5/14/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, we chased two storm cells that formed in eastern Colorado.  We left Boulder in the late morning, and drove out I-70 towards Limon.  We had our first intercept south of Limon, and then muscled ahead of the slow-moving storms in Arriba, then Siebert.  The storms became disorganized enough that it wasn’t worth following them east any farther, so we doubled back to Boulder for the evening.  Here is a photo of our storm becoming outflow-dominant and weakening.


We have been staying at one of the chaser’s apartments, and when we arrived, we had a nice roast chicken, rice and broccoli dinner waiting for us.  We are getting spoiled on this chase- short days, good food, and free lodging!

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5/13/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, we went storm chasing around rural Colorado.  We left Boulder and caught a storm north of Limon, CO.

We chased the storm until near sundown, but then returned back to Trevor’s house.  We got some Chinese carry-out and hung out for a bit before calling it an early night.

It was a really laid back day, an easy chase day.  Typical chase days are not as easy as the past few days have been for us.

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5/11/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day chasing with Trevor and Kathryn.  We chased a few weak storms across Wyoming and Colorado.  We left Nebraska and headed to the only threat in the country, which was quite weak.  The storms kept getting undercut by cold air.  I posted more about this in my weather blog.

We had an easy ride to Trevor’s house in Boulder for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

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5/4/18: Daily Post

Yesterday was our trek back from Amarillo, TX, ending the First Annual Magdalena Storm Chase.  It was a blue trip back to Magdalena, as everyone was sorry to see the trip end.

Before we left Amarillo, we had a nice lunch at the Big Texan.  Nobody did the 72 oz steak challenge, thankfully.  Otherwise, it was a sleepy, easy drive back to Magdalena.

Once we arrived in Magdalena, I unloaded the school vehicle and then drove back to Rio Rancho.

I am always a little sad, too, after a storm chase.  My saving grace this time is that I will head out again on Wednesday.

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4/22/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, and this weekend, for that matter, I spent in Boulder, CO.  I went there on Friday for a training for the Summer Science Program.  I am really looking forward to this program.  I think it is going to be a lot of fun, though I have a lot to learn, as this is not my typical role.

Yesterday, I flew back from the Denver airport.  I got separated from my group and ended up having to go through security twice.  It was a giant pain.  Even so, I made my flight.

In the evening, I did some grocery shopping and tried to work on other projects, but ended up falling asleep in my desk chair.

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3/25/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove with three students from Provo, UT, to Socorro, NM.  The conference was over, so we headed back to our normal lives.

We did our best to make the drive fun.  We stopped at the Moab Grill in, well, Moab, for lunch.  Once there, we did a little wandering around town.  I took photos of “now hiring signs” and they got ice cream.  We also found a little geocache and signed the log.

We also stopped by Wilson Arch and climbed to the opening.  I had passed through there many times, though mostly at night, so it was neat to go up and see the arch.

We made one final stop at the Beehive on the way out of Utah.  I was disappointed at the amount of trash around it…

We arrived in Socorro around 12:30 or so in the morning, so I went straight to bed (my office).

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3/10/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in Deming.  I started out the day by attending the Deming Seventh Day Adventist church.  The sermon was on the state of the dead, as told by one of the fundamental beliefs of the church.  After church, they had potluck.

In the afternoon, I went and helped with the rock show.  The winds were so strong, part of the tent broke.  We called it a day, and disassembled the booth.  With the broken tent and the lack of customers, we decided to leave a day early.

In the evening, I did a little work for the dynamo before going to bed.

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