8/26/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started the day by attending church at the Rio Rancho Seventh-Day Adventist church.  I didn’t attend Sabbath School, but that is about to change as the pastor and one of the elders approached me about making a devotional each week for Sabbath School.  I said I wouldn’t be there a lot of weeks (I’m on the road a lot) and they said that would be fine.  I gave them a list of dates I will be in town, and so my first one will be 9/23.

After church, I came home and slept.  I am catching up on sleep I didn’t get all week.

In the evening, Joey and I went to Solid Grounds Coffee House to hear Roger Dale perform.  He did pretty well, and it was a good show.

Then, in the late evening, Joey and I watched a few episodes of Justified.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a good day.  I started out the day by attending the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church for both Sabbath School and regular church service.  While I was there, one of the ladies at the church invited me over for Sabbath lunch.

When I arrived, there were quite a few members of our church in attendance.  We all sat down to eat, and the food was delicious.  The hosts were from Trinidad, so all of the food had a Caribbean zest to it.  I had a fruit called “bitter lemon” or “bitter melon” that was pretty good.  I had tasted it once before, as apparently, it is also a Filipino dish, but had forgotten about it until this meal.

In the afternoon, I took a long nap.  I am low on some of my vitamins, and it shows.

In the evening, we went to music at the Solid Grounds Coffee House.  While there, I went for a walk during the intermission and took a photo of the sunset.

In the late evening, Joey and I watched three episodes of Justified.  We are in Season 2, and it is as good as I remember.

Thank you for reading my post.


7/8/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out by remotely attending a Society for Industrial Archeology board meeting.  I checked in via my phone on my way to Santa Fe.

In Santa Fe, I attended the Skywarn Training, led by Kerry Jones.  He does a great job, and I’ve attended several of his training sessions.   He referenced me several times in the talk as a fellow storm chaser.

I drove back from Santa Fe, and stopped to go for a long walk in Bernalillo.  I knew I had eaten too much, and I did my best to walk off the calories.  I overdid it slightly, and ended up taking a nap when I got home.

After my nap, Joey and I went to the music show at the Solid Grounds Coffee House.  It wasn’t the same without the whole group there, but we still had a good time.

In the late evening, I posted several updates to this blog, including monthly updates for April, May and June, as well as one of my running screenshots.

I started using MapMyRun again, as I am having trouble with FitBit accurately representing my path, even though it gets the mileage and times right.  It can’t seem to map it correctly.  I promise I’ve gone on quite a few runs since 1/2/17, though my page doesn’t accurately represent them.

Joey and I also finished up the first season of Justified.

Thank you for reading my post.

6/2/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by running almost six miles in 1:10.  I did alright, and may have been able to go farther, but I decided not to burn myself out too much.  I only have like one more day to run before I travel again.

After my run, I ran around town to take care of a few errands.  I had a backpack that had ripped, so I sent it back to the factory, which took quite a bit of time.  I did some light grocery shopping, though I have so much more to do later this weekend.

Probably the biggest accomplishment of the day was sending off a bunch of emails that needed to be sent.  I have a few more to do as well.

I also pulled a radio from the Crown Vic to send back to the factory.  My Yaesu FT-857D is deafening (S9+20dB) all the time.  I borrowed another 857 from the NMT Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) as a comparison, and it sounds much better.  I’m not sure what is wrong with this one, but this is the fourth time I’ve sent it back for a repair.  It’s getting annoying.

I watched a few episodes of Justified with Joey to try to brighten my day.

Still fighting off the post-chase depression.

Thank you for reading my post.

4/25/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the entire day in Magdalena.  My instrumentation class is finished for the semester, so I spent the whole day tutoring instead.  I found out that I will be teaching 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th hour today, due to meetings.

When I finished tutoring, I returned to NMT and had a meeting with a few people considering the liquid sodium dynamo project that I recently joined.  I am still in the early stages of understanding this project so I won’t say much about it yet.

In the evening, I submitted an article for Paydirt, our school news paper, and then watched one episode of Justified with Joey.  I wasn’t feeling well, and was having trouble staying awake, so one episode was all I could do.

Thank you for reading my post.


4/24/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day.  I spent the morning tutoring at the Magdalena school.  They are starting to come out of their testing, so we are starting to have real classes again.  I taught a lesson on Pascal’s Triangle to the Algebra II class, with some success.

In the afternoon, I evaluated junior design presentations.   They have their final presentations on Friday, so they are mostly finished, and the groups are taking a few additional data points and cleaning up the details of their slides.

In the evening, Joey and I watched three more episodes of Justified.  It is such a great show.

Thank you for reading my post.

4/23/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and afternoon in Socorro, proctoring an amateur radio exam.  We had five attempt the exam, and one pass.  It wasn’t my best track record for my amateur radio class (1 passed, 1 failed, and 1 didn’t show), but better luck next time I suppose.

In the afternoon, I commuted home, did my shopping and my typical housework for a Sunday.  It was tough, but I finished it up.

In the evening, Joey and I watched an episode of Justified.  It is such a good show.

Thank you for reading my post.