8/8/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day moving equipment in Socorro.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I am almost finished.  Perhaps I will be able to move onto other projects after I finish with this nonsense.

I commuted to Socorro with the Malibu.  It will live down there during the semester, available for my commutes to Magdalena.  It took a minute or two to get started, but then it ran the whole way without any hiccups.

In the evening, I commuted home via train and bus.  JoAnna picked me up at the bus station, and we spent the rest of the night chatting and having a good time.  We sat outside in the pleasant evening.  Joey came out and showed us photos from the Joan Jett and Boston concert he had attended a few weeks ago.

Thank you for reading my post.




7/31/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day back in Socorro after my trip to Illinois.  I started out the day by meeting with my department head to see what had been screwed up since I last set foot on campus.  As it turns out, we have like two weeks to move our pilot scale plant equipment out of the storage space we were given last summer, after they forced us out of another space.  Naturally, there is no funding, no help, and no new storage space to do all of this.

Anyway, after stewing about it for a bit, I realized that some of the administration is mentally handicapped, and it is not fair to belittle them.  Me, being an engineer, I will figure out what to do.  I started moving things around and sorting through our stuff.  Even so, I started applying for other jobs.  Not saying I will leave, but this moving every five minutes is starting to piss me off.  If I move without additional pay, there will be no incentive for them to ever pay me extra again.  If I don’t move, they’ll make it an issue at a more inconvenient time.  Either way, with other offers, I will be free to tell them where to stick their job at any moment.

In the evening, I commuted home.  I did find out that the bus schedule is going to change, and that, if I stay at NMT and Magdalena, my commute will be nearly an hour and a half shorter!

I did a little grocery shopping and headed home.  I was able to jumpstart the Malibu, and it seems to be running just fine.   I will probably take it for a spin in a few days, just to keep it running.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/16/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove the Crown Vic to Magdalena. I left later than I had intended, but still managed to tutor most of the day.  Magdalena schools were in session, even though it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, though the Socorro shuttle was not running.  Therefore, the only solution was to drive to Socorro.  I switched cars in Socorro, taking the Malibu to Magdalena.

Along the way, I checked into the local 2 meter amateur radio net, as well as to operate from Bernalillo, Valencia and Socorro counties on the 20 meter amateur radio band.

After tutoring, I came back to Socorro and set up most of my class in Canvas.  It took me a while to figure out why I was having trouble with it saving my assignments, but then I realized I had the wrong due dates- that it was due before it was assigned!  Once that was fixed, all was well.

In the evening, I walked around campus several times, and then went to my brother’s house late.  I chatted with them until 1:30 or so before going to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/1/16: Daily Post

Yesterday started out really frustrating.  I woke up late, and had 20 minutes to get ready, which I did in 18.  That was good. I left to catch the train, and I almost made it.  However, a tractor trailer decided to take up BOTH left turning lanes AND was not far enough forward to trigger the light.  I watched the lights cycle four times before he finally figured it out. When I made it around the corner, I could see the train leaving.

I ended up driving to Socorro, as I had too much to do to skip.  Once I arrived at work, I had several fwith my phone and tablets and things just not working well.

In the afternoon, however, I managed to get a pH probe working with LabVIEW, which I’ve never done before.  I made quite a few improvements to the batch reactor program, including testing for valid ranges on the pH meter and thermocouples, and added some built-in safety measures.

I also took the final exam for Weather Prediction II.  That class is now complete.

In the evening, I drove home and chatted with my parents on the phone.

Overall, yesterday ended well, even though it was garbage in the morning.

4/7/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was relatively uneventful, though I’ve lost the game of car musical chairs. I drove my truck to the train station yesterday, but then brought the Crown Vic home from Socorro, meaning I have a the Malibu and the Crown Vic in Rio Rancho, and the truck at the train station.

As it stands right now: my antenna mount was broken off by a student (Crown Vic). I don’t know if I can replace it in time for the radio contest this weekend, so I may drive the truck instead. I would like to get the Malibu in for a coolant leak repair. I need to register the truck today, so I’ll have to swap them sometime this afternoon. Next week, I will need to drive to Socorro on Monday, and can take the truck or the Crown Vic. Tuesday, I will remain in Albuquerque. I will need to drive Wednesday and return Wednesday night, but will also need a car Thursday in Socorro, though I can get a ride home. It would be nice if the Thursday car was the Malibu. I would like to have the truck at the house on the weekends to get stuff for gardening.

Also, the raft only holds three, counting you, and you can’t leave the fox and the chicken together unattended, and the rabbit must be the first one across the river, and…

I did skip out on going to the Boys and Girls Ranches yesterday, but I did get a few pressing items off my to do list.

Thank you for reading this post.

2/25/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, Iwoke up and saw the sunshine.  This is a major problem, as that means I was not awake at 4:30 am, like I needed to be; it was already 6:30.  I sent a quick text to one of my students, as she had not left for Socorro yet, and so I figured we would commute together.   We normally do on Thursday afternoons anyway.  Once that was set up, I did the best I could with my limited time.

I met up with my student and commuted to Socorro, then to Magdalena for the day.  After a successful day tutoring at Magdalena (as well as dealing with a few things at NMT), we drove to the Boy’s and Girl’s Ranches to tutor there as well before returning to northwest Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

However, when I arrived home, I found that having missed my commuter bus and train (and the 2.5 hrs of work I typically do), plus missing out on the work I do between 4:30-5:30 am, I was already quite a bit behind schedule.  I quickly finished out my English Literature homework and then went through the usual list of daily activities finishing those up arond 11:50.  Then, I started on my other chore, calling it a night aorund 2 or so.

Does anyyone else wake up in the morning and think, “I’m already behind schedule!” even if you woke up on time?  That is the first thought every morning, even before I know the time.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/21/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustrating day. Everything moved slowly and took significantly more time than I had imagined.

I worked on my pH system, and finally got a response from National Instruments about a few new things to try. I will try those on Monday.

I worked on installing LabVIEW on the final computers in my computer lab. Actually, it is already installed. I tried getting the license server to respond, and it takes around 30 minutes for each computer to reach it. If Windows didn’t hang, I authorized the copy of LabVIEW. If it did, I restarted it and tried again. I had six to authorize, one is now complete, and I think three more are likely finished, though I left when they still were displaying the LabVIEW opening splash screen, so I don’t know for sure.

I also worked on my Spanish class homework. The content is not difficult thus far; it’s stuff I remember from my 8th grade Spanish class. However, figuring out what is due and when is challenging. I have an online work book that is a giant mess, as near as I can tell, and I can’t figure out between the syllabus, emails and book what is actually due.

I moved some file cabinets from a storage unit to my office. That has been on my list for months, and gets me one step closer to emptying a storage unit (and saving myself $40 a month). I used the Malibu to do it, which crossed 356,000 miles on the trip there. Glad to see the old car is still working.

I commuted home on the buses and trains. I made a few new friends (Dave and Christa), and chatted with an old friend as well (Allen). Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Thank you for reading my post.