8/3/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I was in ultra-productive mode.  I finished out all of my ABET paperwork and got that mess turned in.  That’s been over my head for quite some time.  After that, I wrote a routine that writes data to file for the absorption column, and am almost finished another one for the batch reactor.

I managed to get all of my blog posts completed (I have a schedule of which ones are updated on which days), as well as added a new page to this blog from our visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art back in December.    It is under Excursions >> Museums.

I worked on my DropBox, cleaning out what I could.  I still have more workto do, but that was a good start.

In the evening, I hung out with the family and pets for a bit before calling it an early night.

Thank you for reading my post.



1/5/15: Daily Post

Today, I went to Socorro to start my first week back at NMT for the semester. Classes start next week, so I am getting prepared for the students to return. I spent the day cleaning up the lab computers and cleaning up my office for my new office mate.

The other thing I worked on was my desktop computer at work. At first, I thought my hard drive had failed, as my computer claimed a Windows file was missing. I took another hard drive out of storage and replaced it. I save all of my data to Dropbox, so it was no big deal. With the new hard drive, the computer would get to the Windows XP screen (I was going to install Windows 7), and then randomly reboot. I swapped hard drives again with a third one and got the same result.

I then removed one stick of memory and got the same results. I swapped the second stick for the first, and got the same results again. My next suspect is the motherboard, but considering this is an older computer, I gave up and vowed to use my personal laptop instead.

After work, I spent time playing video games with my brother and his family.

Thank you for reading my post.