6/3/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I did a bunch of housework in the morning.  I ran some laundry, cleaned the cat boxes and so on, as this had not been done while I was storm chasing.

In the afternoon, Joey and I went storm chasing.  Our house was in the 2% Tornado Threat Ring and Slight Risk area, so we waited until storms began to fire before we took off after them.  We did not see any tornadoes, but we did go through some several inch deep pea to dime sized hail in several places.

In the evening, I did some grocery shopping, then came home and finished out Season 5 of Justified with Joey.  I fell asleep on the couch with the dog curled up on my lap.

Thank you for reading my post.


5/27/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was a bit of a mess.  I woke up in my car in North Platte, NE, trying to decide what to do next.  I could go back home to NM, drive to my friend’s house in Green Bay on my way back to VA, or chase the Slight Risk for severe weather.  I chose to drift a little east and evaluate.

I stopped at a pulloff on the road to refill my water bottle, restart my phone and check the latest visible satellite.  A Nebraska Highway Patrolman stopped in the highway, traveling the opposite direction.  I won’t go through all the details, but he yelled at me for stopping and told me to leave immediately.  He shouted at me as I tried to put the top on my water bottle.

Bummed about it, I wasn’t sure what to do next.  I ended up drifting south into Kansas and briefly chasing a cell near Colby, KS.  I took a few photos and live streamed a video.

In the evening, I drove into Oakley, KS, and spent the night in the truck stop parking lot.  I worked on my computer off and on until 1 or so, chatting with some old friends.  It was what I needed.

Thank you for reading my post.

5/24/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I bid farewell to my awesome storm chase crew.  I really love those guys and hope they will join me next year.  I really, really miss them already.

I also have had a smashing migraine for several days now.  My crew took care of me all night and yesterday morning.  They paid for the hotel for another night, just so I didn’t have to get out of bed.  I’ve never had a headache this bad and last this long.  I even have some minor chest pains with it and am nauseous.  I forced myself to eat yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening, I was able to do several hours of work against an Upwork contract, so that was good.

Thank you for reading my post.

5/13/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, we went storm chasing around rural Colorado.  We left Boulder and caught a storm north of Limon, CO.

We chased the storm until near sundown, but then returned back to Trevor’s house.  We got some Chinese carry-out and hung out for a bit before calling it an early night.

It was a really laid back day, an easy chase day.  Typical chase days are not as easy as the past few days have been for us.

Thank you for reading my post.

5/11/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day chasing with Trevor and Kathryn.  We chased a few weak storms across Wyoming and Colorado.  We left Nebraska and headed to the only threat in the country, which was quite weak.  The storms kept getting undercut by cold air.  I posted more about this in my weather blog.

We had an easy ride to Trevor’s house in Boulder for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Thank you for reading my post.

1/24/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day at NMT. I started out by going to an interview for becoming an Explora Fellow. This wasn’t a placement interview, but it was an interview to get the preliminary work done for my project. The interviewer and I had a great time talking about the weather.

I had two meetings get cancelled, but ended up sucked into other projects. I spent a good part of yesterday mid-day working on the computer lab, updating software. I also had a department meeting sandwiched in there as well.

In the afternoon, I taught my first section of instrumentation lab this semester. I have only two students, so the lab goes by very quickly. I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on the computers and then meeting with another student to practice using the plastic welder. I had to leave before it got up to temperature, but we will try again later.

On my commute home, I worked on my storm chasing book. I added about 400 words to it. I have a ways to go, but I told the publisher I would have the table of contents and the first chapter by February, and I am on schedule to do that.

In the evening, Joey and I watched an episode of Justified. We are almost done the second season. I also updated my amateur radio logbooks.

Thank you for reading my post.

11/12/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by going for a four mile run.  It felt good to get out for run, especially considering Saturday night’s debacle where I only an one mile.  I will update my running page soon.

In the afternoon, I worked on moving my weather station from the shed to the house.  With it located on the shed, it routinely loses contact with the base station, unless I have brand new, fresh batteries.  Moving the station closer to the house means I won’t have to change batteries quite so often, and perhaps fewer missed packets.  (EDIT:  I received a message a few minutes ago that my station was down again.  I’ll have to investigate when I get home).

In the evening, I went to Flying Star and did some writing.  I had their sweet and spicy macaroni and cheese, and read two chapters of Atlas Shrugged as well as finished out the devotional I will give on 11/25.

Overall, I had a productive day.

Thank you for reading my post.