12/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was split between Magdalena and NMT.

I started out the day tutoring in Magdalena.  I double-checked to make sure things were in place for me to tutor next semester, and then started working on next semester’s schedule.  I then tutored a section of AVID, then Math Analysis.  Before lunch, I attended an information session about an exchange program with a high school in Chile.

In the afternoon, I attended a department meeting and then the Unit Operations presentations.  The presentations went well, and I was pleased with the discussion between the students during the questions section.

In the evening, I commuted home and saw my family for the first time in several days.  The bus driver from Belen to Socorro is from Magdalena, so we chatted about the town along the entire drive.

Thank you for reading my post.


12/1/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by breaking into Jones Hall and using their shower. Then, I took the bus to Albuquerque and tutoring at Albuquerque High.

I got really depressed during tutoring, and I still haven’t really recovered from it.  I was helping some students with studying for the ACT, and I ended up getting every single writing question wrong.  I wish I could say it was sloppiness, but it was my own incompetence.  Anyway, I started looking into the ACT, and based on my SAT scores, I wouldn’t have done very well at all.  Who am I to be tutoring, teaching, or even writing in this blog?

I did force myself to go over to the National Weather Service and help them run Skywarn Recognition Day.  We only made a few contacts.  I met some new people and said, “hi” to a few that I knew while I was there.

Then, I came home, went to bed, and have slept for the past…16 hours.

Thank you for reading my post.


8/11/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I took the bus and train back up to Albuquerque, then drove over to the Uptown area to complete some AVID training for the Albuquerque Public Schools.  I don’t know my APS schedule yet, but I should in the next few days.

After training, I did a little grocery shopping and posted a few jobs on JobSeeker.

In the evening, we drove to Los Alamos and watched a presentation on fractals.  They had all sorts of neat patterns, hosted in the planetarium.  The science museum and the planetarium were quite neat.   They had a few desert reptiles, insects, and so on in aquariums, as well as all sorts of local information about the wildlife in the southwest.

Thank you for reading my post.

4/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day at Magdalena.  I had a group meeting at NMT, but it was cancelled, so I pulled extra hours tutoring instead.

Overall, it was an uninteresting day.  I tutored all day.  That meant I tutored two sections of Algebra II, one section of Biology, one section of Physical Science, and two sections of AVID.  I also attended an induction ceremony for the National Honor Society, where four students from Magdalena joined the organization.

In the evening, JoAnna and I worked on summer plans.  I think we are approaching a solution at this point.

Thank you for reading my post.


2/17/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted from Socorro to Albuquerque for AVID Tutoring at Atrisco Heritage Academy.  The train was a few minutes late, so I was a few minutes late to work, which was annoying.

In the afternoon, I had a followup doctor’s appointment.

I went home in the evening and messed with some coaxial cable to my amater radio equipment for a while.

Thank you for reading my post.


1/20/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day working at Atrisco Heritage Academy as an AVID tutor.

I started out the morning in Socorro and caught the 5:20 am shuttle to Belen, and then took the morning train to Isleta.  In the future, I will park at the Sunport station on Thursdays and take the train to that station on Friday morning, but I was late on Thursday.  I then drove the truck to Atrisco Heritage.

There, I tutor several AVID classes and got to meet quite a few students.  Most of the students I encountered were hard-working and were doing a great job.  I was pleased to see how smoothly the tutorials worked at this school.

After school, I headed towards the National Weather Service building.  It was snowing, and I could see that it was going to be snowing worse in Rio Rancho, so I decided not to go to the NWS, but instead went home.

At some point, I took a nap that was unintended.  I was working, but then the cat sat on my lap and took a nap.  After a while, I went to sleep too.

In the evening, JoAnna made us turkey parmigiana (thanks again Mom, for the turkey!) with some of the left over turkey.  It was great!

Thank you for reading my post.


11/2/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena, as usual.  I tutored Algebra II, Physical Science and AVID.

After that, I drove back to Socorro.  Along the way, I talked to a station in the Dominican Republic on 10 meters, so that was neat.  I called Dad and tried to work him, but we couldn’t make the contact.

In the afternoon, our group meeting was cancelled, so I ate lunch and then worked with the Unit Operations Lab students before catching the bus home.

Along the way, I watched my last Remote Sensing lecture, completed the quiz and signed up for classes next semester.  I think I did well on the quiz.

I also added around 3000 words to my NaNoWriMo project.

In the evening, I watched the very intense seventh game of the World Series with JoAnna and Joey.  Based on their ties to Cleveland, it was a bad night.

Thank you for reading  my post.