10/30/17: Daily Post

The last week has been incredibly hectic with the conference travel.  We drove to MN, attended the AIChE National Conference, and all that entailed, and drove back, all in just a few short days.

Yesterday, I attended the AIChE poster session, where several of the NMT chemical engineers were presenting their research posters.  After that, I had lunch with my friend Andrew, who was formerly a lab tech at NMT, but now works at a different university.  Then, I had second lunch with the department head and all of the students before driving home.

The drive home was long.  We stopped for Steak N Shake in Kansas City, KS, and then I let someone else drive until Guymon, OK.  We arrived back at NMT around lunch time today.

It’s been a long few days!

Thank you for reading my post.


10/15/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we had our last day at the Moab Gem and Mineral show.  It was a cold night and led into a cold day, and a slow end to the show.  Sundays are typically slow at these events, especially in Utah.

During the downtime at the show, I was able to do some work for my UpWork contract, as well as deal with a bunch of emails that had been piling up over the weekend.

We had a nice drive home.  It was chilly, but we had some good discussions, and then I had a good nap for the last hour or so of the trip.

Thank you for reading my post.


10/14/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we had another day at the show in Moab, UT.  I started out the day by helping set up, then walking to the Moab Seventh Day Adventist church, about two miles away.

The church was nice and the people were quite friendly.  They invited me to stay for potluck, which I did.  I ended up chatting with all of the children, especially one of the girls, who was interested in all aspects of science.

In the afternoon, I helped at the show some more, and then we set up camp again at the KOA.  It was considerably colder yesterday as compared to Friday, so we ducked into the van a little earlier at night.  I read a chapter in Atlas Shrugged and did a little editing of a book that I wrote a few years ago.

Thank you for reading my post.


10/13/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was our first day at the rock and gem show in Moab, UT.  We spent the time before 10 am getting our booth set up and ready to go.  The doors opened at 10, and we were in business, literally.

While in the booth, I was able to log quite a few hours for UpWork, as well as finish off a few things that had been on my to do list, so that worked out great for me.  I still have quite a bit of grading and lesson planning to do, as well as more work for UpWork, but this was a good start.

I took a long lunchbreak and walk, but not quite enough of a walk to log my 10,000 steps for the day.  Instead, I ended at 9,938, just shy of my goal.

In the evening, we watched another pass of the International Space Station (ISS), though I did not try to photograph it.  I also programmed my handheld radio for a repeater here in town.

Thank you for reading my post.

10/12/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we spent the day traveling to Moab, UT, for the rock and mineral show this weekend.

Along the way, we stopped and watched the International Space Station (ISS) pass over the Utah sky.  As a side note, I will probably need to add an ISS page, just because I am amassing too many photos of the ISS over different states.

iss ut 10-12-17

We are camping out in the van at a KOA just south of Moab.  There isn’t much to say about it, other than that it has been a fun trip so far, and I am looking forward to the next few days.  Moab is beautiful, though it will be cold at night.

Thank you for reading my post.

9/4/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was our last day at this year’s Grant County Rock and Gem show in Silver City, NM.

I started out the day with a 45 minute (3.62 mile) run.  My run time was slow, but I stopped to take quite a few photos and submit “Now Hiring” signs to JobSeeker.

After my run, we went to the rock show.  I ducked out for part of it in an attempt to do some online tutoring.  Instead, I had all sorts of audio problems, so I cancelled the rest of my tutoring appointments for the day, rather than continuously fight these problems.  Hopefully, the students will agree to the rescheduled times.

In the evening, we drove back to Socorro.  We stopped several times along NM 152, as it is a scenic drive.  First stop was the Silver Fire site, which overlooked a good chunk of the Gila National Forest.

While we were there, we found a geocache.

The next stop was near an old bridge.  Unfortunately for us, the name plates had been removed, so we have no idea when the bridge was constructed.

The final stop was along the Percha creek.  We walked along a former road bridge that crossed the canyon formed by the Percha creek.  We also looked for a geocache here, but, as the sun set, the light became too little to continue our search.

Overall, this was a great trip, and I look forward to next year’s adventure down here.

Thank you for reading my post.

8/22/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we spent the day on the road, on a return trip from the solar eclipse.  The night before, we only made it as far as Westminster, CO, and so we spent the night at my cousin’s house.

In the morning, we got up and actually visited (we arrived late the night before and everyone was tired).  After chatting for a bit, we all went to lunch at Whole Foods.  After lunch, we said our goodbyes and headed south on I-25, driving the rest of the day to Rio Rancho.

We had a great visit, and the drive was easy and painless as well.  All said and done, the eclipse traffic was the nicest traffic I have ever seen.  In Wyoming, we spent around 10 hours waiting in traffic leaving the eclipse site.  In that time, I heard one car horn and saw zero accidents.  Even though the lines at the rest area were often close to an hour long, everyone chatted and was friendly.

Now, it’s back to our regularly scheduled routine.

Thank you for reading my post.