4/23/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was depressing, and I don’t know if there is a way to bounce back from it.  I went to a training for driving school vehicles through Magdalena.  As it turns out, I need another 2 hour training course on defensive driving, a physical, a drug test, and a six hour first aid course by Sunday morning, or the Magdalena storm chase is off.

I kinda hate life right now, as I don’t think it is possible to get these things in time.  I wish I had known any of this stuff was required before this week.  As it turns out, some of this was law changes in March.


3/17/18: Daily Post

I was in a funk most of yesterday.  I didn’t attend church, I didn’t eat breakfast and so on.

In the afternoon, I felt a little better. I went to dinner with JoAnna an Joey at Annapurna, and was able to do some writing and reading.  I finished another chapter in Atlas Shrugged.

In the late evening, we went to Solid Grounds Coffee House and watched an Irish band play.  I’m not actually much for Irish bands, but it was still a fun time.  I also managed to get in an hour of work for Upwork.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/2/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a strange day.  I spent most of it depressed about my tutoring session on Friday.  Looking at what my ACT scores would be, I would be ineligible for many colleges, including at least one where I have a degree.

Anyway, I laid in bed until after 3 pm, skipping Sabbath School, Church, and the Skywarn Recognition Day.  My blog posts were dismal, as well.

I woke up in the afternoon and went to music at the Solid Grounds Coffee House and I felt a little less depressed.

I don’t know what my deal was (or is), but I am still fighting it.

Thank you for reading my post.

12/1/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by breaking into Jones Hall and using their shower. Then, I took the bus to Albuquerque and tutoring at Albuquerque High.

I got really depressed during tutoring, and I still haven’t really recovered from it.  I was helping some students with studying for the ACT, and I ended up getting every single writing question wrong.  I wish I could say it was sloppiness, but it was my own incompetence.  Anyway, I started looking into the ACT, and based on my SAT scores, I wouldn’t have done very well at all.  Who am I to be tutoring, teaching, or even writing in this blog?

I did force myself to go over to the National Weather Service and help them run Skywarn Recognition Day.  We only made a few contacts.  I met some new people and said, “hi” to a few that I knew while I was there.

Then, I came home, went to bed, and have slept for the past…16 hours.

Thank you for reading my post.


11/28/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning working at Magdalena.  The algebra students have started working with matrices, so I spent the morning working through quite a few of those.

In the afternoon, I went to the freshman design presentations.  I spent all night the day before practicing with them, so it was nice to see that a few of them took our advice.

I spent the evening working on Varsity Tutors.  I had one scheduled appointment, and then clocked another 1.25 hours with instant lessons.  I was pleased with that, even though I think I’ve already spent the money I made.

Otherwise,  I was in a strange funk that I can’t explain.  Slept in my office because I didn’t want to talk to or see anyone.

Thank you for reading my post.

6/3/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I attended Sabbath School and church at the Rio Rancho Seventh Day Adventist church.  The Sabbath School teachers were new, and were quite well-versed in the scriptures and history.  Church service was an introduction to Esther and Daniel, as they will begin the study of Esther next week.  I will be on the road.

In the afternoon, I did some reading and some writing.  I have a new short-story idea that I will probably never share on here, but I am writing it anyway.  I also chatted with a few old friends.

I played on 20 meters a bit, giving the rig a good test before my road trip.  I made a few shipboard contacts and one or two in the Alabama QSO Party.

In the evening, we went to the Solid Grounds Coffee House and watched a bluegrass band play.  I can’t remember their names, but their fiddle player was phenomenal.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day.

Still depressed, not battling it any more.

Thank you for reading my post.