10/10/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had a frustrating day.  I had a good morning, and drove to Socorro for work.  Magdalena schools were closed, so I worked on the Unit Operations lab until class started at 2.

I then assisted with lab.  I was able to get a pH probe in the absorption column.  A few minutes into class, the heat exchanger computer stopped booting up.  I started rebuilding a second one, as I have been expecting the old heat exchanger computer to die for quite some time, though its shown no signs of failing.  It’s just old.  Anyway, it eventually started after several reboots and a full unplug reset.  I will continue building the second system, however.

After that, I managed to spill my Genesis grape blast tub on the floor, realized my FitBit strap is about broken, and missed the train home.  Instead, I gave up and stayed in Socorro.

Thank you for reading my post.


6/2/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up the Unit Operations Lab.  I have made some great progress in there, and the lab is going to be in great shape this semester.  I disposed of a truck load of old and non-functional computer equipment, and then moved several large pieces of equipment that are not in use over to storage, rather than letting them continue to take up space in Unit Ops.  I moved the heat exchanger against the wall, which frees up a lot of space, and makes the plumbing and wiring a lot easier.  I cleaned off most of the lab benches, and cleaned all of the glassware.

It was also my first day of summer semester at Mississippi State.  I posted both of my intro paragraphs (one for each course) and added the assignment due dates to my Google Calendar.

In the evening, I had dinner with my brother and his family and watched an episode or two of House.

Thank you for reading my post.

11/11/15: Daily Post

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day. There were no problems tutoring in the morning, and Unit Ops was sailing smoothly until approximately ten minutes into the lab. The first thing I heard was a grinding noise, as the hard drive on the batch reactor computer ground to a halt. I replaced this computer in record time with an old one we had lying around. No sooner had I dealt with that issue than the ground fault interrupt triggered for seemingly no reason. When we reset everything, the heat exchanger computer stopped functioning correctly. It has lost communication with the network ports, some of the USB ports, and the data acquisition card. I tore this computer apart as well, and I believe it is the motherboard that failed.

Before you get suspicious, I should mention that I bought both of these computers as refurbished machines a few years back. There was a third one that failed six months ago (motherboard), so it doesn’t surprise me that all three were awful.

It was a depressing day.

Thank you for reading my post.

11/4/15: Daily Post

Yesterday began the process of having a sucky day. November 4 has always been a historic day for me, and this is crappy entry in that record. It’s always been a roller coaster, and a snapshot into my life for the year. For example

2002: Turned in paperwork to swtich out of Elecrical Engineering. Felt like a huge failure. Started in Materials Engineering.
2003: First publication accepted in QST. I wrote it on storm chasing.
2004: Turned in my application to New Mexico Tech, Iowa State and Virginia Tech for graduate school around that time.
2006: Finished up Design of Experiments course, which was really tough.
2007: Turned down a job at a foundry in Indiana.
2008: Working for NMT, also picked up side work at EMRTC.
2009: ?
2010: Getting ready for Atlas Shrugged group. JoAnna and Joey have moved to Albuquerque.
2011: Frustated at Intel.
2012: Transferred to the ROC at Intel. Hopeful, and excited.
2013: Started High Plains Tours, LLC.
2014: ?
2015: Heat exchanger fails, struggling to stay afloat in classes and with work.

Anyway, I need to work with the chem car folks and work on the heat exchanger.

Thank you for reading this post.