a few extra minutes, so it was worth doing yesterday.

Joey and I also finished out Justified – Season 2. We will start Season 3 this week, and then I need to acquire Seasons 4 and 5. That show was excellent.

Thank you for reading my post.