NM State Fair, 2014

My son and I went to the New Mexico State Fair on 9/20/14. We had a great time, in spite of the exceptionally long lines.

Our first stop was the petting zoo. They had all sorts of animals: goats, chickens, sheep, ducks, pigs, and a llama:

and an alpaca:

Our first ride was the Crazy Mouse roller coaster. The design was such that after the first hill, the cars began to rotate so that you may go over hills backwards, sideways, forwards, and so on. It was guaranteed to face forward, however, during the photo, which desperately needs a caption:

After that adventure, we went to the larger of two ferris wheels. When I was a kid, my family would take me to several of the local carnivals, and I remember riding the ferris wheel was a big deal. I could only fit part of the ferris wheel in the photo, but you get the idea.

After that, I noticed a sign with the worst super hero of all time. His name is Captain Murph. He has no cape, but he does sweat a lot:

After that, we went to the funhouse. The funhouse had a beer theme (though no beer was served). The floors moved and it would be a challenging obstacle course for the intoxicated. There was a slide, a mess of ropes to navigate, and a rotating walkway exit. There was a sign outside that might have indicated no fun was allowed inside, however.

After that, we rode a few more rides, none of which I was able to photograph, due to the low light. One was a sideways version of Da Vinci’s Cradle at Busch Gardens, and another was a quickly rotating swing ride. There was another that turned slowly high in the air, but was a peaceful ride with a nice view of the city. We took one more ride on the ferris wheel and headed home.

Overall, it was a great trip!


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